Accelerate the penetration of industry has become the main front of the digital economy

October 11 CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology with the Hebei Provincial People’s Government of 2019 China International Digital Economy Fair opened in Shijiazhuang, Hebei (definite) International Convention and Exhibition Center. CPC Central Committee General Secretary and State President Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory message to the General Assembly, State Councilor Wang Yong attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech read out a congratulatory letter. Minister of Industry and Information Technology Miao Wei, Hebei Provincial Party Secretary Wang Dongfeng attended and delivered a speech, governor of Hebei Province, Xu Qin, President of China Electronic Information Industry Wang Xudong Federation attended the meeting. Guide digital economy and real economic integration and development, “the modern era, a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution in the ascendant, the Internet, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence represented a new generation of information technology is advancing rapidly, and accelerate each Widely penetration, continuous birth of a new industry, a new mode of new formats , the digital economy presents vigorous momentum, showing great development potential, is becoming the emerging industries to grow and develop, and promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, achieve an important driver of inclusive growth and sustainable development. “Miao Wei said. Miao Wei stressed that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology conscientiously implement the Party Central Committee and State Council decisions and arrangements, in accordance with the instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, to guide the integration of the digital economy and the real economy, accelerate the digital industry, digital industry, and promote the Internet, big data and artificial intelligent manufacturing and depth of integration, promote the development of the digital economy to achieve positive results for the benefit of human society. Miao Wei said the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Xi Jinping will be a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as the guiding ideology, adhere to the new development concept and development of high-quality requirements, adhere to the supply-side structural reforms as the main line, firmly grasp the digital, networked, intelligent integration of development opportunities, based on global manufacturing power and power network construction, focus on building high-speed, mobility, security, ubiquitous next-generation information infrastructure, Internet-depth implementation of industrial innovation development strategy; efforts to speed up the key core technology breakthrough innovation, strengthen innovation transformation and industrialization; efforts to deepen the integration of a new generation of information technology and manufacturing development, accelerate the digital transformation of the manufacturing sector; efforts to deepen international exchanges and cooperation, and jointly promote world prosperity and development of the digital economy. 5G become “the debut 5G, will produce new applications that we can not imagine.” The new digital economy engine ChinaAcademy of Engineering, deputy head of the Committee of Experts on the joint development of Beijing, Tianjin and Wu He Quan said at the meeting case of emotion CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , “5G + AIOT (Chi networking) for the industrial development of the Internet to add new momentum, develop new applications has become a new engine of the digital economy. “in its view, 5G highly reliable, low latency and wide coverage, great connectivity features will be things of big data and cloud computing or edge artificial intelligence, promoting the development of AIOT , being intelligent man-machine synergy thing. Many experts agrees, 5G for future changes will be more than just speed becomes faster, at 4K and 8K video applications, remote control and remote unmanned, industrial automation, health care, AR and VR, smart city and other areas, 5G band the change may be beyond the imagination. “Compared with previous generations of mobile networks, 5G network will have the ability to leap development .5G addition to bringing more extreme experience and greater capacity, it will also open the era of things, and penetrate various industries.” Shijiazhuang City Communications development management office responsible person said. The latest data show that in June 2019, China’s mobile users monthly flow of 7.2GB, 1.2 times the global average, mobile Internet access traffic grew 107.3%. Compared with five years ago, the average mobile broadband download speeds of up to about six times the level of mobile Internet traffic charges fell over 90%. 5G mobile communications into the era. Outside 5G, Wu He Quan also believe that the three pillars of the industry pattern of AI and the Internet constituted, it has become an important component supporting digital economy. CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , 2030, AI can contribute $ 13 trillion to global GDP according to McKinsey’s prediction; global Internet industry can generate up to $ 11.1 trillion in revenue in 2025. Accenture data showed that in 2030 the Internet industry can bring 14.2 trillion US dollars in economic growth for the global economy. Intelligent Manufacturing boost quality development present, China’s economy has been the rapid growth phase of flight to quality stage of development, to promote the digital economy to flourish, expand our space for economic development, foster the development of new momentum, meet the growing need for a better life, have important meaning. Continue to explore new industries, new formats, new models, the number ofThe word has become a new economic engine of our high-quality development. “There is no presence of the manufacturing sector, the value of the Internet and how much?” Fair, Gree Electric chairman Dong Mingzhu said. She believes that the era of big data to promote the rapid industrial development, but also to ensure product quality and precision to bring reliable. Gree Electric Appliance aftermarket failure rate, for example, before the 2004 sale and the failure rate of 1% to 2%, to 2018 has dropped to ten thousandths sale malfunction. “Collaborative development goals is economic development throughout the world and win-win. A creator is the largest contributor to society, ism unreliable. Gree adhere to the road of independent innovation, not only to ensure the quality of air conditioning products, at the same time also for other different industries extension services, which is the value of Gree in this era created. “currently, the unicorn is becoming a leading global company in the vanguard of innovation, it is also a measure of national competitiveness an important indicator of the strength. According to world-renowned research institutions, venture capital CBInsights release of Unicorn global companies list shows that in 2018 the number of Chinese unicorn 92 companies, accounting for up to 28%. Unicorn enterprise outbreak shows innovation to enhance the overall strength of China, these companies lead the new forms of industrial development, and promote the progress of the integration of upstream and downstream industries. As the main battlefield of the real economy, the industry is becoming the main front of the digital economy. Fair organizers from the newspaper People’s Government of Hebei Province was informed that currently, Hebei Province to promote the industry is accelerating the digitization of traditional industries all-round, the whole point of using the Internet to new technologies and new applications, the transformation of the whole chain. In Baoding Great Wall Automobile Internet-based automotive research and design collaborative platform to achieve cross-regional, multi-disciplinary design collaboration, shorten the development cycle by 20%, reduce product development costs by 20%; in Chengde, Chengde Steel explore Hegang commodity personalized custom model to promote high-end products to enhance the proportion of more than 3 times , order delivery cycle time by 53%; in Qinhuangdao, CITIC Dicastal implemented a lean, automation, information technology, digital “four one” manufacturing system, product qualification rate increase of 3%, 46% cost reduction compared to conventional production line, per capita GDP increased by 3 times. Traditional industry is embracing the “digital” into the future. By the end of 2018, the number of cloud-based enterprise resource pool supply Hebei Province has more than 3000. By 2020, that number will exceed 10,000 or.

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