Schuan cuisine and artisan Xu Xiaohong talks about the 40-year revolution of Xinchuan cuisine okorder

40 years ago, the lack of material, limited supply of rice, grain and oil, full of food is the greatest pursuit; 40 years later, Sichuan, Cantonese, Hunan, Shandong, Anhui, Western, Japanese, Korean … &hellip It can be said that the squandering of flowers is fascinating, and I don’t know how to choose it! From the 1980s, the dragon copying hand, Lai Tangyuan, Panyu City, to the Lion House in the 1990s, the Pakistani cloth, and then to the beginning of 2000. The fish heads, the pheasant and other single-piece hot pots, until today’s new Sichuan cuisine, net red restaurant, in the eyes of Chinese culinary masters, Sichuan cuisine artisan Xu Xiaohong, the people eat food for the day, these 40 years, the people’s plate Chinese food, mouth food More and more abundant, more and more attention to eating, more and more critical.

Old photos of Sichuan Tourism School


Dragon copying Lai Tang Yuan is very hot

Jinjiang Hotel is eighty-nine times more expensive than the outside.

Xu Xiaohong, admitted to Sichuan Cuisine College in 1986 (now known as Sichuan Tourism College), was also jokes by the folks when he received the admission notice. , “My father told everyone to test the cooking school, everyone does not understand, so that cooking, or do not understand, it is best to say that is cooking, the results everyone laughed, the first university student in the village is a cooking university .

From Renshou Rural to Chengdu, Xu Xiaohong recalled that “just after reading, Chengdu’s catering industry has been opened up, such as Longchao, Lai Tangyuan, and Panyu City. Very good. These snacks were particularly popular in those days, “the price is not expensive, the taste is not bad, I occasionally try to taste fresh. It is understood that in 2010, the Ministry of Commerce announced that there are 20 of the old Chinese brands, including 17 related diets, including Longchao, Lai Tangyuan, Zhong Dumpling, Husband and Lung, Zhang Laowu Cooling, and Beard Longan buns, Dongzikou Zhangliang powder and other snacks. Today, these stores are almost all still there, but there are not so many locals who go to eat dragons and simmering rice dumplings, but the foreigners who go to punch cards are still enthusiastic.

“ Sichuan vegetable chef Xu Xiaohong

1987 In the year, Xu Xiaohong, who was a sophomore, came to the Jinjiang Hotel Garden Restaurant for an internship. “At that time, Master Zhang Deshan was there. Many dishes were made in the country. There were hibiscus chicken, chickpea flowers, etc., of course, boiled pork, These traditional Sichuan dishes are back to the meat. He specifically mentioned that the pork was sold very well at the time. “The outside restaurant sold for one or two yuan, but Jinjiang sold for eight or nine yuan. The selection was particularly picky. You need to use strict two-knife meat. There is only six pigs. Seven pounds can be used to make the pork.

Private Restaurant

Wei Minglun writes a poem for Pakistani cloth

A lion floor in a lion building sold for 628 yuan

Xu Xiaohong recalled that in the early 1990s, Chengdu had a very hot private restaurant in the Lion House and the Pakistani Cloth. “At that time, many students majoring in cooking were graduated. Chengdu has come to a lot of foreign capital. Private restaurants have sprung up frequently. He lamented, “I went out to the restaurant to line up for dinner, and I thought that if I open a restaurant in the future, there are so many people waiting in line, that would be good.”

“ Sichuan vegetable chef Xu Xiaohong

Why People will be keen on these high-end private restaurants, Xu Xiaohong bluntly, “people are eating for the sky, those years of eating culture is developed, many cultural people have also intervened in the catering industry, such as Wei Minglun once wrote a fu for the Pakistani cloth.

However, Xu Xiaohong, who had just graduated at the time, did not intend to go to these high-end restaurants for employment. “The school’s teaching system is a research-oriented idea for us. Graduation is a management, usually it is a national name. Go to work. After graduating, he was awarded 3,000 yuan by the Chengdu Post Office as a talent introduction.

Recalling the lion’s ups and downs of the last century, Xu Xiaohong said, “It is said that a Buddha jumping wall will sell 628 yuan, a returning pot of meat 68 yuan, he bluntly,” at that time, the high-end Sichuan cuisine restaurant, many of them The introduction of other cuisines, such as the Lion House, has won the introduction of Cantonese cuisine, which has an impressive Buddha jump wall.

Market situation

The future is the best of Sichuan cuisine

Need more Michelin restaurant net red restaurant

In early 2000, Xu Xiaohong went to the sea and started a fish head hot pot in Ximen. “At the beginning of the century, Chengdu has a lot of hot pot restaurants, fish heads.There are also a lot of hot pots, such as Tan Yutou, three ears, business is very good, I can be considered a wind. Xu Xiaohong recalled that “the hot pot at that time was almost all buttery, but I was the first to advocate rapeseed oil as a hot pot. Of course, this practice was frequently followed by hot pot restaurants.

