A leading solutions provider Ru Li Zhuo shine in the 2019 Munich Shanghai Electronics Show

Global electronic components distributor Ru Li Zhuo (Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH) will participate in the 2019 Munich Shanghai Electronics Show March 20 to 22. Through this important industry event, Confucianism Zhuo elite force expected to make the domestic electronics industry to more in-depth understanding of customized products and services provided by the company in RUTRONIK EMBEDDED, RUTRONIK SMART, RUTRONIK POWER and RUTRONIK AUTOMOTIVE four major areas, including the top management of battery (BMS) and physical networking (IoT) solutions. Zhuo Ru booth will demonstrate Hall No. No. 5126 E5 four solutions, comprising a LED lighting and Bluetooth IOT Mesh LED lights; LIN-RGB light cars; for the UAV, household cleaning robot, various the human body sensor infrared detection and ranging market products, and intelligent home appliances suitable for temperature and humidity sensors. In addition Control Engineering Copyright , Ru Li Zhuo booth will showcase the latest products Vishay, Keko, such as the giant number of major vendors, and they will be equipped with their own dedicated workstations to demonstrate and Recommend its wide range of innovative technologies and products. Michael Heinrich Confucianism Zhuo Li, general manager of Asia, said: “Munich Shanghai Electronics Show is not only the domestic electronics industry event , is an important event in Asia China and Asia is our most important market [. 123] control Engineering Copyright , we want to seize this opportunity to show, to demonstrate our expertise and solutions in various fields to visit the exhibition visitors, especially in the Internet of things and battery management both hot areas. “in addition control Engineering Copyright , another focus of Confucianism Zhuo booth is rutronik24.com.cn e-commerce platform. Customers only need a single login to access online product catalog, product procurement area and change notification (PCN). Online catalog provides an overview of all products, including detailed data tables. Moreover, the intelligent search function simplifies the product selection. “Bulk Quote” link that allows customers to use the parts list to facilitate the purchase. In the procurement area, guestThe user can quickly understand the current and past orders, tenders, a list of items, safety stock levels, contract, consignment inventory and traceability information. Existing product catalogs, purchase information, PCN and a variety of media information are available for download. During the exhibition control engineering Copyright , general manager of marketing headquarters from Germany market director Markus Krieg, global marketing director Gerhard Weinhardt marketing and marketing communications director Frank Klemmer led the technical product manager and field application engineering team welcome visit the show the audience, to enhance communication and cooperation with domestic electronics industry leaders and engineers. Confucianism Zhuo Li will be micro-channel sweepstakes CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright in the booth, interact with visitors through spectacular way. To learn more about Confucianism Zhuoli information products and services, visit the company’s Web site www.rutronik.com.cn.

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