2019 World Intelligent Manufacturing successful conclusion of the General Assembly

The afternoon of October 19, 2019 in Nanjing, the World Intelligent Manufacturing Assembly successfully concluded. Executive Director of the World Intelligent Manufacturing Conference Organizing Committee, the Secretary-General , Deputy Secretary General People’s Government of Jiangsu Province Zhang Yuefu, Nanjing Municipal Committee, vice mayor Yang Xuepeng, Nanjing and other provincial and municipal leaders, as well as from international and domestic well-known person in charge of institutions, key enterprises at home and abroad and friends from the media representatives attended the closing ceremony. October 17 –19 days, at home and abroad on the latest technology of intelligent manufacturing, leading products, forward-looking report unveiled in Nanjing, the world leader in intelligent manufacturing, authority, outstanding leaders and leading experts gathered here. During the conference, a total of more than 300 distinguished guests from over 20 countries and regions of the participants, including: 20 foreign academicians, experts in the field of intelligent manufacturing (including institutes, experts universities) 124, 46 agency representatives, industry leaders in 168 people, attracted nearly 2,000 companies participate in the fair. This is a collision of ideas and wisdom confrontation event, but also a sincere cooperation drawn future event.
this year’s World Intelligent Manufacturing Assembly set up a government, industry, academia, research, gold, with, such as multi-media platform for cooperation. At the beginning of the closing ceremony, under the witness of the provincial and municipal leaders, 48 ​​major projects were intelligent manufacturing site focused on signing, contract amounting to 86.905 billion yuan Control Engineering Copyright , in which a total of 26 in Nanjing project, a total investment of 47.47 billion yuan came to power contract. Organizing Committee Executive Director of the World Intelligent Manufacturing Assembly, the Secretary-General , Deputy Secretary General People’s Government of Jiangsu Province Zhang Yuefu closing remarks, he said that this year the General Assembly heavyweight guests gathered, the brand released a continuation, actively carry out international exchanges and dialogues, exhibitions, fully upgraded to fair. At present, the whole province are to Xi Jinping, a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as the guiding ideology Control Engineering Copyright , conscientiously implement the Party Central Committee and State Council decision to deploy and provincial government work requirements, closely around high-quality development goals in the forefront of intelligent manufacturing as the main direction, speed up the digital industry, digital industry, to promote the digital economy and the real economy, deep integration, accelerate the construction of modern industrial system of self-control of industrial structure towards theHigh-end. World Intelligent Manufacturing Assembly temper IV contains, behind the glory of early heart. At the closing ceremony, the organizing committee awarded the “2019 World Series of machine intelligence,” the final award, the fourth “Jiangsu Zhi made” Innovation Contest first prize, outstanding exhibitors Award, Outstanding Organization Award, Grand Prize and other Intelligent Manufacturing awards in recognition get better in the relevant preparatory meetings and events on behalf of the advanced units and individuals.
In the final part of the closing ceremony enlightening speech, “the first person to study Japanese longevity enterprises”: The author of “artisan spirit of Japanese Family Enterprises longevity gene,” a book of Toshio Goto and Israeli well-known local entrepreneur Yanki Margalit two guests bring you a wonderful sharing around enterprise longevity, innovation and other topics. In recent years, the manufacturing industry usher Butterfly Control Engineering Copyright , crossed a hurdle in the transition in opening. 2019 World Congress on Intelligent Manufacturing success will also boost the pace of intelligent manufacturing journey. In New Vision “Smart +” will lead the new changes in the manufacturing sector!

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