AGV rapid expansion of the scale, who will become the market leader?

With advances in machine vision and laser navigation technology, the gradual rise of a new generation of autonomous mobile robots, and promote the upgrading and development of the logistics automation market. According to leading US market research and consulting firm GrandView Research Report, 2017 Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) market reached 20 billion US dollars, and will remain more than 16% compound growth rate in the coming years. In recent years, CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the rapid development of e-commerce industry, the construction of the urgent needs of intelligent logistics warehouse, warehouse managers increasingly use mobile robots to improve productivity. In addition, AGV also began to spread in manufacturing applications in intelligent manufacturing mode, flexible logistics handling becomes more and more important, and the mobile robot has a high flexibility, can move freely in the factory, meet the material needs of various production lines and distribution . Important role in industrial AGV 4.0 model can bring many benefits for the enterprise, for example, instead of human labor to deal with some repetitive handling tasks, can save labor costs and improve the efficiency of logistics and warehousing business management processes and so on. The new AGV can be changed by programming task route, to meet the demand for flexible flexible manufacturing, and will become an important role model in the industry 4.0. In addition, the use of AGV can reduce work-related injuries were material handling, particularly when the cargo handling heavy and bulky, it is easy to damage workers , these tasks with automated guided vehicles instead, you can well to avoid potential accidents or incidents to ensure the safety of the production process.
With the development of mature technology products, such as laser navigation technology, making the mobile robot when the deployment is no longer required the laying of rails and magnetic stripe, and further reduce costs. In addition, the mobile robot can run for 24 hours, equivalent to the amount of work 2-3 shifts, the general business investment in mobile robots, can cost back in less than two years. + Visual laser navigation technology development from the navigation point of view, there are many, including laser navigation, magnetic navigation, the visual navigation, navigation two-dimensional code, natural navigation AGV navigation techniques. Although the size of the market is the largest laser navigation, but in terms of growth rate, the growth rate is the fastest visual navigation. Computer vision software combinedSolutions that can help AGV better analysis of the surrounding environment, thus improving the environmental analysis and obstacle avoidance capability. In a complex industrial environment, AGV need to have the ability to quickly identify and flexible obstacle avoidance. Computer Vision and bonded LiDAR sensors, plus auxiliary software system will be able to obtain a stronger ability to navigate the device. Industrial camera real-time access to information, LiDAR can quickly detect obstacles and analyze the surrounding environment, a combination that can help create a 3D image of the operating area, enabling devices to obtain accurate navigation capabilities.
From the scene point of view on the line, automated guided vehicle market, including logistics, warehousing, assembly, packaging, material handling and processing, where the market share of the largest logistics and warehousing, logistics companies are taking advantage of automation and robotics, material handling systems for storage to save labor costs and improve operational efficiency. Who will be the next market leader? AGV current global market, Europe dominated, primarily due to growth in demand for materials handling equipment, and manufacturing automation push. However, in recent years, CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , China and India, the rapid rise of e-commerce, further open up the logistics automation needs, AGV sorting, picking and handling tasks in the warehouse www , so as to enhance the overall efficiency of the electricity business enterprises.
Currently AGV manufacturers have a lot of, basically traditional logistics equipment manufacturers have introduced appropriate AGV basic equipment, such as Dematic, Swisslog, SSI Schaefer, Toyota Industries, Tai Fook, these vendors mainly for large-scale logistics warehouse and AGV automatic forklift. In addition to logistics equipment manufacturers, e-commerce giants are vigorously layout, for example, Amazon acquired KIVA robot, Alibaba’s fast rookie logistics warehouse investment robot CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , and there is also advancing robot Jingdong application in warehouse logistics , in order to improve the electricity supplier delivery times. In addition, there are some potential vendors, such as library card, Fetch Robotics, InVia Robotics, Locus Robotics, very wise Kerry, GreyOrange, Omron and so on. With the addition of more technology companies, the future market competition AGV will further intensification.

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