How to do stone reinforcement? okorder

The reinforcement of the board is divided into two types: “back mesh” reinforcement on the back of the board and infiltration reinforcement on the surface of the board.

  [1, “backnet” reinforcement]
  ”backnet” reinforcement means High-strength fiber protection net
  hole mesh size is generally 5×5mm? Snow, bonded to the back of the board by epoxy resin, and the strength of the board is strengthened after drying. The width of the whole fiber protection net is divided into different specifications from 1.2 to 1.8 m, and the weight is generally about 900 g/m2.
   According to the actual needs of the board, the “back mesh” reinforcement process can be used to reinforce various large and thin plates that need to be reinforced, such as marble, granite, travertine and onyx.
   can choose ordinary epoxy resin for the back mesh reinforcement of the board, low, medium and high viscosity series of epoxy resin can be used for sheet reinforcement. Usually, the most used ones are reinforced sheets of low-viscosity epoxy resin. Their solidification time is about 30-50 minutes at 25 °C. If the ratio of curing agent is adjusted, some low-viscosity epoxy resins are at 25 °C. The setting time can be shortened to 30-40 minutes, and the solidification time of other low viscosity epoxy resins can be shortened to 8-12 minutes. It takes about 24 hours for the epoxy resin to fully cure at room temperature. If the oven heating method is used, the time for complete curing can be significantly shortened.
   Solidification time is an important process parameter for backing reinforced sheets. It depends on the number of backing reinforced sheets, the output, the operation method of the backing process, and whether or not the drying oven is used, or dried. Factors such as the drying capacity of the furnace. If the number of plates to be reinforced in the production line is large and the production requirements are high, a mechanical machine/backing net reinforcement method may be adopted, and a natural full solidification method at a normal temperature or a flat type solidified heating drying furnace may be selected. If the production requirements are very high, even a vertical drying oven can be selected. In this case, a low viscosity epoxy resin with a shorter solidification time should be used.
   For some production lines with small reinforcement and low output, manual back-grid operation, natural full-solidification at room temperature, and low-viscosity epoxy resin with relatively slow solidification time can be used to reduce Investment in production line equipment.
  [2, surface penetration strengthening]
  Some stone surfaces have many fine cracks, some fine cracks even penetrate deep into the board, although the reinforcement is still strong The requirements for grinding and polishing or finished sheet cannot be met. At this time, it is necessary to choose to intensify the surface. The front osmosis reinforcement process includes infiltrating the highly permeable epoxy resin glue into the gap of the surface of the board, and after drying, grinding and polishing.
   should choose a low-viscosity epoxy resin with good permeability for the surface penetration strengthening treatment. If the solidification time is too short, the penetration depth of the epoxy resin on the sheet will be reduced, and the reinforcement effect will be affected. influences. Typical low viscosity epoxy resins have a longer set time and typically take more than 50 minutes. However, there are also some low-viscosity epoxy resins with good permeability, and the solidification time is only 15-30 minutes. If the sheet has many fine cracks, it is reasonable to use a high permeability epoxy resin with a long setting time. If the crack of the sheet to be infiltrated is relatively coarse, a high permeability epoxy resin having a faster setting time can be selected. Therefore, the choice of solidification time must be appropriate and reasonable, and the length of solidification time is also achieved by adjusting the proportion of epoxy resin components.
   The surface penetration strengthening epoxy resin has a solidification temperature of 25 ° C, a minimum curing temperature of 10-15 ° C, and a complete curing time of 24 hours at normal temperature. In the stone production line equipped with automatic repairing and drying unit, the drying equipment adopts a flat horizontal drying furnace or a vertical vertical drying furnace to heat-treat the surface reinforced and strengthened sheet to accelerate the epoxy resin. Fully cured. For some simple stone production lines with low production requirements, natural curing at room temperature can be used. At this time, it takes at least 24 hours to obtain fully cured reinforcing sheets.
  Because of the wide variety of stones and different shades of color, the surface infiltration and reinforcement treatment is carried out on the surface of the board. Therefore, when selecting the epoxy resin used for the surface treatment of the sheet, the color and the sheet must be considered. The colors are the same, or can be reasonably matched, and the traces of the epoxy resin cannot be left after the reinforcement treatment. There are a variety of epoxy resins available on the market, and there are many colors, so you can find the right color.
  If the condition of the finished board is bad, the temperature difference is very large. For example, some stone sheets used for outdoor in the tropical or cold zone, when selecting epoxy for reinforcing such boards, should also be considered after curing. The operating temperature of the epoxy resin. This type of epoxy resin suitable for outdoor use has a curing temperature of -25 to +60 °C.
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How many watts should the luminaire be suitable for? okorder

First, how to choose a light bulb

1Learn a concept first – luminous flux

&emsp ;   luminous flux (Lx), refers to the radiation power that the human eye can feel, refer to the standard value of each illuminance in the following figure:

   room (location) reference plane and its height Illumination standard value (Lx=LM/m2) general activity 0.75m horizontal plane 100 writing reading 0.75m horizontal plane 300 suitable mixed lighting restaurant 0.75m dining table 150

2 reference luminous flux, see the house area

   The reference data in the above figure is the luminous flux per square meter. For example, if the room area is 10 square meters, the luminous flux of 10m2×(100~300)LM/m2=1000~3000LM is needed.