& ldquo; Although the hot pot restaurant is single, it is easy to be replaced, such as the popular chicken, cockroach, fish head hot pot, etc., but in the end it is somewhat silent, but because of the popularity of hot pot restaurants, Dishes, management, etc. can be standardized, easy to copy, and soon you can open a lot of stores and occupy the market, which is its advantage. Xu Xiaohong bluntly said that he prefers fine Sichuan cuisine compared to hot pot. Therefore, after shutting down the fish head hot pot restaurant in 2004, Xu Xiaohong founded a Sichuan restaurant.

In 2016, Xu Xiaohong initiated a team that specializes in Sichuan cuisine and named it “Jinba”. After winning the gold medal at the 8th China Culinary World Competition, he resolutely chose to open a restaurant of the same name in the then unspeakable Science City. “Chengdu has developed too fast these years. At that time, it was still around. Everyone is building an office building. Everyone says that this is not the case. No one is there, but I think that in view of the current development situation in Chengdu, the future market will need a Michelin-grade Sichuan restaurant, and the future population of Science City can Support the consumption of such high-end restaurants. He also said frankly, “I also thought about it at the time. If it fails, it will be a big place to develop it.”

Net Red Restaurant <; 银芭

However, the development of Chengdu gave Xu Xiaohong an unexpected surprise. Science City and Xinglong Lake soon became the net red card of Chengdu people, and the restaurant he opened became a net red restaurant. “The future is the world of fine Sichuan cuisine!

Xu Xiaohong, who is doing research on the key issues of the provincial government, says that “the urban development, Chengdu’s mouth is becoming more and more critical.” Not only do you need a delicious net red restaurant, but you also need more Michelin-class boutique Sichuan cuisine restaurants.

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The four major trends of customization, environmental protection, simplicity and intelligence in the home furnishing industry are obvious. okorder

Recently, during the visit, the industry insiders said that with the development of the building materials industry and the changing economic and policy environment, as well as the rise of a new generation of consumer groups, the overall market demand may change at any time. In the future, companies need to take a foothold in the market, and grasp the development trend of the home building materials industry, and follow the trend!

Simple Home

I. “Customized Industry Trends

Customized furniture concepts have been hot for many years, and in the past year, such personalized furniture has gradually Become the normal state of ordinary home decoration. Some insiders said: “There was a public data disclosure. Custom furniture in developed countries accounted for 60% of the total market share, and now China’s custom furniture accounts for only 20% of the market. As people’s demands for home life are getting higher and higher, the proportion of custom furniture will increase steadily year by year. At present, custom furniture in the domestic market is still in its infancy, and there is still much room for development in the future.

Visiting the market found that the current provincial custom furniture is mainly concentrated in cabinets, cloakrooms, children’s bedroom furniture and other aspects. Customized furniture is convenient, economical and individualized. It can adapt to different floor plans and make the area larger and more popular. It is loved by many young consumers. However, compared with standard finished furniture, custom furniture has higher requirements for design and service. From the requirements of size, structure, function and color of furniture, it will greatly test the comprehensive ability of furniture enterprises. If it is not handled well, the contradictions will increase.

According to industry insiders, custom furniture is also a comprehensive requirement for enterprises. It needs to improve design and research and development capabilities, brand promotion capabilities, information application capabilities, sales and service networks, large-scale flexible customization capabilities, etc. Operating in all aspects.

Simple Home

II. Important National Policy for Environmental Protection

In recent years, environmental protection has become a hot topic for everyone, and this topic has also triggered consumer concerns about environmentally friendly homes. “In the past, everyone thought that environmental protection is very important, but now consumers are increasingly feeling that environmental protection is the first place before beauty and function. Many adults will also choose the more stable styles of children’s furniture as adult furniture, which shows that consumers pay more attention to the environmental protection of furniture. The manager of a children’s furniture dealership said this.

Studies have shown that more than 50% of consumers in China pay great attention to the environmental protection of products when purchasing home products, and more than 30% of consumers regard environmental protection as the primary standard, and this proportion is expected Increased year after year.

From the major furniture stores, in the 2017 home sales situation, environmentally friendly household products accounted for more than half of the total sales. This choice of consumers also brings a lot of business opportunities to some companies that produce environmentally friendly furniture. At the same time, it also shows that environmental protection has become the mainstream of consumption in the building materials and home furnishing industry, and this mainstream will continue in 2018.

Third, the development of smart home development

& ldquo; Domestic smart home started late, has not yet developed into a climate, but this trend is unstoppable. During the visit, almost every building material dealer and designer expressed this. With the development of science and technology, “Intelligence has become a lifestyle and social trend. Like the popularity of smartphones in the past, the home industry has begun to focus on user needs and keep up with social trends, and is involved in the research and development of smart homes. While bringing convenience, it also increases the competitiveness of enterprises in the market.

The current smart home has been reflected in every aspect of life. The first is smart security, such as home access, smart locks, cameras. Followed by smart home appliances, refrigerators that can keep fresh fruits and vegetables, dry goods, double-barreled washing machine, no-clean washing machine, smart sweeping robot, smart window cleaning robot, smart toilet lid, smart pillow … … It is now popular in the market.

