2018 industrial communications industry developments in publishing

Since 2018, the face of complex domestic and international economic situation, the National Industry and Information Technology Xi Jinping system to a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as the guiding ideology, the CPC Central Committee and State Council decisions and arrangements, adhere to the general tone of the work while maintaining stability, adhere to the new development philosophy, the high-quality development control Engineering Copyright , in order to supply-side structural reforms as the main line, efforts to fight the three major battle, and seriously implement the “six stable” requirement, accelerate the manufacturing power and network power construction, annual industrial economy is generally stable, steady progress, information and communication industry to maintain a good momentum of development, the development of high-quality industrial communications industry has taken important steps. Industrial production continued to maintain steady economic improvement in industrial growth increased fracture toughness. A series of policies and measures to supply-side structural reforms, “put tube dress” reforms continue making 2018 the national scale industrial added value increased by 6.2% in the last three years the average growth range, in line with full-year expectations. Wherein , MVA an increase of 6.5%, higher than the overall industrial growth, growth was essentially flat and national economy. Industrial scale has grown, the national total industrial added value in 2018 topped 30 trillion yuan. Profit maintain steady growth. To productivity and tax policy measures to reduce costs effect is obvious, in 2018 the country’s industrial enterprises above designated size achieved gross profit increased by 10.3%. Where , manufacturing industry profit growth of 8.7%. The main business income margin was 6.49%, up 0.11 percentage points, industry profitability continues to increase. Industrial investment stabilizes. In improving enterprise efficiency and speed up new industries and other factors have led, in 2018 industrial investment grew 6.5%, accelerating 2.9 percentage points over the same period last year. Where , manufacturing investment rose 9.5%, accelerating 4.7 percentage points over the same period last year, the growth rate for nine consecutive months of recovery. High-tech manufacturing, manufacturing private investment grew 16.1%, respectively, 10.3%, industrial transformation investment grew 12.8%, the proportion of total industrial investment reached 45.1%. Structural capacity to continue reducing the burden of this afterburner drop remarkable capacity to further promote. Make unremitting iron and steel, cement, plate glass and other industries to resolveExcess capacity, to prevent “the bars” resurgence, raw materials industry supply and demand situation has improved significantly. Yajian annual steel production capacity of over 30 million tons, completed ahead of Steel “Thirteen Five” to the production target. Cost reduction and reducing the burden intensified. State Council to reduce the burden on enterprises play an inter-ministerial meeting mechanism of action, programs to reduce general industrial and commercial pricing policy impact assessment, SheQi margin special inspection, cleaning up small and medium private enterprises in arrears accounts, actively promote the relevant tax cuts drop fee policies. 2018 per hundred yuan of industrial enterprises above designated size main business income of 0.2 yuan to reduce costs in the previous year. Green development accelerated. Posted resolutely fight industrial pollution control and communications campaign of three-year action plan to speed up the implementation of green manufacturing projects, and actively promote the new energy automobile power battery recycling waste, to carry out special energy monitoring of key energy companies. 2018 large-scale industrial units increased value of energy consumption fell by 3.7% year on year. Old and new kinetic energy is converted in an orderly supply capacity continues to increase in the high-end high-tech manufacturing, equipment manufacturing industry to maintain rapid growth. Expedite the implementation of intelligent manufacturing development Control Engineering Copyright , to promote the first (set) field of major technical equipment to promote the application of breakthrough integrated circuits, new display and other key technologies to guide the new energy vehicles, industrial robots and other industries accelerate development. 2018 high-tech manufacturing, equipment manufacturing sector grew by 11.7% and 8.1%, respectively, in which the electronic manufacturing industry increased by 13.1%, significantly faster than the overall industrial growth. Steady slowdown in growth in the consumer goods industry. Further promote the “increase varieties, improve quality, create brand” special action to strengthen the security capacity building quality consumer goods, high-end consumer goods supply levels steadily. 2018, the actual growth rate of industrial added value of consumer goods remained at 6%. High-end products is growing rapidly. Product output of new energy vehicles, smart TVs and other consumer upgrades and adapt to the development of intelligent maintain rapid growth, the growth rate in 2018 was 40.1% and 18.7%, respectively. Innovation and development of in-depth implementation of the convergence of steady progress in innovation-driven development achieved remarkable success. The organization’s core technology innovation research in key areas CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , continue to promote the “nuclear high base”, broadband mobile communications, high-end CNC machine tools, large aircraft, “the two planes” and other major science and technology, organization of major short board equipment for special projects, the implementation of new materialsIndustry “Zhezi project”, accelerating the strong industrial base project, AG600 amphibious aircraft successful maiden flight of the water, a group of key materials and high-end equipment breakthrough. Manufacturing Innovation Center to accelerate the pace of building layout, the National Center for Manufacturing Innovation has reached nine, more than 90 provincial-level innovation center into the construction and