2030 or robots will replace 20 million manufacturing jobs

Oxford Economic Research Institute said in a report Control Engineering Copyright , 2030, worldwide about 20 million manufacturing jobs will be replaced by robots. The wealth gap is widening, but the overall economic output will increase.
reported that Control Engineering Copyright , the Oxford Institute for Economic Research concluded that, even within the same country, the unemployment rate of low-skilled work area will be twice as high-tech work area. Oxford Institute for Economic Research said that every installation of a robot will replace the 1.6 average manufacturing workers, low-skilled jobs in areas most affected. The report analyzes the areas people are having less technical work, often more economically weak , the unemployment rate is higher, because the robot is easier to lose jobs. In addition, quit manufacturing workers tend to get transportation, construction, maintenance, office and administrative work at a new job , and these areas vulnerable to automate jobs and influence. However, the report also emphasizes CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the development of robots may eventually increase productivity and economic growth, and create a number of new job openings and replace roughly as much. It is reported that , since 2000, the emergence of global robot has been reduced to about 1.7 million manufacturing jobs.

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