AMTS 2020 painting project to build a new museum to introduce the new concept of the future painting workshop

Painting occupy four automobile manufacturing process of an important one seat, it is not only for the car “coloring color”, but also to enhance the life of the body and the parts can be assigned to quality. Face the future requirements of the new trends in automotive manufacturing and environmental protection, paint shop gave birth to a huge market opportunity. AMTS 2020 Sixteenth Shanghai International Automobile and Manufacturing Technology Exhibition equipment and materials (hereinafter referred to as: AMTS) will be held July 8-11, 2020 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center (W1-W5, E1-E3 Hall) again stage, exhibition area will reach 100 , 000 square meters, is expected to have 800 exhibiting companies from around the world, attracting 100,000 professional visitors. By then, the new building “painting project Museum” will be fully upgraded CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the introduction of the “future painting workshop” new concept CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright for the automotive manufacturing providers, system integrators and a secondary supplier to build a high-quality business docking platform, get to know a large number of professional and potential customers, effectively get a lot of orders.
AMTS 2020 | painting project Museum
2020 to build a new paint shop has been a new concept, automobile paint shop is one of the largest investment companies, the highest energy workshop, how to create an intelligent, digital, green, efficient, flexible, scalable and modern automobile paint shop has become the core issue of automobile companies, automobile electric, lightweight, customization and other trends are driving the car body and parts coating technology continues forward development of. Meanwhile, with the rise of the automobile appearance of individual needs, major car companies car color management attaches great importance to CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , to control the appearance of body painting is the most important process. Based on this, AMTS “painting project Museum” five new planning area: Zone 1 – automotive coatings and pretreatment material Zone 2 – color management technology and testing >> body parts and color management solutions >> Development >> internal and external color Z trim color controlone 3 – coating process and equipment technology and equipment >> >> surface treatment plating and finishing technology and equipment >> >> coating spraying techniques and equipment and equipment engineering workstation >> >> coating material supply system >> the robot system integration >> >> coating plant control system for the entire coating line system integration solutions Zone 4 – coating green and environmental cleaning apparatus >> >> >> blowing equipment sewage treatment equipment, ventilation and paint shop environment >> system >> personal protective equipment Zone 5 – coating line quality and testing
AMTS 2019 | hot spot
paint coating industry well-known enterprises to contribute to the transformation in the trend of environmental protection, coating industry well-known enterprises each It was supernatural. Ninth Machine Design Institute (nine homes) AMTS had demonstrated its self-developed dry spray booth, mainly dynamic pressure tank from the top, plenum chamber, the chamber body, the exhaust system, filter and dry lime powder delivery system. Tianjin FAW-Volkswagen plant is currently using this technology. Nine homes developed the VOC equipment with advanced international peers in line Control Engineering Copyright , is complete in line with market demand for advanced RTO products, Changan Ford, FAW, FAW Toyota, Tianjin Huatai coating lines are in use. Sony exhibiting five light AMTS had demonstrated lamp production line flow coating process, the need to make plastic products hardened surface leaching hardened coating coated with the coating desired manner, the process can be realized paint recycling, saving paint costs. No paint mist emissions, environmental protection do the whole process, is the first choice of modern painting.
AMTS 2019 site | Sony light booth
AMTS concurrent events – body painting Automotive Body Engineering Project Development Forum Series Forum Toure business guests, walking in front of smart coating. Dole developed a new concept car –EcoIncure drying Oven drying can be applied to different materials, from the inside out and optimize the process of heating the air flow so that the body of a top coat showing excellent results. Furthermore, seminal system EcoPaintJet (cased body automatic painting technique), upon application of paint sharp lines unprecedented accuracy. This is a custom product design and effective integration of automated production of aTimes major leap forward, an important step in painting intelligence. In the new situation of vehicle development background, painting works with industry head shop business and user requirements closely, to promote industrial development has brought. AMTS 2020 will offer precise well-known OEMs and parts manufacturers of professional procurement decision-makers at home and abroad, to promote high-quality trade talks.

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