Industry insiders told reporters that the smart home market has seen a significant growth momentum since 2011, and manufacturers have begun to densely arrange smart homes two or three years ago. In 2017, the number of smart home businesses has increased significantly. However, from the macro perspective of the industry, the intelligentization and informatization construction of the domestic household industry is slow to advance. With the maturity of many new technologies in the field of artificial intelligence, the application industry will start to have a lot of room for development in the future.


Fourth, the trend of the simple trend

In the last fashion trend of the home industry, the simple and modern style was overwhelmed by American and European luxury styles. “From 2017 onwards, the simple wind and the cold wind have once again made a comeback. Some designers say. “This year, obviously, I can feel that many homeowners choose the materials and decoration styles of their home furnishings. They tend to be simple, do not make complicated TV walls, sofa walls, ceilings, but choose Nordic simplicity, Japanese style simplicity, modern Simple and other styles.

Home textile style is also based on fresh and solid colors. However, in the quality of furniture, consumers are more concerned, such as pure wood furniture, flooring, cotton, silk textile products and so on. “The prices of these consumables are not low, but the style is simple, and you can taste the low-key luxury.

When visiting the market, I found that with the improvement of living standards and changes in the consumption environmentThe aesthetic concept of consumers is also changing, and the simple and comfortable layout is a hot favorite in the market. The heads of many building materials companies, they said that following the changes in the market’s popular style, most of the brand’s business ideas have also changed, starting to shift from selling products to selling lifestyles, and paying more attention to the importance of furniture product design. Buying a house, decoration and consumption is an important part of household expenses. Catering to the needs of consumers, launching environmentally friendly, simple and beautiful products, and capturing market share is the current focus of home brand enterprises.

(Disclaimer: Articles and images from the Internet, if there is infringement, contact to delete)

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Demystifying the working principle behind the power safe gas water heater okorder

The active safety system is a term used in the automotive industry. Now it appears on the water heater in the market. What kind of working principle does this power active gas water heater use? Can it eliminate users? Concerns about gas leaks, carbon monoxide poisoning, etc.?

Powered New Upgraded CPU

Power Active Safety Gas Water Heater Series adopts the exclusive patent triple upgrade safety technology of Weien, through the upgraded version of the new CPU precision control, with high-strength pipe material design, high sealing fit connection and integrated retractable design, road protection To prevent any possible carbon monoxide leakage, to give users a safe and worry-free home environment.

The new upgraded version of the power can complete the high-precision logic calculation program in a short time, and complete the safety self-test process inside the machine. Every time the water heater is turned on, the machine will automatically open the self-test program. In addition to checking the performance of the machine itself, it will also detect whether the flue is in good connection. In case of non-standard, the machine will display the fault code and the machine will not run. Carbon monoxide leaks due to improper installation.

Powered High-intensity Intelligent Flue Design

This series of active safety models The hardness of the gas water heater gas pipe is increased again, reaching a thickness of 0.3mm. Compared with the traditional material, it is less prone to deformation and corrosion. With the technology of flange and rib reinforcement, the machine has a super long design life of 10 years, compared with ordinary water heaters. 25% higher.

Following the high quality style of German manufacturing, such a high-intensity intelligent flue is not only durable, but also can effectively prevent the wear and tear during use and may cause some leakage risks, allowing users to It is safer and safer when using a gas water heater.

Highly sealed fit and integrated retractable design

It is worth mentioning that the connection of the pipe to the pipe of the active safety water heater is sealed by a sealing ring and a locating pin. Completely sealed against falling off, replacing aluminum foil to prevent leakage due to aging of material connections. The flue passes the strict air tightness test, which is resistant to high temperature, corrosion and tensile, and fully guarantees the sealing performance. The series of water heaters are designed with louvers on the back air inlet, which is not easy to enter the water. The whole machine is filled with gaskets and the waterproof level is up to IPX4*. Therefore, this flue is not only smarter, safer and more reliable, thanks to its high-sealing fit and integrated retractable design.

Proactive security is to proactively reduce the possible risk to 0

The CPU is designed with high-intensity and high-density pipe, and this active and safe gas water heater can eliminate CO leakage from the root. Compared with the traditional CO alarm, the active and safe design allows users to use more peace of mind, without any operation, can use the hot water safely.

In addition to safety performance, the new generation of turboMAG pro and turboMAG classic gas water heaters have also been upgraded in terms of comfort performance, with thermal efficiency as high as 92%-94%, much higher than the national second-class energy-saving standard. , energy saving and environmental protection is more efficient. The ultra-high-precision microcomputer intelligent control design of more than 2,800 levels of the whole process, the constant temperature accuracy of the whole machine is up to ± 0.5 °C, which makes the bathing experience more comfortable. The ingenious bypass tube design can solve the problem of water temperature rise and condensate, effectively avoiding the temperature fluctuation caused by frequent start and stop of the user. The temperature rise of the water stop is only 1 °C, avoiding the sudden rise of the water temperature due to the random switch. Danger.

