AI made in Germany “weak AI” strong debut

2019, the German government for AI research and development budget of 500 million euros. In Germany, the federal government recently released “The German federal government Artificial Intelligence Strategy Report” suggested that artificial intelligence (hereinafter referred to as AI) has entered a new stage of maturity, to make “AI Made in Germany” has become a globally recognized product identification; to comply ethics and moral philosophy designed as a whole CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the implementation of “AI Europe made” trademark. “Report” involves the development and wide application of AI, and changes brought about by the political, economic, cultural, security, law, ethics, international cooperation, etc. may occur proposed action measures. “Report” also the German part of the implementation of digital strategy, 2020 will be further revised and improved to cope with the fast changing AI. AI recently determined the direction of the German side did not reach a consensus on the definition of AI, but to determine the “weak” AI and “strong” in both directions AI. “Strong” AI refers to human AI system have similar or even surpass human intelligence. “Weak” AI is focused on solving specific application-based mathematics and computer science methods, which developed a system capable of self-optimization. In addition, the researchers also all aspects of human intelligence modeling and formal description, build and support a system for simulating human thought. To seize the opportunity, the German federal government strategic direction is to use artificial intelligence to solve application problems, recently positioned as a “weak” AI directions: 1. Inference system, the machine proved. Logical expression is derived from the official statement Control Engineering Copyright , to prove the correctness of the system hardware and software. 2. Knowledge-based systems. Pooling knowledge and modeling methods for simulation software (expert systems) human expertise and expert support, in part related to the psychology and cognitive science. 3. Pattern analysis and pattern recognition. General inductive analysis methods, especially the machine learning. 4. robot technology. Automatic control of the robot system is an autonomous system. 5. Intelligent Multi-mode human-computer interaction. Analyze and “understand” the language (in conjunction with linguistics), human interaction images, gestures and other forms. AI Development Goals proposed three objectives: to Germany and Europe to fight the AI ​​location, to protect the future competitiveness of Germany; to achieve responsible to the common welfare-oriented development and application of AI; ethical, legal, and institutional culture of the AI embed the entire community. Details: 1. “AI made in Germany” has become a world leader in the field of AI. 2. strengthen basic research, technology development and in conjunction with other applications, opening up new applications in various industries, public administration and social areas; 4.0 enhanced industrial position as a leader in the field of AI application; applications income support SMEs. 3. together with European partners to become a technology leader and a leader; to build AI research, innovation and regional economy, attract and retain the world’s most intelligent AI personnel, greatly improve the ability of the appropriate education. 4. AI realize the value of CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright In Germany, the focus is a citizen (individual and social) can enjoy AI. 5. Strict respect for the sovereignty of citizens’ data and data security, the use of a particular data set , the development of AI-based business model, a new best-selling export products. 6. In the expansion Gigabit social real-time data transmission and analysis of intelligent infrastructure, the AI ​​application as a core fixed and mobile systems, construction of public administration and government network infrastructure. 7. Make sure that the high-level IT security, prevent sensitive technology being manipulated, abused and other risks. 8. promote responsible and to the common welfare-oriented use of AI, AI and supervise the whole process of development and application, ethical and legal principles of a free and democratic basic order-oriented. 9. seek data-driven business model of the European practices for creating data-driven value of new roads. 10. AI from developers to users to determine their respect for moral and legal principles, to check whether it is a high level of legal certainty and regulated. 11. The realization of people-centered development and application, to ensure that workers at the center, into all considerations from the perspective of diversification, including the special needs of the disabled. 12. improve safety, efficiency and sustainability are particularly important area for all citizens; improving the social and cultural participation of citizens, freedom of movement and self-determination. 13. In order to achieve sustainability goals to contribute to the 2030 agenda. 14. In order to set the framework conditions for AI applications, to provide the necessary space for the development of cultural and media freedom. To clear development plan, confirming the government AI into all policy areas, in the economic and social dimensions based on the democratic order, to achieve people-oriented, social welfareWell-being application-oriented. The main ideas: 1. the use of existing scientific and economic structural advantages, such as industrial technology leadership in key industries such as 4.0, combined with the potential of AI, through the powerful combination to improve the efficiency of existing or enter a new business model to achieve future value. 2. In respect of self-determination under the premise of citizen information, the AI ​​technology system embedded into complex product, service or business model, based on the establishment of active citizen participation, transparency and traceability program relationship of trust. 3. AI development of the traditional strong medium-sized manufacturing industry provides a great opportunity, but for small and medium enterprises is a challenge; AI has great potential for public administration and government certain tasks. 