3 is determined by the function of the space

   based on the luminous flux, and then according to the function of the space, such as the above reference table, the general activity is 100LM/m2, Writing and reading requires 300 LM/m2. However, if you put a desk in the bedroom, if you install a main light, then it will be too bright when you perform general activities. At this time, you can use “mixed lighting”. That is to install a desk lamp or other auxiliary lighting.

4 watts and luminous flux

   In most people’s daily habits, when buying a light bulb, they only know the wattage (W), then What is the relationship between the number and the luminous flux? This leads to another concept – luminous efficiency (lm/W), the efficiency of converting electrical energy into light energy. For example, a 20W bulb has a luminous efficacy of 100lm/W (the general LED light source has a luminous efficacy of 90~130lm/W), then the luminous flux = 20W*100lm/W=2000lm. Because the light effect of each business and model of the light bulb is not the same, you can buy the box that can see the product or consult the relevant information of the merchant.

5Will the main lamp not be too dark?

   In the case of multiple lamps, the luminous flux is generally additive.

   For example, a 10m2 room requires 1000~3000LM of luminous flux. The luminous flux of a downlight is 200LM, so theoretically, a 5~15盏 downlight can be installed in space evenly.

   Of course, in the actual situation, a 10 square meter space can not hold so many downlights, this time can be in 6 200LM The downlight ensures that the general activity is bright enough, and a 300LM desk lamp is installed separately at the corner of the desk, because the desk needs to be illuminated for a range of about 1m2, which is enough. Of course, this type of illumination is the opposite of the design with primary lighting, which makes the overall space brighter but the middle area relatively dark.

Second, factors affecting the brightness of space

   It is possible to use light flux as a bulb choice, but in terms of overall lighting experience, factors to be considered There are:

  1 spatial hue, such as dark space appears dark, lighter space is more bright.

  2 Furniture size, if some large-sized furniture in the space will block light, this time should also consider the reasonable separation of the lights to be more comfortable.

  3 personal feelings, this is the most important, because everyone is sensitive to the light, I have met a customer, he asked every corner of the house It is “very bright” because he likes this bright feeling.

   Then summarize some of the concepts mentioned in the article:

  1 luminous flux (unit: lm), which can be felt by the human eye Radiant power;

  2 illuminance standard value (unit: LM/m2), normal household reference value 100~300LM/m2 according to demand;

    3 watts (unit: W), power;

& emsp; & emsp; 4 light efficiency (unit: lm / W), the efficiency of conversion of electrical energy into light energy, the general LED light is 90~130lm/W.

   So, if it is a led bulb, it is probably a 1-3 watt bulb in a flat space. However, under actual circumstances, it is impossible for the entire room to be in the space for reading and writing. Only a small corner is the case. Therefore, the room of 10 square meters is usually about 10W, and then the area where the book is written and written, and then the table lamp can be used alone. . In addition to the brightness, we must also consider the color temperature of the lamp, cold light or warm light, which is also an important factor in creating a home atmosphere.
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Cabinet sealing is very important okorder

The kitchen not only can cook a variety of delicious dishes, but also contracted, the family’s rice and oil, three meals a day. Therefore, the kitchen became the highlight during the renovation, and the cabinet was undoubtedly a top priority when decorating the kitchen.

In the selection of cabinets, it will be selected through the brand, price, style, etc. of the cabinets, often overlooking a very important detail, the moisture resistance of the cabinets, the moisture resistance of the cabinets, the key to see the cabinets Edge banding.

The edge of the cabinet is good or bad, which will directly affect the overall use of the kitchen. Some cabinets have not been used for a long time, and cracks, breaks, etc. are caused by insufficient sealing quality!

Customized cabinet installation details

Why is the edge banding so important to the cabinet?

The edge banding is effective to prevent the board from getting wet

In the humid air, the panels of the cabinet are easily damp, resulting in deformation, opening of the glue, etc., affecting the life of the cabinet. The edge banding can effectively prevent the edge from getting wet, especially for the southern part of the country where moisture is relatively large. It is simply the savior of the cabinet.

Durable, reinforced cabinet panels

The edge of the cabinet is bonded with the panel with adhesive. The operation is to seal the edges from the side. Reinforcement, the panels of the cabinet are not so easy to open and crack, which greatly extends the life of the cabinet.

