5G first year of commercial, industrial Internet IIoT “long innings” in the new starting point

June 6, the Ministry issued an official 5G license to China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Radio and Television Control Engineering Copyright , marking China’s formal entry into the first year of commercial 5G. Enhanced broadband 5G, mass connections, low latency high reliability features such as networking, to achieve a better vision of artificial intelligence provides backing, provides support for a variety of cross-border integration and cross-industry applications. It is foreseeable that a large-scale network construction is about to start 5G, 5G service-oriented businesses are also gaining momentum. However, the conventional communication technologies, people for 5G view there is a big difference. Some people think that 5G will be a total failure of communication technology; 5G Some people think that progress will be very slow, now is too early layout; still others 5G is a major strategic opportunity, afraid to miss time window.
controversial is the opportunity. 5G open a new era, no one has experienced before, so for the development of 5G can say is personal, a matter of opinion. According to the analysis authority, 5G technology will be the leveraging of market share of 80% concentrated in the B2B side. Internet IIoT industrial application scenarios occupy a pivotal position in the 5G. So, today we talk about the fact that some highly concentrated, so that you understand the Internet industry and the latest developments related to the 5G. 01 IIoT head companies have jumped the gun a few practical examples 5G. ABB is its factories in Finland’s attempt to use artificial intelligence technology and industry 5G, equipped with machine vision applications, improve production efficiency and product quality, the project will be fully operational in mid-June 2019.
Bosch Rexroth eyes, in addition to the floor, ceiling and walls, all “objects” have access to 5G, it breath launched mobile control panel 5G, 5G the AGV AGV other programs.
Siemens not only set up more than 5G interoperability testing center, through 5G upload data to the real-time industrial process industry cloud platform MindSphere, and as early as February 2018 on the acquisition of a 5G startups Sarokal. This seemingly company Siemens business apart galaxy, but in reality great talent. Sarokal provide supplier of innovative test solutions for network prequel, prequel network and bearer network in the entire 5G highest bandwidth requirements, delay requirementsThe most demanding part. According to Siemens statement, the earth also searched hard to find a match Sarokal person.
BASF, Volkswagen, BMW and Daimler are also planning to build their own super-fast 5G networks. For example, BASF aims to cover the entire 10 square kilometers of the plant with 5G technology – which is equivalent to a small city has 39,000 workers, 2,000 buildings, 230 km of railway tracks, 106 km of roads and 2850 kilometers of pipeline. 02 5G which have cut into the scene? In the industrial area of ​​the Internet, IT and OT is a common theme, 5G is introducing another T, CT (Communication Technology, ICT). Compared 4G, 5G front of the phone is not just another simple, coupled with higher demand for industrial manufacturing CT, although there are many advantages 5G CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , but also to find a suitable cut-scene. 5GACIA (5G Industry Automation Alliance) based on a variety of heterogeneous devices interconnection and integration testing, draw a focus for the development of 5G. 5GACIA? Tting, Harting, HMS, Phoenix Contact, Siemens, Huawei, Intel, Mitsubishi, Nokia, Fuchs and Volkswagen jointly set up by the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence DFKI, Festo, G, aimed at promoting 5G in industrial production floor, from the beginning to ensure 5G ie have the appropriate use of industrial capacity.
According to the scene ACIA released white paper, 5G can be applied include motion control, robot collaboration, mobile control panel, process automation, augmented reality, remote control. 5G advantages in industrial applications are: ● wiring easy, convenient networking is easier to meet the need for flexibility; ● for mobile equipment and non-stationary production line, wireless seems to be the only option.
For real-time and reliability are demanding motion control scene, 5GACIA is advancing research on 5G supports loading TSN services. Beckhoff company also recently demonstrated a future for the industrial field, the use of scenarios wireless communication technology for real-time control and large-scale data transfer.
The specification requirements for time-sensitive scenario industrial applications, Needed to achieve a delay of 1 ms, and 1 microsecond jitter 99.9999% reliability. Based on this performance, 5G seems fully capable of large-scale industrial production line system in the field of complex information technology applications.
After all, in this wireless age, the number of industrial enterprises are willing to increase network investment, laying special cables? TSN and 5G is a good alternative. As from 03 5G is a “feature phones” to “smart phones,” the transition from end to cloud changes, 5G will also promote changes in various field terminal, such as the widespread use of smart AR glasses, MEC edge mobile computing devices [ 123] Copyright control Engineering , and the morphology of the terminal equipment changes. Since 5G shortened the “sense of distance” between the cloud and the end, it may accelerate the “edge cloud synergy” and “thin end” of the process. In fact, this trend already existed before the arrival of 5G. For example, Schneider latest M262 controller with embedded cloud platform access capability can be achieved directly connected to the machine-to-machine and machine-to-cloud integration rate of 40% increase. By allowing access to embedded systems Plug , about 50% reduction of commissioning and service , 30% reduction in installation costs. Enhanced broadband 5G of the cloud and local differences become smaller, “thinner” terminal will be more expensive, such as “cloud industrial robots.” In the vision, the brain of the robot in the cloud, 5G ultra high-speed communications network as a nerve, robot hardware becomes a pure body.
04 IIoT continued to emerge as a new platform includes the “cloud”, “tube”, “end” Ironman of all-around “long innings”, presented by GE in 2012, the Internet industry, now step into the development of the first seven years. According to IoT Analytics released the latest analysis report in 2019, the Internet industry will maintain a 40% compound annual growth rate CAGR over the next seven years, but also to find a landing IIoT breakthrough, began to replace the traditional MES software, took over production monitoring, quality control and inventory management and other related applications.
compared to batch and process industries, discrete manufacturing industry will have the highest proportion of Internet spending (53%), and the highest growth rate (46%). The greater complexity of discrete manufacturing production, the more valuable the data, and the most likely to catalyze new business models.
Although there were already hundreds of industrial internet platform in front, but does not affect adding new players. Concern including Honeywell and Schneider. For example, Honeywell’s latest Forge Industrial Internet platform, will release versions for aerospace, industrial and construction industries, the business data collection, analyze and optimize infrastructure.
Schneider Exchange will be built as a cross-industry open ecosystem platform, based on the promotion of users in different industries to share the latest thinking and creativity, to break the existing framework and develop new markets. Internet platform with the industry to match a variety of industrial applications APP Store and partner ecosystem. Convergence of various business practices quite understandable, in a market increasingly difficult to draw the boundaries, if you do not build their own ecosystem, the equal development opportunities to our competitors. Written in the last —- —- Whether you love or do not love, 5G has come. Although in a leadership camp in 5G track, Ren Zhengfei, Huawei has often said: “The role of 5G has been exaggerated.” 5G is like a huge treasure trove itself has a strong value in use, but nobody has found the key to open the treasure. Whether 5G contains treasures can successfully open, releasing energy, the right to speak of things in the hands of business.

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