A letter to Philippine President Aquino: You can’t do anything

President Aquino III, I am sorry that I have not been able to add the words “Respect” in front of your name, because it is really difficult to match these three words considering what you are doing.

I heard that you not only refused to apologize for the Manila hostage incident, but also pressured Mayor Estrada, the mayor of Manila, who had planned to apologize to Hong Kong, to make a “apology trip”. There is an old saying in China that you don’t want to do it, you should be able to understand it as a Chinese. However, it is really disappointing, and you really don’t understand its essence, because you not only block even the most polite behaviors of others, but also others to align with your self-righteous rude behavior.

The Presidential Office stated that it is ready to provide additional “generous” compensation for the families and survivors of the deceased, hoping to express their willingness to communicate and the Philippine people’s “sympathy” to them, to resolve the Philippines and The gap between Hong Kong. This is a bit disappointing. The families or survivors of the victims may not be wealthy, but there are still two poor bones. As compensation, money is indispensable, but the families of the victims and all Hong Kong people, more importantly, the official apology of the Philippine government.

I was shocked to hear that the Hong Kong Chief Executive talked about the position of the Philippines at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meeting in Bali, Indonesia last year. This incident is an act that individuals should implement when their mental state may not be stable. It is regarded as the behavior of the entire country of the Philippines. Your defense also lacks logic. If the government apologizes for this matter, it may mean that it is acknowledging that the country is at fault and should compensate for the casualties caused by the incident.

This is clearly inconsistent with the well-known facts. On the second day of the incident, the police admitted that they had made mistakes in the rescue process.

Your instinct is not what a responsible leader does. It is also difficult for your ingenuity to be commensurate with the normality of a head of state. Under your rule, Manila, the capital of your country, is known as Asia’s “Kidnapping Capital”. As a country known for its tourism development, the gangsters with deadly weapons hijack unarmed tourists and do not maintain good local security. The Philippine government is duty-bound, how can we say that this incident has nothing to do with the government?

Even more ridiculous is your “generous”, after the incident, your cabinet said that it will not compensate the dead and injured. Even under major pressure, it simply means “encouraging local businessmen to provide some assistance in an appropriate manner. ” For the presidential palace, the word “generous” has been used in the past, it can not be expected.

Not everything can be solved with money, sometimes it is really fair. President Aquino only mentions money and refuses to apologize. It is not only a disrespect for the family and the wounded of the deceased, but also a violation of the fairness of the world today. Since the Manila police have completed the investigation report on the incident, the most simple way is to explain that an official has failed. I believe that if you apologize for these aspects, your family will be easy to accept.

President Aquino, today, this problem has been delayed, and the responsibility lies with you. If it is not your blindness, this matter may have subsided. If it is not your stubbornness, your country’s tourism industry will not suffer such a significant negative impact. The Philippines has been rated as a “failed country” by the outside world, and it is undoubtedly related to your ability to govern for the president’s national leadership.

Hong Kong has already taken the first round of sanctions. Although about 800 Philippine people are affected each year, it is relatively restrained. If the Philippine side is still arbitrarily arbitrarily, it will only impose more severe sanctions, suspend Philippine tourists from visiting Hong Kong, and restrict work visas other than foreign domestic helpers, which will only hit the people’s livelihood in the Philippines. President Aquino, if you really think about the well-being of the people, more rationality and humility, less loyalty and arrogance, you can’t do things and walk into a dead end. (Yang Ziyan)

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

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