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Electric coffee car was selected as one of the top 100 unicorn enterprise companies. The launch of “Horizon” brand will push up the valuation. okorder

Recently, the well-known data research think tank IT Orange released the “2018 National Unicorn Enterprise List”, which disclosed the highest valuation of technology startups by the end of October. Ants and other large-scale technology companies were selected. Electric coffee cars ranked 77th in the top 100 list with a valuation of 12 billion yuan. On November 13th, the electric coffee car released the high-end brand & ldquo; Sky, its first luxury intelligent electric SUV product ME7 also appeared together. The first batch of 1188 places that honored the originating members were robbed within 24 hours after the press conference. Some investors said that the release of the high-end brand skyline and the user’s enthusiasm for the Sky ME7 will greatly boost the valuation of the electric coffee car.

(Source: IT Orange Released “National 2018 “The Horns Enterprise List”)

 The Unicorn Company refers to a startup that has been valued by private or open market investors or institutions for more than $1 billion and has not been listed for a period of 10 years. It is synonymous with attention and ability to absorb gold.

(November 13, at the ENOVATE Skyline Brand Launch Conference At the scene, Sky ME7 debuted.

It should be noted that the data for this list is as of October 24. On November 13th, 3 weeks later, the high-end brand skyline of electric coffee cars was officially released. The first luxury smart electric SUV product ME7 also appeared. With the pioneering avant-garde design, powerful and reliable power performance and excellent in-vehicle intelligent interconnection function, the Sky ME7 opened at the brand release ceremony with 1188 “global enjoyment of the first pre-respected starting membership quota within 3 days. . At the subsequent Guangzhou Auto Show, in order to meet the users who failed to make timely reservations at the brand launch event, Skyline Motor announced that it will open 1888 “E-line” limited bookings during the auto show.

(Electric coffee car chairman and CEO Zhang Hailiang announced the high-end brand & ldquo; Skyline release. Subsequently, 1188 & ldquo The world’s first exclusive and respected starting membership quota was robbed in 3 days.

The success of Skyline’s ME7 initial public reservation greatly enhanced the confidence of the investment community in electric coffee cars. Investors close to the electric coffee car believe that the user’s enthusiasm for the Sky ME7 will quickly push up the valuation of the electric coffee car, and will form a “double benefit” with the near-completed A round of financing, for the follow-up of the electric coffee car The financing plan lays a solid foundation.

(The skyline brand and Sky ME7 debuted at the Guangzhou Auto Show received attention from all walks of life. Users who failed to make timely reservations at the brand launch event, Skycar announced that it will open 1888 “E-line peer limited bookings” during the auto show.

It is understood that the electric coffee car has completed more than 2.5 billion pre A round of financing, the current A round of financing has also entered the late stage. With the completion of the A round of financing before the end of the year, coupled with the further maturity of the Sky brand operation and the iteration of the Sky ME7 fast vector production, the valuation of the electric coffee company is expected to increase rapidly.

At the Guangzhou Auto Show, the electric coffee car CMO Xiang Dongping said in response to the amount of financing and the use of the company that the electric coffee car was strongly supported by the capital market and the local government, and the company’s capital level was in good condition. . He pointed out that financing is an inevitable process of the current new car power. However, electric coffee cars think that financing is only a means or a way. How to use this money well, to make products and serve users is the most important. The company has already invested heavily in product development, self-owned factory construction, and excellent talent recruitment around the Skyline brand; it has introduced the concept of Internet light assets in terms of creating momentum and communication, in order to achieve low input and high output.

(The Skystar brand’s first product, the Sky ME7, is a luxury smart electric SUV)

2019 is the year of the electric coffee car. It will not only welcome the launch of the construction plant, but also the delivery of the Sky ME7 mass production, and will continue to advance in the follow-up product development and enterprise upgrade development. With the continuous improvement and improvement of production and delivery capabilities, the 120 million valuation of the unicorn list is just a short-lived goal for the electric coffee car that is really smashing the gun.

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2018 autumn and winter picky food guide, spring broadcast warm winter plan okorder

It’s another year’s double eleven. Don’t panic in the face of global delicacies. When we are dealing with deposits, bloating, allowances, and red envelopes, we can also be transformed into a “small role”, according to the map, enjoy peace of mind, healthy and delicious, leisurely picking good goods, and easily arrange this year’s warm winter plan.

From November 1st to 13th, Spring Broadcasting launched 7 special offers for 13 consecutive days. This winter we only Picking seasons, not eaten, straight-through, delicious, real food, more free to buy one get one free, heart-breaking price, intimate gift, easy to share benefits, bring everyone fancy experience how “The picky eaters have a way:

November 1st – 2nd, the spring broadcast “ld pick and eat the season.” It tastes different at 4 o’clock in the year, and the autumn is full of sweetness, sweetness and richness. This period has: the word of mouth is good in the spring, and the sweet and fragrant pear is the fruit. The 6-year-old sweet lily is grown from the drinking water source level. Residual hairy crabs, imported Canadian burdock, Chilean avocado, Greek cocoa … … one stop receipt of autumn taste, and family and friends, carefully taste the time to precipitate the delicious.

From November 3rd to 4th, the spring broadcast “ picky eat and eat has not eaten. In the era of Internet, I am afraid that it is difficult to find a food that you have never seen before, but it is still not easy to taste a delicious taste. The traditional sweet and sweet taste of a certain red city; the free-range savory taste in the Jiuhuashan 10,000-mu ecological tea garden; the exquisite flavor of the hidden deep mountains of Fujian; the Spanish grain feeding, the original flavor of the original cut; the deep sea of ​​the Nordic Faroe Islands Taste … … spring soars across the mountains and rivers, for you to find the mouth from the distance, perhaps you have been looking for but have not tasted the peace of mind.

