2018 Smart Market Regional situation and development trend analysis of industry manufacturing equipment industry development and remarkable achievements

In recent years, the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing equipment, the formation of the status quo with the United States, Europe, Japan and Russia and other countries led internationally. In China, has formed a regional pattern to the Bohai Sea, Yangtze River Delta region as the core, the Northeast and the Pearl River Delta as the two wings. Although our intelligent manufacturing equipment industry developed rapidly in these areas, but the development of domestic high-end products still need to be further strengthened. In the country’s strong support, intelligent manufacturing equipment industry in our country has made more development results in the future, the manufacturing equipment will be more intelligent direction of development, the promotion of industrial development 4.0. Industry regional distribution of high-end products more obvious localization long way to go intelligent manufacturing equipment, that has a perception, analysis, reasoning, decision-making, manufacturing equipment control functions, it is the advanced manufacturing technology, integration and depth of integration of information technology and intelligent technology. Intelligent manufacturing equipment including new sensors, intelligent control systems, industrial robots, automated complete production line. In the field of segments, we have been more concerned about industrial sensors, machine vision and industrial software. First, in the industrial robot, the core parts made breakthrough, for example a servo motor and a reducer & controllers member. But domestic industrial robots are still low value-added of the phenomenon, mainly in the handling, stacking, loading and unloading and other low-end market, high-end equipment market products still further increase R & D. In the field of industrial sensors, applications continue to expand. China is currently the largest sensor applications in industrial and automotive sector, the fastest growing automotive electronics and communication electronics applications. Also in the electronics manufacturing industry, it needs high-precision detection sensor; in food processing and packaging industry, can enhance the degree of automation. Industrial sensors aspect, the localization of high-end products more urgent, high-end manufacturing country in the field of low localization rate sensor, in terms of sensor applications, mainly imported products.
from the regional pattern of international intelligent manufacturing equipment, the current high-end equipment manufacturing industry in the United States, Europe, Japan, Russia and other developed countries, is a world leader , Korea, Singapore and other countries being Qi head catch, except for a small number of countries including China, Brazil, India and other developing countries, the majority of the equipment manufacturing industry are relatively backward. Among them, the United States in the aviation industry, and the application of satellite equipment, rail transportation equipment, marine engineering equipment and intelligent manufacturing long is a global leader; Russia in high-end equipment manufacturingVery prominent in the industry and aerospace and satellite applications, with several well-known aircraft manufacturers such as MiG, Sukhoi and so on; Japan in many areas of precision CNC machine tools, industrial robots, intelligent instruments have maintained a leading position; South Korea, Singapore ability to have marine engineering general contracting CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , which hold most of the market share in the world, such as South Korea’s Daewoo shipbuilding, Samsung Heavy Industries, Hyundai Heavy Industries, STX shipbuilding, and Singapore’s Keppel Sheng Branch.
from the smart regional pattern of domestic manufacturing equipment, the current domestic high-end equipment manufacturing industry has formed the Bohai Sea, Yangtze River Delta region as the core, the Northeast and the Pearl River Delta as the two wings, Sichuan and Shaanxi as the representative of the western region to support central the rapid development of the industry pattern area. Among them, the Bohai Sea region, Beijing, with its wealth of talent, research and educational resources, scientific research and R & D center has become the national base of high-end equipment manufacturing industry, Tianjin aviation parts manufacturing, rail transportation, marine engineering equipment development fast; the Yangtze River Delta region, Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang and other provinces is an important domestic development and production of high-end equipment manufacturing base, occupies an important position in the domestic high-end equipment manufacturing industry; Pearl River Delta region, high-end equipment manufacturing industry is mainly located in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai Jiangmen and other places; Midwest pattern forming region of Sichuan, Shaanxi, Hunan and Shanxi-centric focus on the development of aerospace, rail transportation equipment and intelligent manufacturing equipment.
industry development and remarkable achievements the promotion of industrial development 4.0 intelligent manufacturing equipment currently being greatly support the policy, relying on the implementation of national key projects and major science and technology projects, a number of urgent and long-term dependence on imports, subject to foreign intelligent manufacturing equipment has been achieved breakthroughs, such as precision, high-speed machining centers, heavy-duty CNC boring and milling machine , 3.6 Wandun ferrous metals vertical extrusion machines and other successful research and development; significantly enhance the competitiveness of enterprises leading intelligent manufacturing equipment, Shenyang machine tool, Dalian machine tool Group’s two annual sales revenue over ten billion CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , to enter the top 10 in the world machine tool industry. The emergence of a Sichuan-Chongqing, Beijing Instrument Group, Zhejiang control, and Belgium, new pine robot, Sany, Zoomlion, Wafangdian Bearing Group, Shenyang BlowerGroup and other leading enterprises in a number of internationally competitive. On the whole, the development of intelligent manufacturing equipment industry has made significant development gains.
In recent years, China’s manufacturing industry gradually showing stable trends at the same time, intelligent manufacturing industry has also become a major force driving China’s manufacturing industry. Intelligent devices will “Thirteen Five” period ushered in the golden period of development. Our intelligent manufacturing equipment in the manufacturing sector played position will become increasingly important, intelligent manufacturing equipment industry in our country the proportion of value added in manufacturing will become even greater. The future, China will maintain intelligent manufacturing equipment, human-computer interaction, predictability, development of network security, resiliency change, automation and computing the edge direction. These industry trends will change the manufacturing machine to machine, the relationship between man and machine, man and man, forecasting and operations, management and operations CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the promotion of industrial 4.0 times arrival.

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