3.0 times the block chain, block chain + app in the end how to play?

Word economic development , is brought about changes in the industry, and efficient life has changed people’s way of life imperceptibly. As technology has a block chain significance of the times, he is disruptive, causing another round of technological revolution in the Internet age of today, the block chain is optimistic about a growing number of people, domestic like Ali, leader, there are countless giants, have incoming block chain. To promote information technology Internet information “to” value of the Internet “changes, based on the focus to the center of DAPP application of this technology development has become everyone’s attention. What is DAPP, dapp that is, block chain + App. In a basic no the arrival of 3.0 times, went successor is normal, needs people to experiment, to test, to explore.
If you say that invented the prosperity App mobile Internet has changed the way we live, work and even the way. so in the future development block chain, block chain + APP, is to a large extent determines the brand into the future development of the block chain. Dapp to block chain, like Bian Zhuo and ios [123 ], dapp is a major way to the next block chain in front of the public presentation, when the block chain technology, more figurative-oriented, public acceptance of the higher, such as in recent years, the block chain games such as Pokemon, and Tencent produced together Vampire Killers, are based on the block chain development of the game. Dapp block chain will be a pass in the economic world, he is to be carried Will be a multi-mission flow, earnings, scenes, transactions, etc. Since the block chain from 1.0 currency, to today’s 3.0, DAPP, from birth, he is like a second son of the family concern. Everyone on high hopes for him, Ethernet Square, eos appears, is to let people confidence in him. dapp large number mushroomed to emerge, but this two-year dapp, still a teenager, technology saturation www. cechina.cn , as well as the user’s threshold, resulting in a limited number he is currently focused on a lot of app games, trading platform, the gaming industry. meet real business standards still long way to go. that does not mean the dapp development on the bleak, on the contrary, whenDevelopment block chain technology, and the increasing application scenarios, the real block chain era truly to come. block chain plus app mode, will be the next block in the chain to strike out the economic field. Dapp the current plight of development. DAPP also talked about the current dilemma to carry out, we were able to find, first of all by definition, DAPP full name Decentralized Application, is the center of meaning to the application, the application refers to the general public based on block chain and chain development. This means that different public chains have different mechanisms of consensus, intelligent contracts, and other storage protocols, DAPP on any of the public are necessary to adhere to the chain running disagreements with the public chain and, therefore, brings in business logic DAPP on completion, there is a certain degree of difficulty on technology development; aspects addition, the current public chain itself is also facing “impossible trinity” problem, which is about DAPP scalability, processing speed, safety of the networks are unable to meet request; there are more important point is that the current field dapp can be applied, too single. His practical service, did not meet the requirements. And because of the limitations of public acceptance block chain due, both in the actual scene or the user’s reward system, we have not made perfect in the true sense.
1, DAPP developers: High configuration request block chain, and common components deficient development framework; 2, for the business side: DAPP issue of limited access, single flow is limited DAPP; 3, the user and said: DAPP application channel dispersion, the dispersion function and use the higher threshold; 4, for investors: single DAPP limited application scenarios, TOKEN flow of low value; overall, the market is currently facing DAPP development difficult, difficult issue , the use of hard, difficult circulation of four problems. Recently I saw more than one value chain DAPP ecological platform –WWD to enter the market, trying to go through decentralized, open source collective way to build and maintain a strong application library, coiled industry technology research, strategy development, DAPP public and private domain traffic, DAPP applications such as landing direction to provide users with one-stop processing program.
“block chain + small program” collapsed, the first to build aggregate weight ecology course, whether in the mobile Internet era
Control Engineering Copyright , the block chain or in the future period, this information aggregation everywhere beyond doubt. Own experience to carry out mobile Internet era, in order to better meet the needs of users of long tail, customization, multi-application scenarios will be Forced to product innovation that we have witnessed. Similarly, in the process carried out in the block chain, or process DAPP carried out, the money can be found there was a treasure, DPPX DAPP and other application platforms currently on the market. So as WWD newcomers do not have the first-mover advantage, how the existing talent Deus Ex DAPP Applied Ecology in? In addition to DAPP treatment plan for this Contract Hub developer community, WWD pioneered the use of “block chain + small program” in the form of breaking up , efforts to build eco-polymerization heavy. Shall be recognized that the current block chain technology is still immature in many places, we are still in the development stage, the domestic block chain personnel training, or technical innovations, are still a long way to go. Of course, the good news is, at present whether business or government, banks and other institutions are involved into the building block chain in this area. 3.0 times the block chain, is able to shine, let us wait and see.

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