4. To strengthen the framework for the discussions AI applicable law; raise awareness throughout society, strengthen the basis of the facts and evidence needed public debate; national strategy should contribute to “AI made in Germany” will help national and social well-being, and easy to be widely adopted . 5. strengthen the international cooperation in Europe and to ensure the success of AI economic level , in particular the unified code of ethics; the EU General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO) is an important basis of European cooperation, in addition to achieve technical strength, the use of market forces, but also to actively promote its values; to participate in international rule-making, promulgation of standards within the EU. 6. For the effective implementation of the High-Tech Strategy 2025, will be the focus of AI as a location of innovation in Germany, and became the government’s mission. AI action measures introduced 2018 ~ 2025, the German government invested about 30 billion euros for AI research, 3.5% of the R & D goals, which in 2019 budget of 500 million euros. Bring the government will leverage at least double the available funds. In addition, beyond the power of education and training funds such as the government, in particular the financing needs of the State and the social partners. Made a total of 12 action: strengthening German and European research, innovation became leader; innovation and competition in the EU innovation clusters; the transformation, strengthening the role of small and medium enterprises; Fourth wake up entrepreneurial energy and help them succeed; employment and labor market restructuring; strengthening vocational education and development of professionals and experts; AI will provide for the administrative management capabilities; ensure that data can be disposable, reducing barriers to application; adapt to the regulatory framework; determining criterion (who set standards, will have the right to determine the market) ; national and international level cooperation; strengthening of social dialogue, further development of the political framework. Which involves science andIndustrial action measures are: to establish annually through the “AI trainers” and at least 1,000 companies associated; in the country set up a contain at least 12 centers and Application Clusters; the establishment of AI specialty in colleges and universities, the introduction of scientific young scholars culture and teaching programs, add at least 100 professors; the basics of AI as vocational education and training course content; development of AI workers in strategic technology; promote AI and core technology, such as in biotechnology and production technology; agriculture and the food chain development and application of AI and the like. Proposes modern information and communication systems constitute the central nervous system of the digital economy and society, to ensure network efficiency and reliability, and efficient and sustainable use of existing resources, we must develop new learning and adaptive communication systems. And the information communication network is detected and abnormal production systems, huge amounts of data to be analyzed in a short time, research and development must be based on the new automation program (part) AI is. Application of AI, in the health sector taking into account the legitimate interests of the patient, distributed data sources for data generated by the implementation of data protection type development; promote development in the field of nursing; strengthen research and development of aerospace technology. AI research funding for existing programs, the government should set up the review period, and from early research and development, we must monitor whether professional meeting regulatory requirements, especially stringent regulatory requirements. AI stressed industrial applications provide tools for effective data handling and processing of industrial processes. AI is intelligent monitoring, control and regulate the process of core elements and key industry 4.0 can be raised to a new level. Through innovative business models, to provide digital services and products for industrial applications of AI; AI achievements rapid transformation in the industry, widely used in areas of the economy plays an important role in promoting. SMEs should be more involved in AI technology, computing power and cloud platforms; open standards to support widespread use of AI. In addition, machine-generated data in industrial and B2B environments and domain-specific data is particularly important and must comply with data protection provisions. Proposed application of AI in all modes of transport, can make “and objects” move safer, environmentally friendly, efficient and cheap. As can be recognized earlier dangerous situation, react more reliably than human, can significantly reduce the number of accidents; future traffic flow can be directed, no congestion or delay; no longer worry about parking spaces; stream optimize capacity eliminate unnecessary idling and so on. AI system will play a pivotal role in bringing reliability autopilot and the automotive sector. Generating data driving and sensing / noteRecording, management and evaluation, and promote the automotive industry for close cooperation across the company to ensure reliable application of AI autopilot system. To work together with the data protection regulators and industry associations to develop AI system development and application guidelines in line with privacy, the timely submission of the application the best example; strengthening and expanding research and industrial data exchange interoperability; to promote the development of standard data formats and interfaces, and European cooperation and so on. In summary it can be seen, although the “Report” published in more than a year later, but the “Report” Britain, the United States, China, Japan and other countries in drawing form the basis of the observations and recommendations of the recent development of the world’s AI. Target proposed ideas and action measures more comprehensive, more pragmatic, more operational, put forward specific requirements for the realization of “AI German-made”. These are worth learning and reference, to seize the initiative in the future competition.

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