At least 10 people died in a shipwreck in eastern India

Xinhuanet Mumbai, February 9 (Reporter Wang Ping Zhao Xu) The Indian police said on the 9th that a shipwreck occurred on the same day near a reservoir in Odishabang, eastern India, killing 10 people and missing several people.

The police said that an overloaded ferry had a shipwreck on the way back. The original private ferry with a capacity of 70 passengers carried more than 100 passengers at the time. Most of the passengers took part in the scenic spot on the other side of the reservoir. Picnic.

The police said that the passengers found that the water leakage from the ferry caused panic. Some passengers escaped from the boat and escaped, causing the hull to lose balance and rollover. All passengers fell into the water.

After the accident, the local military police and fire brigade immediately organized the rescue. Moha Patra, the police officer in charge of the rescue operation, said that more than 80 people have been rescued, and several people, including women and children, have disappeared. It is expected that the death toll will rise further.

Currently, search and rescue operations are still in progress. The police said they would try their best to find all missing persons.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

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