2019–2021 China’s platform software market forecast and prospect data

CCID view the next three years China platform software market will maintain steady growth, is expected to 2021, China platform software market will reach 53.682 billion yuan. With the continuous improvement continuous improvement and recognition of domestic manufacturers of domestic technology, domestic manufacturers will further enhance market share, especially in the platform and database software market, domestic manufacturers will usher in huge opportunities. Study “2019–2021 China’s platform software market forecast and prospect data,” the study as a platform for software CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , including operating systems, database management systems, middleware, system management software (including network management software, storage management software and virtualization software, etc.), and other software platforms. The operating system is a computer hardware and software resources management program CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , but also the core and the cornerstone of the computer system. Control other operating system is running, managing system resources and provide a set of operating system software for the user interface. This report examines the operating system include Windows, Linux and Unix operating systems Control Engineering Copyright , covering both desktop and server-side. Database management system (DBMS) is software for manipulating and managing large databases, for the establishment, use and maintenance of the database. It unified database management and control CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , in order to ensure the security and integrity of the database. Intermediate means connecting role in a state of distributed software between the operating system, database system software and application software in network environments. It provides comprehensive service and complete computing environment for the network application software to solve the interconnection and interoperability of distributed applications in heterogeneous network environments. By providing a standard interface protocol, the shielding implementation details, to improve portability and easy application CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , to achieve collaborative business achieve business agility. Systems and network management software includes network management software, storage management software, virtualThe proposed software and so on. Can be achieved based network management, optimize server management, operations, network configuration, fault detection, performance analysis, data backup, disaster recovery, network troubleshooting, prevent data loss, intelligent storage allocation, establishment and implementation of a host of one to more virtualized environments and other functions.

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