Effectively eliminate the release of harmful substances

The best cabinet door panels contain more or less harmful substances to human health, and the quality is good and the rigor is strong. The edge banding can reduce the release of harmful substances and better protect the health of the long-term use of the kitchen. The edge banding takes up such a heavy weight in the cabinet. To choose a good edge, you have to start with the raw material – the edge band. So how do we identify the quality of the edge band when choosing a cabinet? The more difficult it is to break, the harder it is to break the quality.
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About the bathroom industry, listen to what these big cafés say. okorder

On November 11th, the 2nd member representative conference of China National Hardware Association Sanitary Branch was successfully held at the Marco Polo Hotel in Beijing. At the summit forum of “Innovative Creation, Commitment, and Management”, the guests enthusiastically spoke and made suggestions for the hot-selling houses and the whole house. Shi Lanlan, chairman of the China National Hardware Association, said that she is not optimistic about the whole house customization, and sanitary companies must do a good job of quality.
Xie Li’an: “Three products” strategy, the inevitable road of enterprise development

At 2 o’clock in the afternoon, “the heart is nowhere to create innovation and set up a good business.” China Hardware Products Association Sanitary Branch Summit Forum opened on time! Xie Li’an, a researcher at the Consumer Products Division of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, first delivered a speech entitled “Interpretation of the “Three Products” Strategic Policy of the Consumer Goods Industry.” Xie Li’an pointed out that “three products” are also varieties, quality, and brands. Xie Li’an emphasized that the implementation of the “three-product” strategy is an inevitable requirement to meet the people’s consumption upgrade, an inevitable choice to promote structural reform on the supply side, and the only way to build a light industry and a strong country.

Xie Li’an suggested that enterprises can implement the “three products” strategy from three aspects: First, “increasing varieties” to meet the new demand for diversified consumption, from increasing the supply of high-end consumer goods, improving the level of creative design, and developing Smart health consumer goods, development of national characteristics of consumer goods, etc.; Second, “quality” to promote effective supply capacity, from strengthening quality and precision management, promoting quality inspection and certification, international benchmarking, safeguarding drugs and quality raw materials supply Third, “create a brand” to establish a good image of China’s manufacturing, from the cultivation of well-known brands, improve brand competitiveness, improve the brand service system, and promote brand internationalization.

Hu Yanan: Assembled dwellings, another vent is about to be scraped

Subsequently, Hu Yanan, secretary general of the China Building Decoration Association’s residential component industry branch, gave the theme “Assembled Residential Background” Lecture on the involvement of the sanitary industry in related projects and new market requirements. Hu Yanan pointed out that although China’s prefabricated houses started shortly, they have advanced rapidly, and local governments have successively introduced relevant policies. Hu Yanan stressed that with the advent of prefabricated houses, this will be a huge market for the sanitary industry, because the assembled toilets account for a large proportion.

Hu Yanan said that in terms of the residential market, Vanke’s annual demand for fabricated houses is between 60,000 and 100,000 sets, which is in high demand for ceramic tile products; the annual demand for country-style assembly houses is 50,000-80,000 sets, the whole bathroom will be used in 2016…and the functional buildings such as apartments and nursing homes have a high application rate. Although the sanitary ware enterprises are not familiar with the assembly houses, this expands our production channels, and it takes 10-15 years for the assembled houses to enter the commercial housing, giving the enterprise time to adapt.

Song Jing: Artificial Intelligence, New Trends in the Future

Shen Jing, Executive Director of Hans Geya Sanitary Ware (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. stands in the perspective of foreign companies The industry form was analyzed. Song Jing believes that the current industry has two major production modes: First, large-scale, enterprises to master production factors in a large scale, including production factors, sales factors, market channels, etc., to support the highest efficiency and lowest cost with large-scale economy, Can greatly meet the needs of social material; Second, customization, which requires enterprises to meet the needs of customers for the main goal of enterprise development, to exchange high-quality and high-quality services for the benefit of enterprises, this production model meets the special needs of different customers, and In order to occupy the market segment.

Song Jing believes that the development of all categories, self-contained sanitary ware, customized products, whole house customization, light asset model (cross-border robbery), vertical marketing, digital transformation (artificial intelligence), etc. will be the future New trends in the industry, we must win these trends in the future.

Shi Lanlan: Manufacturing enterprises must do a good job of “three products”

Finally, the chairman of China Hardware Products Association Shi Lanlan made a concluding speech, she Congratulations on the success of the club. At the same time, it also puts forward a sharp view on the “full house customization” that is popular in the whole industry. Shi Lanlan believes that the sanitary industry belongs to the manufacturing industry, and the manufacturing industry has the law of manufacturing. Violating the law will be subject to regular punishment. Whole house customization, I am not optimistic, manufacturing companies are not suitable for the whole house customization. To do the bathroom, you must step by step, steady and steady, and must not be greedy.

