4.0 auto industry hard landing, a multitude of things come from?

Over the years , traveled to many large and small companies, including OEMs, including parts enterprises, including joint-venture brands, but also their own brands. In the business line saw and heard, so that we deeply feel for the “Industry 4.0” or also “smart manufacturing” industry development trend of automobile industry enthusiasm is very high, all companies are actively exploring on the road to digitization and practice, but the status quo based on different needs, we are at different stages of unremitting efforts, rewarding, but also confused. Digital foundation of the automotive industry, it should be said to be very good – digital product design engineers has long been a daily platform management has become increasingly common; the large-scale production lines, generally higher level of automation, many machining line, press line, welding line, coating line have achieved 100 percent automated, unmanned factory not uncommon; product performance testing has also been increasingly used in the case where the cycle time and cost Forced virtual simulation means. On this basis, the automotive industry, industrial 4.0 should be reasonably easy, a matter of course, but the fact is not the case, the passage of time, when the digital, intelligent struck, once playfully advantage might become a pain point today.
Since the early lack of prospective top-level design, a lot of modules and systems has now become information silos. Some instructional strategies and plans of late, mostly for the status of the storm, often the obstacles in the actual implementation. The automotive supply chain is very complex, especially automotive OEMs such as body mass large enterprises, industrial architecture 4.0 overall tend to be more ambitious, specific application scenarios multitude of things, really landing easier said than done? ! So, how to break information silos? Overall planning how to do? A multitude of things come from? Data-centric first make clear that the core of Industry 4.0 is the data. With the promotion of information of a physical system (CPS), the popularity of smart and intelligent terminal equipment, and use a variety of sensors, it will bring ubiquitous connection, all networked terminals, including motor vehicles and parts and designer producers themselves, will continuously produce data that will penetrate into the business operations, the entire life cycle value chain, as well as products become the cornerstone of industry 4.0. Ideal Industry 4.0 Control Engineering Copyright , we must do the smooth flow of product life cycle stages in the data stream withoutResistance, including product design, production planning, production engineering, production and implementation services, these five sectors open up entirely in digital, and finally presented a completely different from the traditional mode of production of new corporate business model. 4.0 In the industrial age, the data will show explosive growth. At this stage of automotive OEMs and parts suppliers, the primary problem is the underlying device data in a uniform standard to connect, which is the industry 4.0 floor foundation. In the automotive industry, if it is a “repairer new forces”, then digital, intelligent idea what its inherent characteristics, product design and new plant start using a uniform standardized data from, is relatively easy to do. Vietnam VinFast gave us a very good example. They used the full range of Siemens digital solutions, only the traditional car prices 50% of the time, realized the entire process from design to delivery, which is superior efficiency of digital technology has brought! If you are a mature traditional automotive OEMs or suppliers, this problem can be tricky, because most of them facing the original factory automation and the gradual transformation from basic to digital information, in addition to technical issues, but also to consider the personnel, the existing hardware / software, return to normal production tasks and costs and other factors. For the general status of the case, manufacturing-oriented OPC UA (OPC Unified Architecture) should be born, it can effectively help users solve the problem of information silos has been formed and, ultimately, standardized data. OPC UA is a tool designed for still in establishing additional communication channel between the islands of information equipment, can produce different outfits manufacturers to provide a unified means of communication between the mechanical equipment and components to ensure equipment seamlessly transfer information between. Of course, OPC UA is not a new agreement to replace the existing communication protocol, but tools to achieve unified communications equipment for dialogue. On this basis, the data stream can be smooth. After obtaining scientific planning guide practice data, users want to take advantage of these data. Small auto parts to an optimized design dimensions, optimized processing parameters, as large as the entire automotive supply chain-related component products, all production data and related suppliers and partners, users want to be able to dig and analysis to support business the healthy development. How should this data stream flow? Automotive industry users need a total sciencePlanning body to guide practice. In this regard, Siemens’ digital twin “solution is a more complete product life cycle of digital solutions, we can discuss this as an example. But in fact, Siemens is currently the industry’s only able to provide such a complete enterprise solution. This solution includes a “twin digital products, digital twin production performance digital twin.” Here, the virtual and real mutual verification, prediction and live the perfect combination – “twins” named very vividly reflects this mirroring relationship. Twin digital products, comprising an object configuration and control software components of the vehicle, comprising a mechanical structure, electrical and physical characteristics of the system; twin digital production, involves planning, programming, process simulation, all aspects of the field of automation hardware and software; digital twin features allows users deeper, more comprehensive data analysis can be implemented to help design engineers and process engineers to achieve better product performance and more efficient manufacturing operations. Different from the Industry 4.0 Solution on “product design, production planning, production engineering, production execution, service,” the five laterally connected end to end, “digital twin, production of digital twins performance digital twin” is the enterprise three longitudinal connecting link operations, they have been digitized in a different interpretation of complementary dimensions. It should be stressed that this is a closed loop of a complete digital environment, three digital twin-based