November 5th – 6th, spring sowing “double picky eat and eat.” What is the spring broadcast? The spring broadcast buyers go to the place of production, and visit the farmer, understand the planting details and production environment, compare the taste, record the buyer’s notes, and taste the shelves to find the ingredients. Every bite you tasted, “Spring is straightforward,” is a “name” traceable. This season’s food is very special. If you look at it carefully, you may encounter unexpected stories about the dreams and persistence. Delicious, from hard work, more rooted in sincerity.

November 7th-8th, spring sowing & ldquo; picky eat and eat delicious. At least in China, there is no real authoritative data standard to define “good”, this concept is Hamlet in the food industry, it is difficult to define the word. Chongqing facets, Korean coffee, hand-made brown sugar taro, island carp, Yongquan tangerine … … different flavors will always heal the hearts of different people, let the choice syndrome let go of yourself, you like it is the best.

November 9th-10th, spring sowing & ldquo; picky eat to eat real. Peace of mind is the basic and eternal appeal of people to food. Since its inception in 2014, Spring Broadcasting has been adhering to the positioning of “Anxin Health Food Purchasing Platform”, using Internet technology to achieve full control from the field to the table, and through professional equipment and team, let each batch of goods be checked first. Out of the warehouse, each item delivered to the user’s hand is equipped with an exclusive spring sowing safety test report. Double eleven everyone’s joy & ldquo; 剁 hand, enjoy a variety of special offers, but also can achieve real peace of mind to buy and buy.

On November 11th, the three-day peace of mind health food carnival and selection will be opened, and you will be rewarded with a gorgeous ending. When we harvest these ingredients, we don’t let the refrigerator alone witness the passing of the delicious. In the busy autumn, stay for a while, let your kitchen find the temperature to respond to, and let the tableware that is sleeping in the cabinet be re-employed. A person, a family or a group of friends, get together and patiently feel the temperature and taste of the ingredients.

Bearing in mind this feast of consumption, you should not only have your payment record, but the body and memory of the body and memory that are vital to the healthy ingredients of spring sowing; warm winter time & mdash; — Friends and relatives and yourself.

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How many hot pots do you have in Chongqing? okorder

Chongqing, as a tourism city in recent years, has attracted more and more tourists. Eating hot pot has become one of the indispensable activities for tourists. It has not been seen that the pandas have not been counted in Chengdu, and they have not been to Chongqing since they have not eaten hot pot. The hot and hot characteristics of the hot pot represent the texture of the city of Chongqing. A piece of hairy belly and a piece of beef are in the bottom of the spicy and full-bodied butter pot. The hotness of Chongqing can be fully experienced.

But as the Chongqing hot pot industry develops faster and faster, it will go to the streets of Chongqing and look forward to it. The emerging hot pots with the old hot pot signs in Chongqing have sprung up. These hot pots have no dock culture, customers. It is also difficult to taste the essence of Chongqing hot pot.

As a Chongqing native, today I use the famous old hot pot of Chongqing, Xiaowei, as an example to teach you how to choose authentic Chongqing old hot pot.

One: Primer

For Chongqing old hot pot, the bottom material is The soul is there. “China 2 on the tip of the tongue” truly restores the scene of Zhang Ping’s sweating and sizzling. The color of the hand-stirred base is bright red and shiny, and the fragrance is scattered to the hearts of most viewers. The raw materials of Shizhuhong No.1 pepper, Hanyuan pepper, Hebei Dachang butter, Pixian bean watercress and Guizhou Huangkou ginger as raw materials have condensed Zhang Ping’s research and development of the bottom material, and also let 渝Wei Xiaoyu has truly become a recognized “one of the authentic Chongqing hot pot representatives!”

Two: Ingredients

To say that the bottom material is the soul of Chongqing old hot pot, then the choice of ingredients is its physical body. Only the old Chongqing hot pot with both of these points can be said to be “integral”. The ingredients of Xiaowei Xiaoyu’s old hot pot are all selected by Zhang Jingxin. The series of simple ingredients such as Maodu, duck intestine, yellow throat and tribute are after a thousand selections, and then meet with the bottom of the butter, in Chongqing. Wei Xiaoyu hot pot collided with a strange spark. Although they are simple but represent the culture of Chongqing’s gowns, only these ingredients are the essence of Chongqing’s old hot pot.


In 1995, there were only four tables in Xiaowei Xiaoyu. The boss Zhang Ping took the name of the wife with his wife’s name and merged his wife’s love into the Xiaoyuyu hot pot. Whether it is the hard times of the past, or the glorious period of the present, Zhang Ping did not forget his initial heart. His rigorous attitude towards the hot pot also represented the fortitude and persistence of Chongqing people. This is also the cultural core of Xiaowei Xiaoyu’s old hot pot. It is this culture that makes Xiaowei Xiaoyu more and more popular and recognized by more and more diners.

because Zhang Ping’s sincerity in the production of base materials and the rigor of the selection of ingredients, the taste of Xiaoyu’s old hot pot has been loved by diners year after year, and it is the precipitation of these years that brought authenticity to Yan Weiyu. The name of the old hot pot in Chongqing.