The manufacturing industry is striving for the “three products” strategy – variety, quality, brand, which requires us to withstand loneliness, endure time, polish products, polish quality, in order to win consumers, talent To make people’s good lives and make our contribution.
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How does the faucet switch freely? okorder

The principle of hot and cold water faucet is mainly based on the use of very high precision ceramic sheets or steel valve cores in the interior of the faucet to control the water discharge. When using the faucet, cold water and hot water appear in different directions. Points. It is mainly composed of a handle, a valve core, a water inlet braided tube and a mounting gadget. In general, the bottom of the ceramic spool consists of three holes, one for entering and leaving cold water, the other for hot water, and the other for water inside the spool. The valve core of the faucet has a sealing ring for both cold and hot holes to ensure that it is sealed with the main inclined street. After connecting the main body of the cold and hot water pipe, ensure that the hot water pipe and the cold water pipe are in one-to-one correspondence with the two holes of the valve core. . The spool mainly controls the opening and closing state of the two holes, and starts to the water outlet position of the handle, and the corresponding water will come out. We use the leftmost hole as the hot water outlet hole, the right hole is the cold outlet hole, the handle switch drives the valve stem to move, the ceramic piece moves, and the left and right holes are sealed, and then the valve core is not watered. The step seal of the spool allows the water flow to pass through the spool to enter the main body outlet passage so that no water enters the spool and no water flows out of the conduit. This is the closed state of the water pipe, the structure of the faucet and the working principle.

Common hot and cold water faucet classification

The hot and cold water faucet can realize the switching of hot and cold water at the same time, in order to meet the different needs of users for cold water and hot water, and can be called For mixing faucets. At present, hot and cold water taps can be divided into basin faucets, dish faucets, and bathtub faucets according to different places of use.

Basin faucet: installed on the wash basin for mixing hot water, cold water and hot and cold water. Its shape can be changed, it can be used for washing face and laundry. The general basin faucet should choose a higher faucet, so that you can leave room for washing.

Dish basin faucet: The basin faucet is generally used for washing vegetables and washing dishes. It is required to reach a certain height to facilitate washing or washing dishes.

Bathtub faucet: The requirements of the bathtub faucet are relatively high. It is generally used for the control body and the shower, and it is required to be higher in material and performance than other faucets.

How to install common hot and cold water taps

1. Installation of single hole basin mixer. When purchasing a single-handle basin faucet, you should pay attention to the diameter of the water outlet. At present, most of the market is filled with hard pipe. Pay attention to the height of the water pipe. It is best to go down from the basin to about 30. When installing, be sure to choose a special angle valve, the angle valve must be fixed with the hot and cold water pipe of the wall outlet. If there is a distance between the angle valve and the water pipe on the faucet, you need to purchase a special pipe to lengthen the link. Do not use other water pipes to connect, otherwise it will leak and fall off due to large water pressure. If the inlet pipe is too long to exceed the outlet pipe, it is enough to cut it off.

2. Installation of shower and bathtub faucet. If you buy showers, bathtubs, wall-mounted faucets, you need to choose the right height to bury the water pipes. The distance between the hot and cold water pipes is about 20 or more. Rinse the water pipe before installation to avoid damage to the faucet due to hard water. Concealed: After purchasing a concealed faucet, the sluice spool should be pre-buried in the wall. The thickness of the bathroom wall should be considered before embedding. If the wall is too thin, the spool will not be buried. The plastic protective cover of the valve plug should not be easily removed when it is buried, so as to prevent the cement and other chores from damaging the valve core when it is buried. In addition, when pre-burying the valve core, you should also pay attention to the up and down and left and right directions of the valve core to avoid the valve core being buried.

3. Installation of thermostats. Before installing the thermostatic faucet, first check which side of the water pipe is cold water, which side is hot water, especially the hot and cold water pipes are connected incorrectly, so as not to affect the future work of the faucet. Gas and solar water heaters cannot use thermostatic faucets, mainly because the water pressure is too low. Install a thermostatic faucet and install a hot and cold water filter.

4. Installation of single hole kitchen faucet. Due to the high frequency of use of the kitchen faucet, it is easy to loosen when moving and moving. All the requirements are taken for granted, so the lock nut must be tightened. At present, there are a number of faucets on the building materials market to increase the nut fixed by the nut, which has excellent stability and stability. The obvious effect will become the trend of a generation.

How to distinguish the quality of hot and cold water faucet

1. Appearance, whether there is any workmanship, such as sand holes, air bubbles, wear marks, whether there is plating, the purpose can prevent rust, there is Ze Light, beautiful. You can press on the faucet again. If the fingerprint is quickly dissipated, the plating is good, and vice versa.

