3D printing materials global market situation and trend analysis of huge metal 3D printing materials development potential 2019

With years of development, 3D printing industry has formed the basis of the more mature technology, new technologies and innovative technology system Control Engineering Copyright , part of the innovative materials are endless, becoming the aerospace, automotive, consumer hot technology in the field of electronics, and medical. 3D printing material in 3D printing industry is essential, occupy 3 percent of the share. 3D printing material 3D printing industry accounted for 3 percent of the share 3D printing not only a separately manufactured goods CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , but also create a large number of customized products, which not only can save a lot of time, reduce waste, It may further cost savings. Created in this way the product will be lighter, but the same powerful, no way inferior to traditional methods to create functional strength. According to market research firm IDC expects the market size of the global 3D printing in 2019 will reach $ 13.8 billion, expanding 21.2% over 2018. Where CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , $ 5.3 billion from printer sales, to $ 4.2 billion from the sale of printed material, to $ 3.8 billion from the print service. 3D printing materials accounted for up to 30.43%.
metal 3D printing materials development potential from the point of view 3D printing material type, metal supplies accounted for 39.4%, 46.5% lower than plastics, mainly due to the industrialization of metal printing is in the growth phase of rapid expansion, the leading end device the growth in material consumption. 3D printing is usually a non-metallic plastic, resin material, a metal commonly used 3D printing various types of alloy powder and wire. Compared to traditional manufacturing model, 3D printing advantage lies in the non-metallic mold and non-customizable, but limited by the material properties, mainly for the production of models and molds, it is difficult to have the amount and the valence; 3D printing and metal in addition to non-customizable mode of advantage, in the print quality and printing efficiency as compared to conventional metal working process are more improved significantly Copyright control Engineering , even not possible to complete the manufacturing process of the conventional high printing complex high precision parts, with greater potential for development.
This material demand from the enterprise can be seen. France 3D printing company Sculpteo survey of Global 1000Many companies use 3D printing, from print material point of view, the use of plastics in 2018 of up to 65%, but down 23 percentage points from 88% in 2017, growth is the only metal material, the demand from 2017 the 28% increase in 2018 to 36%. Metal 3D printing industrial application acceleration as an opportunity to continue to expand sales of industrial-grade 3D printers of high magnitude of value, 3D printing is gradually toward high-end manufacturing market penetration of the consumer market.
raw material cost is accounted for the largest proportion of the continuous improvement of the manufacturing cost of the metal part of 3D printing. DigitalAlloys titanium powder (6Al-4V) as an example, the cost for the preparation of SLM, EBM, DED, Binder Jetting, Digital Alloys mainstream metal statistics 3D printing process, the printing cost per kg product found in the raw material costs are accounted for highest (except SLM process), and with the molding precision, molding quality, increasing the printing time, equipment, and labor to maintain the proportion gradually, in the best print quality SLM process, equipment, maintenance and labor costs It is the highest proportion of , which also has patent protection factor, but in more and more high printing efficiency, economies of scale growing trend, the proportion of material costs will be further enhanced.
field of international giants layout 3D printing materials in recent years, with the 3D printing of business applications continue to promote the importance of printed materials become more prominent. At present, the base 3D printing material timber has basically met by domestic equipment manufacturing requirements, high performance but still dependent on imported supplies metal powder, made of printed material purity, particle size, uniformity, the degree of spheroidization, oxygen content affect product performance indicators compared to the larger raw material there is a big gap with foreign countries. Most of Germany’s EOS, TLS, Sweden Arcam, Hoganas, Sandvik, Belgium’s Solvay, etc. with a strong strength of the metal 3D printing supplies, founded in 2000, has a strong technical accumulation in the field of powder metallurgy or metal printing equipment . China is currently able to provide high-quality metal powder companies include China Aviation Matt, fly and Kang, Theron metal, Xian Ou, the platinum special forces and new entrants into the Steel Research Gaona, top legislature science and technology, these companies or phaseMost off after business was founded in 2010, developed rapidly in recent years. In addition, since 2016 the world’s largest materials manufacturers set up a special 3D printing sector, such as BASF, DuPont and other traditional materials companies have started layout domain-specific materials explaining the value of 3D printing industry has been widely recognized, with commercial production continued expansion of the scale, an increase of more flexible material of the end began to force, especially in the larger field of industrial applications and the technical difficulty of the early special metal material.

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