And epidemic race, Schneider Electric emergency rush to the rescue Wuhan

In front of the virus, humans seem fragile, but love and courage so that more people are gathered, in order to Wuhan! For China! To each of us!
face novel coronavirus epidemic, many people are on your way to concern and support Wuhan
a day Control Engineering Copyright , tens of millions of cloud supervisors Vulcan Mountain and Raytheon Hill Hospital construction, Chinese speed once again conquer the world. We live in the most common screen is “sending ash case”, “welding Emperor” and other large equipment, beyond the screen, we see there are a lot of construction but not critical projects, such as the most critical power infrastructure. Behind this, there are also a force applied at home. New Year’s Eve | Wuhan Vulcan Mountain, Raytheon Hill January 23, Wuhan City, announced its decision to establish the Vulcan Hill Hospital. January 24, Shih responsible for sales colleagues in the Central area and has been built in the third and designers in the communication unit’s technical problems, while the coordination needed to project power distribution boxes, circuit breakers, dual power supplies and other products deployment issues . Shih, a sales charge of my colleagues said: “These are usually very simple to do, at this very time, will encounter many difficulties too late to take the normal order process, we have telephone communication, so that products with the fastest speed out of the library. ; many sections set up roadblocks, not a factory product, everyone with a flat cart to the smooth flow of goods to the relay section we make an effort to only be installed on the device as soon as possible. “
aid supplies arrive. hospital construction site
distribution cabinet in place
January 29, Shih received the construction of three assigned the task: ICU / CCU ward key parts of much-needed high-current dual power switch, switching surges and waves dedicated backup protection surge protector. After the outage due Logistics, Schneider million high market quickly contact the green channel high-speed rail, cargo transport from Tianjin West to North Station in Changzhou, Changzhou Sales personally pick products directly to disk factory site, on-site assembly of electrical cabinets, car shipped overnight Wuhan. The first received a mandate from the operating room area distribution cabinet with a delivery time of 36 hours, the second batch of ICU ward area distribution cabinets delivered only took 30 hours!
assembly Schneider million high dual power
distribution box installed in place
As of February 2, Shih with partners, the successful completion of all batches of the product transfer cargo transport, assemble , wiring, commissioning, delivery and so on, and have all reach the construction site.FireWire support these products have been installed in the power distribution Vulcan Mountain and Raytheon Hill Hospital wards, operating theaters and a seating area. In the meantime, the power provided by the master Shi family RM6-S RMU site installation, commissioning completed; Shi family of uninterruptible power supply UPS and precision air-conditioning has also been installed in place, ensure the safety of hospital power and data center.
Power Master RM6-S RMU site installation, commissioning work is completed
Shih service engineers in the Vulcan Hill Hospital installed PX160 uninterruptible power supply device is turned on
now Control Engineering Copyright [ 123], Vulcan mountain and Raytheon Hill hospital to achieve full power transmission, provide a strong power protection for hospital construction. Two hospital lights, and also to bring more people to be born! February 1 | Beijing Xiaotangshan in Wuhan 1000 km away from Beijing, in order to prevent the epidemic, Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital launched a renovation project for a rainy day. At 16:00 on February 1, Shih employees received a mandate, the need for the hospital renovation project emergency deployment of PLC and switching power supply. Through collaboration with partners, transfer cargo and shipping tasks within two hours successfully completed. Shih Xiaotangshan Hospital for the mobilization of some products
Also in the day
Control Engineering Copyright , Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital in urgent need of emergency relief projects infection Shih provide iSCB surge protector reserve protection devices, Schneider million high after two hours of emergency coordination, arrangements for production. Early the next day, making finished products, emergency sent to the project site. rushed coordination, open line production of products
In addition to electric utilities and components, Schneider Electric also directed donation one million yuan to Wuhan. The donation will be allocated to Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital, Wuhan Children’s Hospital and other medical institutions
Control Engineering Copyright , to fight for the purchase of goods in short supply novel coronavirus pneumonia desperately short of medical supplies, emergency equipment, etc. control Engineering Copyright , as well as carry out related relief work. In front of the virus, humans seem fragile, but love and courage so that more people are gathered, in order to Wuhan! For China! To each of us!

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