After sharing the charging treasure and sharing the car, is the shared decoration going to be the original? okorder

“ The lazy mode has become the most popular economy today, & ldquo; survival of the fittest is the law of the market. The shared decoration platform looks very popular.

The sharing economy is a hot topic in the current society. From the time when the shared bicycle just came out, the public generally applauded, and later shared charging treasure, shared basketball, shared umbrellas, shared beds, etc., whether you want to accept or not, a large wave of sharing economy has stood on the cusp of the times. This article is based on the sharing of the economic boom, an interpretation of the “shared decoration model.”

Regardless of whether you are willing to accept or not, after a press conference of the National Development and Reform Commission, a large wave of sharing economy has stood on the cusp of the times. This new format and new model are developing in an orderly manner. Sharing and decoration is a service that enters people’s life circle in a new economic form after social service, bicycle, car and accommodation sharing, and has become the brightest and most dazzling star in the industry, so it has “shared”. What is the model of the decoration label?

The general direction: the demographic dividend is active and sharing the economy

Although China’s current demographic dividend is gradually losing, it is understandable that it is “ It is still a populous country. Under the premise of limited exploitation of resources and environmental protection development, proper allocation of resources is a better way to improve utilization.

With the booming of the sharing economy, people nowadays want to drive, bicycle, and live in different places without spending a lot of money on their own purchases and rents. “Ready-made, because you can use large goods for a small amount of money, naturally take a step further from financial freedom, WHY NOT?

And people like to share the economy is actually these social resources that are originally idle, now It is well used, simply saying “All things are used, so we are willing to pay for this wave of atmosphere.

In addition, the benefits of both the supply and demand sides of the shared economy can be combined, so the advantages it can gather are quite powerful. Especially in the current modern fragmentation of information, refining life and acquiring applicable resources, the non-shared economy is the only one.

The status quo of the decoration industry: the new model to use the Internet to remove water

As the decoration industry capital joins the shared decoration field, this makes the platform that was originally slow to develop like the clockwork Accelerating, in this wave of competition, quickly opened the Internet home decoration and traditional home decoration.

Contrasting the shared economy of the people’s livelihood, decorating the rising star (for example: three rabbits), quickly running through the idea of ​​sharing the economy, they realized the renovation contractor (professional term: foreman) and the owner Direct docking, returning the original advertising fee to the owner, without the third-party media cost, but also eliminating the traditional decoration of the home improvement grading outsourcing;

integration of supply and demand, both ends In this case, respectively, the Internet has become the most important carrier, and it provides opportunities for both the supply and demand to make money and save money. Therefore, these are properly echoing the development of the Internet economy. The economic power is integrated into the power of society and services. Can you not praise it?

The cost of internet decoration is low, the efficiency is good, and the instantization is the part of the current online arrangement that cannot be suppressed. The difference, the reduction of the pits that the owners will fall off, and the avoidance of the renovation process have become a booster for the rapid rise and prosperity of Internet home improvement.

And some well-managed platforms have a high degree of transparency, and the programs that are simple and simple are also more attractive. The decoration is only for the owners to stay in the road, and only the “hands” The decoration mode can resolve the fierce social contradiction between the current decoration owners and the bricklayers.

Sharing the prospect of renovation: the new format resources are well-placed

Because the lazy mode is currently the most popular economy, “the survival of the fittest is the market law. Branding, supply chain, and standardization are the models for decoration. Based on the new form of home decoration encountered the sharing era, now from the decoration company, designers, decoration workers and consumers because the Internet has a new way of linking, so sharing the decoration platform is popular.

To put it another way, Internet home improvement is a new broom to clean up the current “smoke-and-smoke decoration market. While promoting the development of the decoration industry in a more benign direction, it also takes a sustainable development for itself. The road has laid a good foundation. (Source: Bathroom Circle)

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