Advantech’s industrial grade display ITM-915G heavy listed

With the rapid popularization and development of AI and Industry of things, digital is changing our world. Things through integration of applications and automation technology, artificial intelligence and cloud computing, truly change the traditional manufacturing industry to intelligent, at the same time, more and more users need by intuitive data display to help achieve accurate management decision making. With the upgrading of traditional industries, in response to the diversity of industrial environments, industrial display market in terms of performance, stability, and cost have put forward higher requirements. Market developments, in order to meet diverse customer visualization needs, the world’s leading provider of industrial computing platforms, Advantech will be held in December 2019 listed a 15-inch heavy industrial grade TFT display ITM-915G. 4: 3 resolution, support for a variety of installation, up to 70,000 hours of backlight life, providing customers with cost-effective industrial display solutions, not only for a variety of industrial applications Control Engineering Copyright , but also for things to various scenarios.
● 15-inch monitor industrial grade, cost-effective industrial ITM-915G as a display, not only stable and reliable quality assurance, regulatory certification by various workers, can be adapted to extreme environments demanding applications, stable operation, long service life also has a high cost, reducing implementation and maintenance costs of the field; ● support installation, easy to operate ITM-915G supports a variety of installation, only support a conventional wall-mounted panel mounting, wall mounting and supports VESA mounting, desktop installation methods, flexibility to meet customer application needs of diverse scene; ● LCD backlight up to 70,000 hours, longer service life of traditional industrial-grade LCD display backlight life is generally only in 20000-30000 hours, Advantech ITM- 915G LCD backlight and provided 70,000 hours touch life 36 million times, the industrial system provides a cost-effective operation of things; ● aluminum design, high stability ITM-915G front and rear panels are made of aluminum die design , high stability, and has IP65 waterproof and dustproof. This not only enhances the corrosion resistance, heat resistance and chemical damage of the display, but it has a low maintenance cost, modern design and elegant appearance advantages, but also to ensure their easy integration with existing industrial automation facilitiesInto; ● VGA interfaces, to meet the industrial field applications ITM-915G supports USB touch interface, VGA display interface , can be flexible with a variety of models of industrial computers, such as rack-mounted IPC, embedded computer, chemical control module, etc., to meet the diverse needs of the market for the integrated display and control applications; ● OSD functions, ensure an intuitive operation ITM-915G comes OSD display function keys, user-friendly adjustments system parameters, without having to open the cabinet or the backside of a touch display. OSD buttons also supports the system on / off touch functionality, which means users no longer need to access the operating system to turn on / off the device. In addition CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , touch-screen display can be temporarily disabled to prevent accidents and unintentional touch. ITM-915G display provides users with a solid, flexible, cost-effective solution for industrial display; ● comes with additional 1 year extended maintenance ITM-915G addition to the standard two-year warranty [123 ], also comes with an additional one-year extended warranty service, a total of 3 year warranty to ensure long-term reliability applications, providing customers with more value-added services. Advantech’s industrial grade display ITM-915G will be held in December 2019 blockbuster listed , For more information, please call Advantech pre-sales advice line 800-810-0345 (cell phone subscriber line 400-810-0345), engineers will provide you with professional consulting services.

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