1010 design of amazing street art illusion

From2009Year Since then, German street artists 1010created these mysterious entrances on the walls of the world Street art illusion. At first glance, it looks like layered colored paper. If you look closely, you will realize that what you are seeing is the paint on the wall. This is a street art that is more different than the past. Recently, in order to celebrate Hamburg’s KnotempunktCity and Contemporary Art Festival, 1010Year created a huge layered mural consisting of blue, purple, red, and black. Paper-like layers spread to deeper colors until you feel like you are watching a dark abyss.

You can see this mural formed here by video. Affenfaust Galerie1010Description is:“His art processing language, symbols and logo bands There are cognitive and social structures of unconscious behavior. In his paperwork he deliberately brought key themes to the audience with a beautiful aesthetic. In his monochromatic acrylic bird painting, he created a rather dark atmosphere with these dark-wound creatures. 1010 is a conceptist. His art does not explain itself.

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