2. Material, mainly understand the material of the faucet of the faucet, the valve core is generally divided into ceramic and stainless steel. The ceramic valve core is the best, leak-proof, good sealing effect, no need for rubber to help prevent leakage, and the hand feel is also light and flexible. The stainless steel spool requires a rubber ring to help achieve the best sealing effect and prevent water leakage, but for a long time, the stainless steel ball will be awkward for the rubber ring to wear, and the rubber ring is also prone to aging, and there may be water leakage for a long time. However, the outer part of the faucet is best made of stainless steel to prevent rust.
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Today’s stone industry threshold is step by step okorder

This is the worst era and the best. “This sentence is often used by people to describe a kind of ambivalence caused by bad changes in the environment. Worst, it means that the environment has become bad, and it is best, meaning that some industry in the cracks is alive.” I have used my own “dao”. It is appropriate to use this sentence to describe the current environment. In the face of increasingly vagaries of the present and the ambiguous future, the stone industry will be as part of the practitioners. Say, is there a change?
In the past, the profit of the stone industry mainly relied on the profit margin brought by various differences:

The price difference is the cost of earning resources. The stone trade is exceptionally good. As long as the vision is not so bad, you can always make a profit from finding the right variety. But with the changes in the internal and external environment and the competitive landscape, this kind of price difference caused by resources “The dividend seems to have passed. The quietly started trade war has made the international situation even more severe. Due to the turmoil in some countries, currency depreciation, and increased tariffs, the stone import and export market has been fully affected and even appeared. In some countries, even if they are ordered, they may not be bothered by the problem. In addition, the news of domestic seals has been one after another, which has made the stone resources turbulent. On the other hand, the return of environmental protection has brought about the chaos of “the increase of the same variety of business households”, resulting in a comprehensive price war. The sound has caused the original “price difference” based on cost control to be completely disrupted.

Second is the information gap in the stone industry. The past development of the stone industry has grown in a rough manner, for a large part of the reasons. The information is caused by poor information. The grades of the stone are different, the grades are different, the yield rate is not the same, etc., so the stone can never be balanced with the uniform price. If the tile is beer, then the stone is like wine, wine, you will always I can’t figure out the price it should have. It’s just how you taste it. In the face of the Internet and the sales dilemma, this information gap has also been broken: on the one hand, the development of the Internet has enabled information to be filtered through data. On the other hand, excess stocks lead to increased competition. In the face of sales pressure, businesses are eager to show themselves, buyers can find through comparison The price is higher than the slab. The cause of the difference in stone information is being transparently step by step.

The third is to benefit from the purchase of raw materials. In the process of purchasing raw materials, Party A Will only face two choices, willing to spend money or spend time? And this often depends on their financial situation. Just like online games, there are two kinds of players, one kind of RMB player, one kind of game player, and the RMB player is usually willing to spend Money buys game resources to shorten the time spent on games, while gamers choose to invest time to accumulate resources in exchange for money. In the past, Party A is like a RMB player, they have smooth capital turnover, and are more willing to spend their energy on other important In terms of matters, in the procurement process, supply is the main factor. Nowadays, in the face of external environmental and policy (real estate downturn, existing home sales policy, etc.), most of them have problems in the capital chain, so they began to Aspects of open source and throttling, special control over procurement costs, choose to increase procurement time to reduce their own procurement investment, and for stone In terms of value, they are more willing to consider from the cost link.

3. Increased threshold, two-level differentiation

In the traditional era, large enterprises and small enterprises have large gaps in order size and service capacity, but in terms of variety management The actual difference is not big. Due to the expensive resource cost of stone, the decentralization of the source resources is created. Simple understanding, it is just a behavior of roasted seeds and nuts. However, with the changes in the external environment, facing the problems of capital chain pressure, enterprise processing capability, after-sales service capability, and model innovation, stone enterprises began to have two levels of differentiation.

If the past has a lower threshold for the stone industry, then the threshold of the stone industry is now step by step.

One is the increase in resource costs. In the face of fierce market competition, in order to occupy the market’s opportunities and dominance, some stone enterprises have chosen to increase their efforts in resource investment to obtain exclusive control, and the cost is forced to increase. The other aspect of cost improvement is also due to the instability of resources, the suddenness of the international situation and the variability of domestic environmental protection policies, which make the source resources extremely tested. For most of the mine-investing owners, they are still Fortunately and uneasy.

The second is the increase in rental costs. The harder it is to do, the more people do it. Regardless of the environment, each practitioner will have a reluctance, and with this reversal, the special effect of the water head as a cluster of stone industry will be accelerated. Whether it is the original retained merchant or the future may return to the original. Merchants in the producing areas are used to setting up a network in the water head as their own headquarters economy, which makes the shelf rent still high. It is said that in the next stage, the market will also be subject to taxation, which is even worse for the cost of the shelf (although the policy is aimed at the market, for the market, the shelf tax will also be included in the pricing reference).

The third is the increase in the cost of communication. “Simple violent” advertisements such as outdoor billboards are fading, and today’s communication environment is also evolving. One thing in the past can be told by one channel. Now it may be necessary to combine through different media, and with ad arrival rate and conversion. The rate of creation, etc., will also increase the cost of creating advertising content.