Therefore, only Chongqing hot pot with high-quality base materials, high-quality ingredients and long-standing brand stories can be called authentic Chongqing old hot pot.

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The profit fell by more than 117%! Custom furniture growth slows down, big home tends to be obvious okorder

Image from “

Some industry observers believe that with the completion of a number of high-quality brands, the custom furniture industry has entered the era of channels and rapid expansion of production capacity. However, it is still in the home and building materials industry during the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. The future disputes will continue. The return to the user perspective is the cornerstone of the healthy development of the company.

In the context of industry transformation, the recent A-share home listed companies have released a semi-annual report.

The reporter noted that in the first half of the year, the custom furniture business became a highlight of the listed company. In addition, due to trade frictions and the sharp increase in costs, there have been many shocks in foreign trade companies.

The custom furniture market is hotter.

Recently, the domestic furniture industry listed company’s 2017 revenue first Ou Paijia announced the 2018 semi-annual report. During the reporting period, the company realized Total operating income was 4.845 billion yuan, up 25.05% year-on-year. Total profit reached 655 million yuan, up 36.03% year-on-year. Net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 550 million yuan, up 32.83% year-on-year.

And Ou Pai Home’s operating income in the first half of 2017 was 3.87 billion yuan, an increase of 34.7% over the same period of 2016; net profit was 414 million yuan, an increase of 33.4% over the same period of 2016. In contrast, the growth rate of operating income of Europa Home in the first half of this year declined, and the growth rate of net profit did not change much. As a leading manufacturer of custom furniture, this also represents the overall situation of the industry.

However, the reporter also noted that in the context of the overall slowdown in the industry, the hot-selling custom furniture market has maintained a good momentum in recent years, and the correspondingly well-organized listed companies have also benefited.

For example, in recent years, the three custom-made home furnishing companies, such as Hao Laike, Shangpin Home Furnishing and Gold Kitchen Cabinet, have experienced a large increase in revenue, both exceeding 15%. I am at home, Ou Pai Home, Piano, Zhibang’s revenue growth rate exceeded 25%, and net profit growth exceeded 30%.

Among them, Piano achieved operating income of 443 million yuan in the first half of 2018, a year-on-year increase of 40.84%, and the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 48.534 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 39.9%.

Hao Laike 2018 operating income of 903 million yuan in the first half of the year, an increase of 25.69%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 181 million yuan, an increase of 67.15%.

Shangpin’s home sales in the first half of 2018 was 2.867 billion yuan, up 33.64% year-on-year; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 123 million yuan, up 87.46% year-on-year.

The Changsha Securities Research Report pointed out that with the completion of a number of high-quality brands, the custom furniture industry has entered the era of channels and rapid expansion of production capacity. The high growth and high-quality profitability of the custom industry has also attracted the entry of finished furniture companies, home improvement companies and ceramic sanitary wares, and the industry competition has intensified.

At the same time, consumer demand for custom furniture has not only been limited to cabinets and wardrobes, but in the traditional sense, the field of finished furniture has gradually begun to adopt customization, which puts higher demands on custom furniture companies. The requirements also provide better opportunities.

Emphasis on foreign trade companies is affected

However, behind the rapid growth of custom furniture business, some traditional furniture listed companies reported that their business conditions are not very optimistic.

The export of furniture has been adversely affected. Some listed furniture enterprises that are relatively dependent on a country’s exports, such as the proportion of overseas revenues of more than 99%, a foreign market accounted for more than 60% of Zhongyuan home; overseas revenue accounted for more than 80%, of which a country accounted for More than half of the dream lily is affected.

In addition, the biggest difference in performance is Zhejiang Yongqiang. In the first six months of this year, the company achieved operating income of 2.316 billion yuan, down 12.80% year-on-year, and net profit was loss of 43 million yuan, down 117.31% year-on-year. . This is the first semi-annual loss since the company was listed in 2010, and it is also the first loss performance report.

The data shows that Zhejiang Yongqiang is mainly engaged in R&D, design, production and sales of outdoor leisure furniture and supplies. It is a leading domestic industry and its products are sold over 90% in Europe and some foreign countries.

For the situation in which the profitability of the first half of the year fell sharply, Zhejiang Yongqiang said that the company’s profitability was greatly affected by the fluctuation of the RMB exchange rate.

In addition, Vosges said that in the first half of 2018, in the face of many trade frictions, exchange rate fluctuations, rising costs and increased environmental pressures, the company achieved operating income of 2.558 billion yuan, year-on-year. Growth of 9.17%. Among them, the export value was 234 million US dollars, a slight increase year-on-year; the net profit was 194 million yuan, mainly due to the exchange rate impact of the year-on-year decline of 21.44%.

