18 kinds of brand-name flooring made by black dens okorder

Black dens can make 18 kinds of brand-name flooring

Santa Feiya floor, Ouwei floor, Fussen floor, Denison floor, Katie floor, Fumei floor, Hongrun floor, Kyle floor, auspicious Flooring, Ouwei flooring… A variety of brand-name flooring available on the market can be ‘made’ in a small warehouse with a black hole. Yesterday, the industrial and commercial law enforcement officers of Sifang seized a den on the Tailiu Road suspected of fraudulent use of other trademarks to create brand-name flooring. On the spot, more than 3,000 boxes of suspected counterfeit floors were seized, with a case value of more than 200,000 yuan. Law enforcement officers have seized all the suspected counterfeit floors and will further investigate the purchase and sale of the dens.

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‘Name Flooring’ Nail 抠 </

The law enforcement officers took a piece from the packaged ‘Jielu’ brand laminate flooring and gently stroked the surface of the floor with a key. The paint surface is cut off, and the inner layer can be scraped off with nails. ‘How does your floor look like a carton?’ Faced with the law enforcement officers questioning, Renmou actually said: ‘The outermost layer of the laminate floor is paper. The shell did. ‘The law enforcement officers told NetEase home that there are a lot of decoration teams that are all contract workers. Some homeowners who don’t understand the decoration let the decoration team buy the decoration materials themselves, which gives the bad decoration team a chance to take the opportunity. The team purchased the counterfeit brand floor at a low price, and the floor price for the regular market was reported to the homeowner. The difference of 1 square meter is close to 30 yuan, and the price difference for a house is much better. Remind consumers that when buying the floor, they must go to the formal market, especially the ‘brand floor’ used by the decoration team. Be sure to check the purchase invoice, it is best to personally check the goods with the decoration staff.

The secret behind the OEM

It is revealed that the reason why the OEM wood flooring is the most popular The important reason is that there is hidden profits behind it. The wholesale price of laminate flooring purchased from a small factory is 20-30 yuan / square meter. After labeling well-known brands, the price can be mammoth to 70-100 yuan / square meter. When these branded wooden floors are sold to ordinary consumers through the store, the actual price has reached 130 yuan / square meter. That is to say, just sticking a card, the profit has increased several times. In this way, many well-known brands of wooden flooring not only do their own branding, but also their dealers are also effective, they have to play cards and make big money. As for the quality of these branded wood flooring, it is like real brand promotion. In that way, only God knows. Because the production process of a factory cannot be easily changed, it is impossible to make an order for a large brand. The quality of its production will have a qualitative leap

Release date: 2012/3/ 16 9:36:16

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