The fourth is the improvement of the intangible. In the face of homogenization competition challenges and incremental market expansion, it means that stone enterprises cannot cope with the past model. Then we must make greater investment in brand building, model design, system establishment, supporting service improvement and advertising. Although this is the only way for a company to grow into a brand, it will also intensify polarization in this process.

4. Oligarchs, industry changes

For now, the big coffee companies that are generally touted by the industry together account for less than 10% of the total industry share. For the wholeThe development of the physical industry is fatal. The industry without thresholds can’t improve at all, but on the contrary, some industries that are controlled by oligopoly tend to develop at an incredible speed. This is the power of the giants.

In order to develop an industry, it is inevitable that some enterprises will develop greatly and drive the overall industrial progress. In the past era, practitioners did not have a particularly strict classification, and there was not much access threshold. A few pieces of materials, a few boards, and a shelf can be used to make their own “brand.” It has created a circle structure in which the stone industry is mixed, not to mention the posture of the group.

Most stone people choose to be their own, and manage their own one-acre three-point land. It is precisely because of this that it has led to the dispersion of industry resources and internal consumption. In terms of expanding the share of the market and doing incremental market development, no company has sufficient resources to control, making the pace of industrial development extremely slow.

The “threshold promotion” and “two-level differentiation” accelerate not only the pace of transformation and upgrading, but also will catalyze a group of “different positioning” industry oligarchs, who may be the future of the stone industry. The establishment of order and breakthroughs in innovation bring some possibilities.

After editing:

Not afraid of industrial change coming, only expecting great moments.

Reshuffing is just a delusion. It’s terrible compared to external challenges. Adapting and coping with external challenges and opportunities, actively changing one’s own ideas, achieving sustainable development for the company, and creating a healthy platform for the future of employees is an urgent task. Shuffling is actually a reshuffle for yourself, and it is also a revolution to the self.
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Although the angle valve is small, the role in the kitchen and bathroom space is not to be underestimated. okorder

Although the angle valve is small, the role in the kitchen and bathroom space is not to be underestimated. Does the various angle valves on the market make you choose the eye? It is not cost-effective to buy, and it is cheaper to buy. Reloading spend more. Dear, you have been able to buy a new home after hardships, how can you give up because of the small angle valve?

How to choose the angle valve

The attention point of the angle valve purchase is 5 points Buy more with less effort

1. Appearance plating surface. The surface should be bright as a mirror, no oxidized spots, no burn marks, no pores, no bubbles, no leakage plating, no burrs, uniform color. Pressing the corner valve with your finger will quickly spread the fingerprint and it will not be easy to attach scale. Multi-layer plated angle valve can hold hold!

2. Switch handwheel design. In the purchase of the angle valve, you also need to pay attention to the design of the angle wheel handwheel, and then the fancy and exquisite appearance. If it does not conform to the ergonomic structural design, it is only useless for the embroidery pillow. The installation is convenient, it is not slippery, and the use is simple. Handwheel design is king!

3. Valve core. It is actually very simple to distinguish the ceramic valve core, as long as it has a white smooth ceramic piece inside. After being processed more than 800,000 times, the high-quality ceramic chip can still operate smoothly and labor-saving, can be used for a long time, and can resist aging and wear. Equivalent to a family of four for 90 years. Buy once and enjoy your life.

4. Weight. An angle valve with a weight of 180 g or more is considered to be preferable. Now that the price of copper has risen, pay attention to some wicked manufacturers who are tricking to steal copper on the surface and inside. The wall thickness of the body determines the final weight, and only a thick wall thickness ensures that it does not break easily. It is precisely this reason that many people buy angle valves like to put them in their hands. The angle valve is one of the most important plumbing accessories in the home. Don’t buy cheap and inferior products in order to save money.

5. The length of the water inlet thread. Don’t underestimate this. The longer threaded port can make the angle valve and the pipe bite deeper and the installation is more stable, so as to ensure no water leakage!

The daily maintenance of the angle valve

The valve body of the angle valve has three inlets, a water quantity control port and a water outlet, so it is called a triangular valve. Of course, the angle valve is constantly improving, although there are still three mouths, but there are angle valves that are not angled. Industrial angle valve: The angle control valve is similar to the straight-through single-seat control valve except that the valve body is at right angles.

How to clean and maintain the angle valve? The following small points need to be noted:

1. Wash the simple smudge of the angle valve with water. For stains that are easy to remove, they can be washed with water. The appearance of the faucet needs to be cleaned frequently, and then washed with a soft cloth.

2. Clean the stubborn stains of the angle valve with a mild cleaning product. For stains that are difficult to remove, use a mild, neutral liquid or a colorless glass cleaner.

3. Avoid contact with strong acidic substances. The angle valve is mostly made of brass, alloy, iron, plastic, etc., and it will chemically react with strong acid objects and damage the angle valve.