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The concept of “whole” is popular, look at the timing, join the whole bathroom okorder

“The rapid concept of the overall concept has created a new blueprint for the building materials industry, “whole kitchen” overall wardrobe “whole ceiling” overall wall decoration … … in this, no matter what product, It is assembled from a variety of styles of uniform products. Today, more and more people are paying attention to the whole bathroom. In fact, in 1990, China introduced this design. In recent years, it has become a hot search. This is very different from the current small-sized apartment and the government’s environmental protection policy. Fit, industry insiders analyze that the overall bathroom will occupy more markets in the future.

The whole bathroom originated in Japan. Japan is extremely scarce in resources, but the economy is highly developed because of their strong research and development capabilities. In 1964, in order to ensure the high quality and rapid completion of the construction of a large number of athletes’ apartments in the Tokyo Olympics, the Japanese invented a bathroom that can be assembled on site, and the whole bathroom was born.

What are the characteristics of the whole bathroom?

Standardized production, fast speed and stable quality Guaranteed

Environmentally friendly materials with excellent material and excellent antibacterial properties, easy to clean and care

Never penetrate, professional waterproof chassis, no tiles on the wall, replace the traditional with professional waterproof materials泥匠贴片片

Reasonable structure, small space, large design, maximum use of limited space

The whole bathroom brand joins recommendation

Kohler Kohler

Founded in 1873, Kohler is one of the largest family businesses in the United States to date. From its creation to the ancient history of more than a hundred years, Kohler has always been committed to making every Kohler product the highest level of the era. Its long-lasting Kohler spirit has created an impeccable quality that has made Kohler bathroom a classic in its centuries.


Founded in 1982, Huida Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. has become a high-quality brand. From the beginning to the end, we adhere to the design concept of “creative & middot; taste & middot; life, and constantly create high-quality and high-quality bathroom products with its refined manufacturing process.

Dongtao TOTO

The famous sanitary ware brand Dongtao was founded in 1917. For more than 100 years, Dongtao Group has been doing its utmost to become a trustworthy company in the world. . Through unremitting research and development, Toto has left a deep impression in our daily life with its high-end technology, excellent product performance and environmentally-friendly design philosophy.

Wrigley ARROW

Founded in 1997, Wrigley Sanitary Ware always adheres to the design philosophy of scientific design, fine workmanship, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. Now it has been listed as a national inspection-free product, and is known as “China Famous Brand”. At the same time, Wrigley has entered the top building materials market in Europe and the United States, and danced with the world’s top sanitary ware brands.


Jiu Mu Kitchen & Bath Co., Ltd. was established in 1990. Won the “National High-tech New Enterprise, “China Famous Brand,” “China Famous Brand, “China Environmental Labeling Product,” “CCTV Annual Brand, etc., its excellent research and development technology, which has been selected into the government green procurement for many times. List.

Industrialization to replace manual paste is the inevitable development of society. The whole bathroom has just started in China, and the future is infinite!

You can also pay attention to China Merchants Bao http://www.zhaoshangbao .com/Learn more about building materials.

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The first place has a pot bottom and a bright kitchen stove. Tan duck blood jumps into a hot pot world. okorder

From the beginning of this year to the present, Tan Duck Blood Hot Pot has jumped into the Chengdu hot pot market in the form of a black horse. In just over six months, it has opened more than 10 directly operated stores in Chengdu.

Every day, close to the meal, the diners who are eager to take the blood of the Tan duck will be in groups, and the friends who are calling friends will wait in front of the store, sometimes even waiting for 2 or 3 hours. Willingly. The authentic Sichuan flavor and super high popularity not only make the guests feel ashamed, but also attract Hong Kong and Taiwan stars including Ren Xianqi, Su Yongkang, Liang Hanwen, Chen Baixiang, Zhang Zhaohui, Li Zixiong, etc., while Li Boqing, Yuan Feng, Tan Weiwei, Wei Qun Yaochuan and Ma Mingyu and other Sichuanese stars are frequent visitors to various direct sales stores.

Why is the Tan duck blood old hot pot so hot? Every diners with equal rankings have issued such silent questions in the heart, and when they are seriously experienced, the answer is gradually clear: the iconic material Pot bottom, Ming kitchen bright stove, special faucet pot, original open luck seal, Tan Gong duck blood, hand cut shiitake mushroom, thick cut lunch meat … … Tan duck blood old hot pot unique seven weapons, take the diners Looking forward to it, it also relies on the unique skills of the rivers and lakes in 2018 Chengdu’s hot pot rivers and lakes.

Ming kitchen bright stove with a faucet pot, just to make a delicious mouth to eat assured

Into the Tan duck blood Taigu Li shop door, a double faucet pot is very attractive Attention, this is the first secret weapon of Tan Duck Blood. The idea of ​​such a double-faucet pot is derived from the originality of Tan Duck Blood. On the one hand, it is intended to show the beautiful expectations of life, and on the other hand, it is not difficult to see the blood of Tan Duck on the food safety. The faucet pot is filled with the secret weapon of Tan Duck Blood —— Tan Gongyu blood. The duck blood is selected for distribution on the same day, and the duck blood is placed in the faucet pot after being sent to the store. “Drug duck blood is a traditional craft,” “The tight blood of the duck is better, and the mouth is delicious.

