American Lady Bird Lake has a unique public toilet

Lady Bird Lake Hiking and Cycling Trail is a scenic trail in the park, including the banks of the Colorado River in the parks of downtown Austin, and adds a touch of landscaping. Loved by athletes and cyclists, the park is replaced by residents and tourists in urban and rural environments.

The first public toilet, more than 30 years of the foundation of the Jiancheng Lake Trail A community-based, non-profit organization established in partnerships with urban parks and the entertainment sector.
The toilet was conceived as a sculpture in the park, along with dynamic trajectories. The structure consists of 49 3/4"thick vertical weathering steel plates, whose width and height dimensions vary significantly, from 1′-0"width 1-6" height, 2′-0" width to 13′-0&0&quote ;the height of. Along the spine plate configuration, the coil forms a toilet wall at one end. The plates are staggered to control their shape and allow light to enter and circulate fresh air. Doors and roofs are manufactured from 3/4" thick steel plates.
Toilets for the disabled, including water dispensers and showers, including toilets, urinals, and sinks. Simple construction requires minimal maintenance: the plumbing equipment is made of thick stainless steel, no artificial lighting or mechanical ventilation is required in the toilet, and the weathering steel panels will naturally resist over time.

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