Cleaning method after angle valve break

Some angle valves are of poor quality. It is easy to break directly after replacement after water leakage. After the break, the residual part remains in the pipe. It is more troublesome to remove the broken parts. Now the relevant methods are introduced as follows:

1. Because the inferior angle valve (usually the material of cast iron) is relatively brittle, we use this to demolish it a little bit. Come down.

2, first use a komple to slap a small opening on the inner wall of the angle valve, be careful not to hurt the thread of the outer tube; then smash a small opening at a distance of about 5 mm from the small opening. The corner valve between the two small openings is easier to remove.

3. Remove the corner valve between the two small mouths: take a hammer and a nail, use a nail to slap the angle valve and hammer the nail with a hammer. Pay attention to the force method, not too strong, slow After a slow tap, the nail will lift the angle valve and then it will fall.

4. After losing one piece, the other angle valve parts are easy to handle. This is called “lip-toothed cold”: use a nail to stand along the edge of the angle valve that has just been removed, and hit it with a hammer. The angle valve will fall. (No need to sip again).

5. After all the corner valve parts have been removed, clean the residual raw material belt and residue in the thread.

6. After the cleaning is finished, everything will be fine! You can change the new angle valve!
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The antique processing of natural stone is favored by the market okorder

Due to the change of stone design and decoration trend, the antique processing of natural stone is more and more widely used in the decoration and decoration of various buildings, which is very popular and favored by architects and consumers. In fact, the antique surface of natural stone is not a new processing method that has been developed in recent years. It was already in the 1990s. It is also used very early in China. For example, the “National Grand Theatre”, which was started in 2001, has adopted this kind of antique stone.
1. What is antique stone?

The so-called “antique stone” is a natural or special treatment, so that the surface of the stone appears similar to the natural wave surface or crack, and the natural effect of the stone after long-term use (approx. Light or mercerized effect). Popularly speaking, it is the processing of natural stone that looks like an old effect after hundreds of years.

2. Advantages of stone antique processing

The stone antique processing can have the uneven satin silk effect, showing the natural crystal luster of the stone and playing a unique decorative effect; It also improves the antifouling properties and waterproof properties of the stone and can provide an anti-slip effect. The antique processing of stone also avoids light pollution in buildings due to specular reflection of light. At the same time, antique stone is easy to repair after wear. At the same time, the color difference of the color is smaller than the polishing process, and it also reflects the value concept of natural environmental protection.

3. The main tool for antique stone processing

The main processing equipment for stone processing is the abrasive brush (Abrasive Brushe), which mainly has three kinds: nylon brush, wire brush And a mix of brushes. The nylon brush is made of high-quality silicon carbide and special nylon material. It is firmly fixed on a brush base and is mainly used for antique marble polishing. The wire brush is made of stainless steel wire or low carbon steel wire, and is mainly used for brushing hard stone such as granite. The mixing brush is an abrasive brush made of special nylon and stainless steel wire. Stone grinding brushes are classified according to specifications: Frankfurt type (horseshoe shape), round shape, Fickert type (brake type), etc.; according to the mesh number: wire brush, 36#, 46#, 60#, 80#, 120# , 180#, 240#, 320#, 500#, etc. Among them, the Frankfurt type is used for hand-held grinding machines, production lines, floor refurbished machines, etc. in the industrial production of stone; round for small manual polishing machines, ground refurbished machines, etc.; Fickert type is used for automatic continuous grinding machines.

4.Processing process of antique surface of natural stone

Because granite and marble are different in material and structure, each has its own characteristics, so granite antique stone and The processing method of marble antique stone is different.

5.Processing of granite antique surface

Because of the hard texture of granite, first use a fire or high-pressure water to make a rough surface of the fire board or thick panel (also Processing into lychee sandblasting surface, etc., but the effect is not very good), pay attention to the rougher surface should be rougher than the ordinary singeing board, so as to avoid the slate when the stone grinding brush is used in the next step is too smooth and make the layout The layout loses its three-dimensionality. Then use a stone abrasive brush for brushing. Note that it is best to use a wire brush first; to carry out a rough brush to remove the loose material of the granite plate surface and shape it, which not only has high efficiency, but also has little wear on the equipment and can prolong the grinding. The service life of the brush. Then, according to the specific requirements of the customer, the polishing brush is used to grind and polish from the coarse to the fine number until the board surface achieves the desired effect and gloss. If the customer wants to achieve a smooth matte effect, it is only necessary to use steel brush, 36# (or 46#), 60# (or 80#), 120# (or 180#) four steps; if it is to achieve mercerizing For the effect, you need to add 240#, 320#, 500# three processes, of course, if all the processes are done, the effect will be better. As for some outdoor panels that do not have any gloss requirements, you can use the wire brush directly.

