ADLINK become NVIDIA Jetson Preferred Partner

Following become NVIDIA Quadro Embedded Partner, NVIDIA ADLINK become the world’s few JetsonPreferred partners. ADLINK hand in hand, NVIDIA will leverage a wealth of experience in the embedded market ADLINK provides Jetson modules, providing both performance and power consumption of artificial intelligence solutions for edge computing, embedded accelerate market deployment of artificial intelligence applications, the action data into actionable decisions control Engineering Copyright , reflecting the value of artificial intelligence at the edge of computing. Application of AI in the edge calculation , a large amount of data can be billions generated by sensors and devices, possible action is converted to milliseconds between decisions, independent optimization of operations and services of each industry. Trends and business opportunities in large emerging applications of AI, the graphics processor (GPU) plays a decisive role; but embedded applications ever-changing market, and has a small variety of features to implement artificial intelligence added a lot of challenges. The challenge CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , ADLINK Embedded module platform and Chen Yi, general manager of men and institutions, “said Adlink will be its in-depth knowledge of the embedded market, and for the vertical market However, this is not the application of artificial intelligence into a single solution able to meet all requirements; therefore, Adlink following the launch of Quadro Embedded GPU-based acceleration engine products, and actively develop deployment to Jetson module based on artificial intelligence to solve the edge program. “ADLINK is comprehensive in Jetson module product development, covering cost-effective Jetson Nano, by Jetson TX2 wide range of applications and high-performance Jetson Xavier. Chen Yi man said: “ADLINK not only the development of UTV edge artificial intelligence platform, while also providing industry-specific machines.” For example, a network monitoring system to support AI M100-Nano-AINVIR can be used to track objects and characters, and customer behavior analysis access control. DLAP-201-JT2 edge can be calculated using the AI ​​ Copyright Control Engineering , the complex intersection traffic monitoring and analysis. M300-Xavier-ROS2 to AI and ROS2 technical support of autonomous mobile robots that can help in the logistics center picking and preparing orders, replenish store shelves out of stock, and to provide cargo services Songdao Fu. Designed for the intelligent wisdom made to create smart cameras and machine vision NEON-J platform EOS-J , the real-time monitoring, improved productivity and the quality of the production line. Chen Yi male nor deny that want to Jetson module-based standard against all embedded applications is not practical, customization is inevitable. ADLINK’s considerable experience in embedded boards, load boards and systems, coupled with NVIDIA’s technical support, ADLINK fast for customers to build tailor-made artificial edge computing platforms, allowing customers to benefit from the project. For in-depth understanding of ADLINK artificial edge computing solutions, please visit:

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