MindSphere was industrial cloud platform networking connection, users can take advantage of things rich data and advanced analytics, continuous improvement, so that the flow of data continuing to create value. In addition, under the blessing of big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, intelligent technology, the solution can also achieve continuous optimization throughout the value chain and a wider range of self-learning, and the ability to turn data into knowledge – this for any business user, means that the value of the infinite zoom and unlimited extension, also means that from the digital to the intelligent upgrade. The attendant benefits are obvious: dramatically shorten the development cycle of new cars Control Engineering Copyright , reducing the number of prototypes required to develop the prototype, production processes and shop floor can be accurately simulated, and the final product production unit the performance can be predicted, increase productivity, reduce product defect rate, to help enterprises in the product and rawOptimize overall operations within the whole life cycle of production operations, effectively enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. From auto parts to the vehicle, from design to production, to sales and service, it is true. In our view, this is not only a solution, but also a philosophy and thinking, very forward-looking guidance. After a whole down to earth step by step clear roadmap of Control Engineering Copyright , 4.0 industry to really landing. This process is the most challenging and most difficult process, however, break down the overall planning, step by step to do it in stages, can be anything easy, simplify. Industry 4.0 in landing and auto parts enterprises must be down to earth, moving steadily through the digital, intelligent, and gradually evolved into the industrial age 4.0. This is a gradual, continuous improvement process, a company can not be done overnight, even if the global digital model – Siemens Amberg plant in Chengdu, also after 25 years of continuous development and continuous improvement, to reach today’s level. Beiqi new energy base in Qingdao pre-established digital connectivity products design and manufacturing process, process simulation in the future will further test and simulation platform construction. FAW Red Flag is a project from beginning to explore the final assembly, the second phase will begin stamping, welding, assembly, continued implementation of digital technology and management. Each company should be combined with their own situation and needs, tailor tailoring, began to select some application scenarios, from the point and then to the line side, and gradually promote the digitization of landing. When necessary, can be carried out by means of the power of professional advice and service team. In particular, a relatively high degree of maturity and auto parts enterprises, for large digitization project more carefully, because the added value in the short term may be difficult to assess, but they can still focus on some specific application scenarios Copyright Control Engineering All , combined with bottlenecks to be digitized, and then gradually extended according to the development needs of the application. For the bottleneck problem, the industry there are many examples, please. If the hot models in short supply, your main stress is affecting production equipment downtime, then you need to focus on digitization and predictive maintenance consumable parts or critical equipment, such as motor vibration detection and analysis processes such as stamping, avoid or reduce stop production line due to the influence and direct economic loss; if your main bottleneck problem is that the body mass, the digital welding quality monitoring can include welding caps for size,Welding current and other parameters, including online surveillance, and real-time intelligent adjustments to achieve the best stable and reliable welding quality; if your current primary goal is to save energy and reduce production costs, then as four energy-hungry process, the coating process digital energy management, will be on reducing cost and increasing will most directly benefit; if need a diversified energy power production assembly line N kinds of models, and models every year in the change, even based on consumer demand for personalized custom car production has become an important requirement, then the flexible assembly line, digitization is essential …… in addition, in the automotive industry, many car companies and parts suppliers Suppliers are multinational corporations, these companies in the world has a number of factories, then in standardization, under the modular deployment, as long as the use of digital means to monitor and analyze one of the plant, other plants similar problems can be solved, digital makes technological innovation and model innovation of market efficiency dramatically. Of course, in addition to technology, industrial 4.0 must also consider the human factor. The purpose of automation, digitization is not to replace people, but to better collaborate together to achieve the ultimate goal of the people. In fact, according to a report released by the German government, transportation, energy-related industries, digitize not only does not reduce jobs, but there will be an increase – is expected by 2021, there will be 4% to 7% increase in jobs. People are still very, very important in the digitization process, only the people and technology, people and products, people and equipment harmonize perfectly, the whole system in order to maximize performance. Begins the moment the future of digital manufacturing unstoppable, digital automotive industry has become more pressing. On the one hand, automotive products is undergoing disruptive change multiple technologies electrification, intelligent, weight reduction, on the other hand, the automotive market is gradually moving toward more variety, small batch and even customized business model, therefore, the whole industry chain in the reconstruction, the value chain will also be transferred back end. Want to respond flexibly to the ever changing, digital is the only way out. In the digital age this innovative surging, blood will be the automotive supply chain data, or even the whole world of things fit together into a boundary between the various systems will gradually become increasingly blurred in the future, you have me, I have you. When the gradual disappearance of the border unwittingly, that is what the great success of digital. The future can be expected, of course, important that you always have to have digitizedPhilosophy, and in the right direction to start industrial action 4.0. Siemens automotive industry website has a line eye-catching characters say is in place – “The future competitive advantage starts now”!

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