6. Marble antique surface processing

Because the materials of different marbles vary greatly, the processing method should be selected according to the difference of marble characteristics of each variety. Marble containing more calcium carbonate or cracked pores can be soaked and etched with hydrochloric acid. The soaking time is about 10-20 minutes (depending on the specific stone type); then the steel surface is used to attack the cracks and holes to increase the stone surface. The three-dimensional sense is finally polished and polished by a grinding brush from coarse to fine, until the surface of the board meets the gloss required by the customer. If it is a marble with more calcite, it can be directly processed by steel brush. It can also be used to brush out the uneven surface effect with a wire brush, and then grind it with a grinding brush from coarse to fine, usually using 180 #,240#,320#,500# The grinding brush is just fine. If it is a hard marble, you can increase the previous steps.

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Three major elements of the cabinet okorder

Cabinet design plays a decisive role in the entire kitchen space, from appearance to function, can affect the mood of the chef. What three elements are really a “easy to use” cabinet? The following small series will bring everyone together~
First, the color of the door panel

The color of the door panel is definitely the first factor affecting the beauty, because the entire kitchen cabinet or even the whole kitchen is basically The kitchen cabinet door is the main color. The color of the kitchen cabinet door is basically white, gray, and wood color occupy a large proportion, and other colors are relatively small.

White is a versatile color, basically suitable for any style of kitchen. If you choose a color, it will definitely not go wrong with white.

Gray and white are similar, and can be used with any color.

This dark wood color is often used in solid wood kitchen cabinets, usually with Chinese or American styles.

Light wood color is also relatively easy to take.

Tianhu blue can also be beautiful.

Second, door panel texture, texture, shape

In addition to the color of the door panel, the texture, texture, shape, etc. of the door panel will affect the aesthetics, and these factors are usually related to the material. Great relationship, because the material determines whether certain shapes can be done.

Matte texture white kitchen cabinet door, there is no light pollution problem.

Bright white kitchen cabinet door, easy to clean.

The door panel may have texture in addition to color.

For example, different wood grain.

The most common flat-panel door, almost all materials can be done.

『回字形』 is the most common door panel shape, simple and generous.

Third, the color of the countertop

The color of the countertop is relatively small compared to the door panel, but it is also a relatively large part of the kitchen vision.

The wooden countertops are actually no problem.

Whether it is quartz stone or composite acrylic, white is the most common, although white is easy to stain, but white is best matched, there will still be many people.

Gray countertops with white kitchen cabinets.

Black countertops, no longer afraid of seeping.

Light blue countertops are more fresh.

Basically grasp the above points, you can grasp the aesthetics of a set of kitchen cabinets, the aesthetics of the kitchen cabinet is well grasped, basically control the aesthetics of the kitchen. In addition, in the daily use process, maintaining the cleanliness of the countertop can effectively control the color value.
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Selection tips for partition curtains okorder

The application of partition curtains is actually very wide. Although some partition curtains are not very expensive, they are very important. There are many people who choose partition curtains. However, the types of partition curtains are also very rich, and the shapes are different. This will reflect the effect of different styles. Then, let’s take a look at the types of partition curtains and the selection techniques for the partition curtains.

I. What are the types of partition curtains

1, crystal curtain partition: crystal curtain partition can actually replace wall and glass, and It is light and can effectively expand indoor space, and the whole room will be extraordinarily light. There are also many colors and styles of crystal curtain partitions, so everyone should coordinate with the style of the room when choosing.

2. Organ curtain partition: The organ curtain partition has always been in Europe, and in recent years, China is also widely used. Organ curtain partitions are often used in villas, sunrooms and family homes. The specially processed fabrics are very flexible, of fine size and come in a variety of popular colors.

3, gauze partition: the manufacture of gauze partition is diversified, there are plain, twill, jacquard, colorful, gauze can be used for curtains alone, and Curtains are used as window screens and curtains. Generally, the texture of the gauze partition is soft and has a fascinating sense of beauty. When the breeze blows, the gauze will dance with the wind, stimulating the desire of people to fly.

Second, the choice of partition curtains

1, see fabric: the type of partition curtain, according to the material, There are also many kinds of solid wood partition curtains, crystal partition curtains, pearl partition curtains, fabric partition curtains. Wait, this is based on where you decorate and your preferences. Different material prices are different. Pearl partition curtains are more expensive than others, but their value is relatively high. The average housewife chooses more fabric partitions.

2. Look at the color: the color of the partition curtain should be consistent with the overall home decoration. The selection of the color of the partition curtain in different spaces should also be changed. For example, the traditional white partition curtain is suitable for traditional decoration or simple home decoration style. For families with brighter wall colors or relatively complex decoration styles, the use of white partition curtains tends to be less decorative and hierarchical.

3, look at the form: kitchen partition curtains from the formal point of view, the classification is more, such as electric opening and closing curtains, electric roller blinds, electric blinds, outdoor awnings, outdoor louvers Curtains, outdoor sun visors, hollow venetian blinds, full or semi-light-shielding guide roller blinds. For the special place of the kitchen, the occlusion effect is ideal.
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