5G on the downstream procurement of 5,000 billion! But the real opportunity is still lurking

“New infrastructure” was an instant sensation, heat-related topics are also high. “New infrastructure” includes seven areas: 5G base station construction, UHV, intercity high-speed railway and urban rail transit, artificial intelligence, big data center, new energy vehicles charging pile, the Internet industry. Which, as the most critical and the fastest economic benefits of new infrastructure harvest, build 5G base station of concern. Recently, CCID think tank, published an article saying: the 2020 China 5G downstream purchases will reach 500 billion yuan. It expected 2020 network equipment and terminal equipment revenues total about 450 billion yuan investment will telecom operators on 5G network equipment of more than 220 billion yuan. The market size of 500 billion yuan may seem huge, but this is probably just the tip of the iceberg, the real opportunity may still “hidden.” Market opportunities mainly from the initial base station construction 5G chain can be divided into: equipment manufacturing, communications operators and terminal manufacturers. Equipment manufacturers including base stations, the engine room equipment and components manufacturers, module manufacturers; behalf communication operators are the three operators, this is needless to say; terminal equipment, including mobile phones, smart city Things sensor, AR / VR equipment. In the early 5G commercial, market opportunities are mainly concentrated in the manufacturing sector upstream equipment. Simply put, the opportunity to build from the base station brought economic output. Although the prospects of the downstream market is also worth looking forward to, but the downstream end market can be fully developed, depending on the maturity of the facilities upstream network infrastructure. The most obvious example is the 5G phone, if there is no 5G base station, there is no 5G network, 5G phone “5G function” will just decoration. Therefore, the early commercial market opportunities 5G, 5G mainly from the base station construction, the 5G network can cover a wider range is the key. Ministry of Industry issued the communications industry in 2019 statistical bulletin shows that as of the end of 2019, China’s 5G number of base stations over 130,000. This year, China Mobile clearly put forward plans to build 300,000 5G base station; China Telecom and China Unicom also plans to complete the construction of 250,000 base stations in the third quarter, one quarter ahead of schedule to complete the annual development goals. It is estimated that this year 5G base station installed capacity will reach 630,000, an increase of 384.62% is expected. By the end of this year, the number of Chinese 5G base station is expected to account for over 50% of the world’s 5G base station. And, unlike last year, this year will increase SA (independentLi efforts in building networking) mode 5G base station. Most base stations are the NSA 5G (non-independent network) mode, in this mode, it is possible to enjoy some 5G function, such as high-speed transmission and the like; 5G but more core functions of the Copyright Control Engineering [ 123], such as low delay and so on, you need to achieve in SA mode. The only paved the full functionality of the 5G network, vehicle networking, Internet and other industrial applications can be developed. China Unicom Research Institute expert personnel, senior engineer, senior economist Kang flag earlier in an interview when he mentioned: 5G has promoted two levels of the state, one is to expand the development of the communications industry itself, the second is greatly promoted digital economy , and permeates every aspect of social life and the national economy. In other words, 5G “new infrastructure” in the “infrastructure”, other industry can get better development in the digital economy, depends on construction of 5G. And let 5G of “net” to cover more areas, we need to build more base stations. New business models and more to look forward to is no doubt related to the base station construction business concern. But not all companies are worthy of “hot pursuit.” “A lot of companies posted 5G concept, but actually do something or 4G and traditional communications, in fact, did not break out results and exponential growth opportunities.” Sailing Capital Partners Liu Kangjian said. Liukang Jian had long served China Mobile Communications Corporation headquarters Control Engineering Copyright , in charge of the national network of business operations, maintenance management, technical research, communications industry experts. He was involved in dozens of investment in the field of information communication technology companies, we have a wealth of practical experience. He told one hundred million OAK record: “5G technology is not ‘grow into the night’, but rather a gradual process of evolution In addition, now the community on the definition and understanding of 5G increasingly broad, more and more blurred, actually. not all with ‘communication’ related concepts, can 5G something to do with the relationship. For example, some devices do traditional 3G, 4G era, network management business, also took on the 5G of ‘east’, but in fact, they business and will not come 5G qualitative change occurs, it will not change 5G technology generated a huge increase, “Liu Kangjian appeal:.” we still have a rational view of 5G technologies andFuture prospects. “We are now seeing a great increase in construction caused by the base station market, but it ignores the main base station construction – the three operators addition, the pressure in the 4G era, the three operators of the business are on the rise, so they willing and have the ability to invest heavily in building a base station; but now, operators increased performance pressure, no longer as in the past, “willful” “a lot of 5G base stations are upgraded in the past era of 4G existing sites , while the re-planning of new sites, especially good indoor coverage 5G, is very complex and very difficult work. In addition, the construction of 5G networks and new services related to the future development of 5G services will also directly affect the speed of 5G continued construction; and all kinds of new networking model will also affect the maturation and promotion of 5G networks. “Liukang Jian said China Tower Annual reaction out of this phenomenon: in 2019, China overall 5G Tower building needs 265,000 to build 5G sites 161,000, more than 97% of all sites using the existing resources to achieve transformation and we can now see an “opportunity” is just tip of the iceberg emerges on the sea, and part of it may just be “mirage.” so, what to look for new opportunities that bring 5G? Liukang Jian believes that following directions concern. first, the trend of “domestic alternative” in the upstream areas of the semiconductor chip. For example, currently in the field of radio frequency chips and related materials, China is still playing catch-up and gradual replacement of the situation, or are being developed to provide these core components of high-tech business concern. second, midstream network product areas, focusing on the new trend of small base stations, base station white box, edge computing .5G a “macro station + station” approach to construction, the macro station is completed, a number of small base stations more and more, and the architecture and functionality of the base station will be new changes. in addition to concern Including Huawei, ZTE and other companies Control Engineering Copyright , but also the only state Bai and other emerging high-tech companies. Third, the “socialization of networking” and other new network construction mode. Operators and Tower companies are facing development pressure, and 5G network construction need to invest money in addition trillion level, inside the building has been the difficulty of this base station construction, Liu Kangjian believe: the future will certainly need new models and interest distribution mechanism, mobilize social capital and social forces to participate in the 5G network construction. For example real estate operators, ChileHui city carriers, airports station, municipal body, are likely to participate fully in the , which will be born a new business model with great opportunities.

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