2018 China intelligent manufacturing market size will exceed 1.7 trillion yuan

Since the 21st century, the rapid development of a new generation of information technology, digital, networked, intelligent technology continues to develop a wide range of manufacturing applications and in integrated manufacturing innovation is the main driving force for development of a new industrial revolution. Especially as the current generation of intelligent manufacturing core technology of the industrial revolution, in the development of concepts, such as manufacturing model have undergone profound changes. Intelligent Manufacturing is reshaping the path of development, technology systems and manufacturing industrial patterns, promote global manufacturing industry entered a new stage of development. Smart sensing manufacturing chain cover layer, network layer, performing four layers and application layers, wherein the sensing layer including the field sensor, RFID, machine vision, the network layer are transmitted to the information processing, including the cloud, large data the smart chip, and other industrial Ethernet technical field, mainly for the intelligent manufacturing execution layer terminal integration products , including robots, NC machine tools, 3D printing, apparatus and the like. The application layer is mainly intelligent production line. China Intelligent Manufacturing Industry in China start-up phase, although a big manufacturing country, but regional technology development unbalanced, uneven level of development of information technology, low degree of standardization in the industry 2.0 (electrification), 3.0 (digital) coexist stage, most of the industry the manufacturing companies are in the stage to take a good 2.0 towards 3.0. The future, as rising labor costs and the transfer of low-end manufacturing, China’s manufacturing industry will enter mass production stage passive machines, especially labor-intensive enterprises. 2018 China intelligent manufacturing market size will exceed 1.7 trillion, according to forward-looking industry Research Institute released “China Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Market Outlook and Investment Strategy Planning Report” Statistics show that in 2014 China intelligent manufacturing market reached 810 billion yuan, 2016 China intelligent manufacturing market size exceeded one trillion yuan. As of 2017, China’s smart manufacturing market reached about 1.5 trillion yuan Control Engineering Copyright , an increase of 22.6%. 2018 China intelligent manufacturing market size will exceed 1.7 trillion yuan, an increase of 11.3%.
2014– China forecast market size and growth statistics intelligent manufacturing 2018. Source: Institute for Prospective industry consolidation
favorable policies to promote the development of China’s smart manufacturing industry as the fourthThe arrival of the revolution CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the development of intelligent manufacturing has become the core of power-driven manufacturing. In order to guide the manufacturing sector upgrades in recent years, the Chinese government introduced a series of policies to accelerate the development of intelligent manufacturing. December 2016, “China Intelligent Manufacturing” Thirteen Five “plan” was promulgated established in 2020, completed the digital transformation of traditional manufacturing, by 2025, key enterprises achieve intelligent transformation.
China intelligent manufacturing-related policies. Source: Institute for Prospective industry consolidation
2019 China Intelligent Manufacturing Roadmap: Digital + network manufacturing parallel advance in Western countries, Intelligent Manufacturing is a “series” of the development process, they used full time for several decades after the development of digital manufacturing, and further development of digital manufacturing network, and then move towards more advanced intelligent manufacturing stage. In China CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , most enterprises are still not completed the digital transition. 2019 The first thing China Intelligent Manufacturing companies need to do is to complete the digitization sense of “catch-up” foundation for development of intelligent manufacturing Control Engineering Copyright , have the opportunity to develop to a higher stage of Intelligent Manufacturing . In recent years, Chinese manufacturing industry vigorously promoting the “Internet + manufacturing”, on the one hand, the basis of a number of good companies to complete the digital transition digital network transformation; on the other hand, part of the original digital transformation unfinished business, by parallel implementation of digitization and digital route network technology manufacturing, to achieve leapfrog development to manufacture digital network, providing experience for the intelligent transformation of traditional manufacturing enterprises. “Digital + network” parallel development path is one of the enterprises to enter the Intelligent Manufacturing feasible route.

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