11 people died in the landslide in eastern Indonesia, 2 people were missing

Indonesian officials said on the 23rd that Jayapura, the capital of Papua province in eastern Indonesia, caused a landslide accident on the evening of the 22nd, causing 11 deaths and 2 missing.

The head of the Indonesian Disaster Reduction Agency, Sutopo, told the Xinhua News Agency on the 23rd that heavy rains caused local landslides, resulting in several houses being buried, 11 people killed and two others missing. At present, local search and rescue personnel and military and police are still carrying out rescue and clean-up work.

Sottopo also said that heavy rains have caused a water level in a river in Papua to soar, overflowing the river, and the Papua provincial parliament building and main streets have accumulated water to the knees.

The annual rainy season in Indonesia from November to April is also a period of high incidence of floods and landslides. (Reporter Zhou Lim Yangda)

Responsible Editor: Zhang Yang

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