A simple concrete house with three staggered structures

This concrete house is located in a comprehensive forest area of ​​Argentina, serving as a home and studio, making full use of the landscape and terrain. As always, architects must overcome many challenges. One of them is related to the fact that the site has a 2 meter slope. The architect proposed the idea of ​​constructing three interlaced structures with a height difference of approximately 45 cm. The organization of this space allows the house to respond to the terrain in a practical and simultaneously beautiful manner.

The east side of the house is exposed to the street with almost no controllable openings, while the north side allows the living space to extend outdoors, with a large covered terrace. The entrance is located in the center of the floor plan. The interior space is defined by hollow brick partitions, and the main materials used throughout the house are concrete and glass. Polished concrete floors ensure a smooth and continuous interior design, and elements such as concrete kitchen counters maintain a clean and beautiful feel throughout the space.

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