2014 Dulux Color Award Winner: Charles McBride wins Ryan

Colors and textures, as well as winners using the original color swatches to define the 2014 Dulux Color Awards, all announced, Thursday, March 27 in Melbourne in red, green and orange.
These elements are made by Charles McBride Ryan, all of which not only won the multi-residential interior and exterior categories, but also won the highest honors, the Grand Prix is ​​particularly evident. Praised for ICT, cleverly using bold, color block translucent color blends, the exterior of the apartment building stands out, among which the high-rise building is built and can be seen as an oversized public art space.

“Working with each other in a harmonious appearance and interior, a highly praised and considered design features & rdquo The judges pointed out. “Like the look, the interior of the building continues to embrace the colors, from the warm colors to the soft tones of the pool and spa in the shared space. More than 15 Lex colors are used. “
The Commercial Interior Award was presented to the Carl Design Group. The jury praised the cautious balance of color control and color playful experiments for each space in the office using color to express information and communication technology functions. Create a serene tones meeting area, while vibrant colors are used in public areas to create a vibrant environment.

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