operation phase. Manufacturing and Internet convergence deepened. Push forward the intelligent manufacturing engineering, industrial launch of Internet innovation and development of a project, to continue integration of the two management system standards implementation, promote manufacturing “double hit.” 2018 software and information technology services business achieved revenue growth of 14.2%, with growth in 2017 unchanged. Achieve new breakthroughs in reform and opening up companies optimize the development environment “put tube dress,” continued in-depth reform. Full implementation of “double randomly open a” regulatory, administrative approval process to further simplify administrative levels continue to improve the law, the mobile communications resale business into formal business, China Unicom floor mix reform program implementation, the new salt monopoly approach to the introduction of the reform and dividends market dynamics continue to release. Openness to further improve. Cancel ships, aircraft and other major technologies and equipment in areas such as foreign equity restrictions, specifically the automotive industry fully open to foreign investment timetable, general manufacturing industry to achieve a comprehensive open. Shanghai Telecom FTA open-door policy extended to all FTA. The actual use of foreign investment in manufacturing in 2018 in US dollar terms increased by 22.9%, accounting for 30.5% of the total of all foreign investment. SME policy support intensified. Conscientiously implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping speech at the forum of private enterprises, promote the implementation of policies and measures to support SME development. As of mid-December 2018, the National SME Development Fund sub-fund entity has completed 208 investment projects, total investment of 6.05 billion yuan. More than 2018 small and medium-scale industrial enterprises sector grew by 6.7%, higher than the overall industrial growth. Push forward the construction of network power supply network capacity significantly enhanced information and communication industry running smoothly. 2018, the telecom business volume grew 137.9% over the previous year, an increase of 61.2 percentage points compared with the previous year, telecom service revenue growth of 3% over the previous year, an increase over last year dropped 3.6 percentage points; profit of 170.7 billion yuan over the previous annual growth of 4.4 percent, 1.4 percentage points faster than income; the Internet and related services revenue increased by 18.3% over the previous year. Network Speed ​​drop fee boost information consumption growth spurt.Cancellation mobile phone roaming charges of domestic traffic, mobile traffic continues to decrease, home broadband and leased line broadband charges for SMEs, ahead of schedule network speed drop charges objectives and tasks of the government work report, consumer information continue to release vitality. By the end of 2018 Control Engineering Copyright , the country’s administrative villages fiber ratio reached 98%, the total number of users nationwide fiber access over 370 million CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , accounting for fixed broadband The total number of access users 90.4%, accounting for 6.1 percentage points increase over a year earlier. Where , broadband users accounted for more than 100M of 70.3%, 31.4 percentage points over the previous year; 4G user scale reached 1.17 billion, accounting for 74.4% of total number of mobile users, 4.2 percentage points over the previous year; in December 2018 China’s mobile users mobile traffic consumption of up to 6.25GB / household / month, is 2.3 times over the same period last year. Robust network infrastructure investment, 5G speed up the development process. 2018, basic telecommunications business investment in fixed assets 350.4 billion yuan, of which investment in innovation and business support systems an increase of 23.9% over the previous year. Things narrowband (NB-IoT) in intelligent manufacturing, intelligent transportation, smart home and other areas of networking applications to speed up the application. By the end of 2018 a total of Things has developed a cellular terminal 670 000 000 CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , an increase of 148% over the previous year. 5G technology research and development to complete the Phase III trial testing, 5G system equipment with pre-commercial level, chip and terminal manufacturers to accelerate product development. Looking to 2019, the industrial development of the communication industry is facing severe domestic and international environment is more complex industrial economy downward pressure has increased, but China’s industrial economic development fundamentals have not changed, we have the ability to rely on a large economic scale of China’s huge domestic market, complete industrial system, and constantly enhance the innovative ability to respond to a variety of risks and challenges. In the new year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Xi Jinping will adhere to the new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics as a guide, adhere to progress while maintaining stability of the overall tone of the work, insisted that the new concept of development, adhere to high-quality development Control Engineering Copyright , to adhere to the supply-side structural changeLeather main line, deployment and “Six stability” requirement, based on the construction of a global manufacturing power and network power, in efforts to “consolidate, enhance, improve, smooth”, the co-ordination to promote the steady growth, strong basis in accordance with the Central Economic Work Conference, make up short plate, adjusting structure, promoting integration, accelerate the development of advanced manufacturing control Engineering Copyright , and promote the quality and efficiency of traditional industries, the manufacturing sector to promote the depth of integration with the Internet, fostering a more competitive high-quality companies, released the potential of the digital economy, industrial communications industry run smoothly and high quality development control Engineering Copyright , with honors mark the 70th anniversary of People’s Republic of China.

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