2019 more than half of the trip, how Chinese manufacturing sector? Xinhua News Agency reported this

China’s economy in 2019 more than half the trip. External factors of instability and uncertainty facing the economic downward pressure, how as a manufacturing core of the economic entity? Recently, the Xinhua News Agency reporters Ben Fuduo and De Tiaoyan, feel the confidence and clout, also heard the confusion and expectations. Fresh knowledge from the field, mapping China’s manufacturing industry is led by innovation, quality, efficiency, and strive towards a high-quality development.
From the “new” from the “excellent”: product manufactured Buchoumai into BOE Chengdu base, 14 within the main plant size of football fields, a support arm is continually reversing the paper machine in general thickness of the glass plate. 6 as the second generation of Global AMOLED flexible production line for mass production, where the production of a flexible screen can be bent, folded, it is used on the P30 Pro Huawei Mate X and folding screen phones, and many well-known brands of wearable device. “At present, product demand, coupled with the second half of the upcoming production of Mianyang flexible panel production line , can only meet half of the anticipated demand.” Said Zhang Yu, senior vice president of BOE this year, global show weak industry demand, but flexible screen began to break out, it becomes an important source of profits. Seemingly caught up “outlet” is actually derived from the climb. Early in the liquid crystal display years ago also “high noon” CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the BOE had been aimed at the flexible screen vigorously research and innovation, the future of newer display technical reserves. Reporters in the survey clearly felt in the face of pressure and market volatility, as companies become more innovative winning “magic.” Focus on cultivating “I have no people, I have excellent” product, a “irreplaceable” in the fierce competition to maintain the lead. “Scraper night,” the Forbidden City lipstick, so many people know Huaxi Sheng was the first time. In fact, this enterprise more than the production of lipstick, relying on a unique microbial fermentation production of 200 kinds of hyaluronic acid sold in Europe, has become the world’s largest supplier of hyaluronic acid, and participate in the revision of the European Pharmacopoeia and the Chinese Pharmacopoeia standards. Huaxi Sheng was filling plant in high-tech zones in Jinan City, Shandong Province, the reporter saw the most expensive pharmaceutical grade hyaluronic acid “On the gram sell”, 1 gram cost 300 yuan. Despite increasing international trade friction, but Huaxi Sheng raw material exports in the first quarter remained 39% of high growth, the company’s sales revenue grew nearly 60%. “Changes in the external environment forcing enterprises ‘inward eye’, must produce more competitive products, it also gives companies a transition opportunity.” Bloomage BioTechnology Co., Ltd., Zhao said. Because the “high-tech” and “high cost”, the company late last year launched a series of functional skin care products, quickly became popular on the Internet, “618” sales doubling year on year just past. Reporters found that such innovations stories continue to emerge in the country. This year, the challenge facing the pressure, more and more manufacturing companies realize mastered the new technology, to grasp the future of the initiative. “Change” Organic: Digging for new consumer “Blue Ocean” “You make a studio album in how much money we just 30 yuan a; how much money you print business cards with me 5 boxes 21 yuan also shipping; customized pattern?? disposable cups, we only sell 1 of 2 cents a corner, than the kind sold in supermarkets cheaper. “E-Commerce Group Co., Ltd. Shandong century Kaiyuan chairman Guo Zhiqiang, excitedly to reporters and became a” sell. ” Lace pattern transparent tape, unique style cake boxes, personalized candy box, printed with personal photos …… cushions all products are available in accordance with the requirements of the consumer color, pattern small mass customization century Kaiyuan, for seven consecutive years Lynx obtain “double-October” custom category champion. “Not a bad market, but demand has changed. Personalized, diversified consumer trends, will inevitably bring about small-volume, customized consumer demand Control Engineering Copyright , but at a high price has been repressed. we just use ‘intelligent manufacturing Internet +’ reduces the cost, with the new pricing, new technologies stimulate new market space. “Guo Zhiqiang said. Now only a century Kaiyuan shop, print the number will be close to one million photos every day. This year from January to May , Kaiyuan Century profit last year, higher than the 30% expected this year, operating income increased 50-60%. Keen to capture new consumer trends, business success is a “golden key.” Reporters noted that more and more enterprises to be more follow changes in market demand, flexible adjustment of product structure, mining consumption “Blue Ocean” in the “change” in. Into the Bus assembly plant, and reporters feel the current hot weather in general. Guizhou bus, tourist bus Yan’an, Hubei coach …… rows of vehicles undergoing final assembly. Seats, interior securityBahrain, lighting commissioning good, and then go through a trial run, these cars can be quickly delivered to the hands of users around the country. In the entire automotive market downturn in the background, the bus pass from January to May this year, the new energy bus sales grew 47.3% in the domestic passenger car market share of new energy 11.77%, increase 4.77%. “This has been achieved mainly from the research and innovation of the product market segments.” Bus pass, chairman of Lishu Peng told reporters, with the environmental requirements and enhance the upgrading of consumption structure, market demand is expected to more than half will be the new energy bus. Therefore, the pass will continue to focus on this, in particular, focus on the introduction of school buses, coaches, shuttle bus and other sub-products. Shun “potential” and on: the initiative as having the confidence to meet the challenges, the most effective programs to seize opportunities from business, from the market. Reporters found that the face of heavy pressure, local businesses and more active as, flexibility, and strive to adapt to digital, intelligent trends, keep the faith and continue to forge ahead in patience. A small “spring” of less than 1 mm in diameter, through a small incision along the surface of vascular heart attack area served by the expansion and sustained release therapeutic drug carrying heart disease. This past monopoly of developed countries “heart stent,” has now been overcome Chinese enterprises. “We called the main monopolist with a pedigree and world market company after nearly a decade of intense competition, and ultimately to withdraw and end this multinational company.” Shanghai Minimally Invasive Medical Devices (Group) Co., Ltd. Chairman Chang Zhaohua said . Under increasingly complex international competition , China’s manufacturing Gairuhezou to high-quality development? ‘Cause not only by an indomitable tenacity dry out, but also rely on what is insist Aoyama do not relax anyone boil out. We do not fear of god to which way, some confidence and patience. “Chang Zhaohua full of confidence and confidence. Internal and external environment changes, a double test of their strength, toughness. Reporters also felt that the current, some manufacturing companies are still deeply financing, financing your troubled, difficult to change the high costs, low profit margins of the status quo, facing the transformation and upgrading, “will not turn, can not turn, did not dare turn” confusion, suffered difficult to promote their own brands, consumers do not buy trouble. “On the one hand is a disorderly market competition, playing ‘price war’, on the other hand is personnel, especially the lack of compound talents.” As the country’s leading robotics company, Shenyang New Song MachinePeople Automation Co., Ltd. is crystal brand and Hahn Minister of Public Relations Department admitted that despite the good business development trend, but there are worries. In her view, China has just entered the robotics industry golden period of development, many companies want to do cross-border robots, the future may also require a transitional phase. But for the future, she is confident: “China’s robot industry will rise, just give time, willing to study, companies will do well, will be able to produce more high-end products on behalf of China in the global manufacturing level.”

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