Entering the store, in the open-plan operation room, there are a lot of ingredients such as hairy belly, yellow throat, luncheon meat, green bamboo shoots, potatoes, and glutinous rice. More than ten garnished masters have already been busy. Ming kitchen bright stove, this is the third secret weapon of Tan duck blood.

I saw that the masters were neatly dressed, masks, gloves and other standard equipments. Needless to say, when facing the customers, the dishes are more calm than the back kitchen. For the customer, from the time the order is placed to the dish, the preparation of the ingredients can be completed almost in the operation room. Before the stomach was lifted, the bright kitchen stove in front of the eyes was pleasing to the eye, and it was more reassuring to eat.

There is a connotation of the quality of the bottom of the pot, and you can open the hot pot if you eat it.

If the faucet pot is the facade of Tan duck blood, it is appropriate to have the bottom of the pot and the blood of the duck. The connotation of the right! Whether a hot pot is authentic, whether the materials are safe, this pot is very knowledgeable. In the past, it was often the case that the hot pot was served. The waiter directly put on the bottom of the pot. What is the material in the bottom of the pot? The freshness is in the end, the customer is not clear. There is also such a hot pot bottom material packed into small pouches, the waiter cuts and mixes in front of the customer’s face, and the bottom material finally melts into a pot bottom … … In fact, for the customer, the origin of the ingredients at the bottom of the pot is still somewhat Look at the flowers in the fog.

The value of Tan Duck Blood Old Hot Pot is that it breaks the routine, the first pot has the bottom of the pot, the duck blood is used as the base material, the bottom of the pot is butter, ginger garlic, base material, two vitex, and dried tofu. The eggs are clearly visible. In addition, Tan duck blood also abandoned the traditional bone soup, created the bottom of the eagle tea soup, its taste is not reduced, the flavor is more healthy and not getting angry.

It is worth mentioning that each pot of material will be covered with a Fortune seal. Every time I open the pot, it also foreshadows a good wish ——“ In the same ordinary pot bottom, the bottom of the duck blood pot stands out with its connotation and ritual feeling, creating the first of the catering era. There are two kinds of secret weapons: Tan duck blood and two secret weapons.

The bottom of the pot is “material, so it deserves to be taken seriously. Tan duck blood each pot bottom material is a disposable base material, from the beginning of the pot to the customer to eat, the Tan duck blood has the bottom of the pot to complete the mission, only for every soul that loves food bloom once. For example, Liao Jian, the founder of Tan Duck Blood, and the star of the Bayu, said, “I don’t worry about the taste of the product. The safety of the product is absolutely assured. I will not get rid of my own signboard. If you have any questions, please come to me. Jian Ge has been here!

Breaking the traditional old three, hand-cut mushrooms back to the truth

Every delicious dish that loves hot pot, the favorite dish There must be “hairy belly,” duck intestines, “yellow throat,” “wide powder & hellip; … life needs freshness, as well as eating hot pot. Among the top ten dishes of Tan Duck Blood, many dishes have refreshed the perception of diners. It is not necessary to say that the duck blood of the signature ducks is too greasy, the thick cut lunch meat, the special special offer, the dense taste makes people forget. Want to eat & ldquo; mushrooms, let you feel the growth mode at zero distance, the clerk and even the diners personally take off the picking, the last second is still growing, the next second to eat in the mouth, full of delicious.

Selling very good toothpick beef, the taste is not negative, bite a bite, the happiness of high-quality ingredients, overflowing between the lips and teeth. As a hot pot must order, “double belly in the Tan duck blood performance bright, crisp taste even if you eat it can not help but always linger. Braised sausages, such as marinated sausages, simmered with special spices, dried and fragrant peppers and dried succulents, are perfect!

In May, Hong Kong star football team and Sichuan Huangbei star team went Come to the Tan duck blood old hot pot Taikooli shop to taste the authentic Chengdu hot pot. Quietly tell you, including Chen Baixiang, Zhang Zhaohui, Yao Xia, Wei Qun and other stars, that night Tan Gong duck blood, thick cut lunch meat, hand cut mushrooms, marinated sausage, toothpick beef, hairy bellyThere are several copies of the Melaleuca belly!

The reason why the Tan Duck Blood brand has become a catering dark horse in Chengdu, Sichuan and even the whole country. After the opening of the team, after several years of market research, they not only Successfully caught the eye and taste buds of the good diners, and also presented a legendary return to the hot pot rivers and lakes in Chengdu. It is no wonder that there has been a wave of follow-up in the world of duck blood hot pots. Some merchants even take the risk of imitating plagiarism … … in Chengdu, nothing is a hot pot can not be solved. Want to eat hot pot? Tan duck blood to understand!

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Exhibitors return to rationality, where is the next intersection of furniture companies? okorder

Image from “

Home The change of shape and color in the building materials industry is likely to attract the attention of practitioners. Some founders of the whole assembly often have such doubts. What is the next step in the whole industry? The capital side is unwilling to pay for this? For this problem, small The editor believes that the whole work is already the road at the foot of the furniture company. As for how to make the enterprise bigger and stronger, it depends on how the enterprise practices.

In the past two years, furniture practitioners have had a deep feeling that the Chinese furniture industry is in the midst of a rapidly changing torrent…

At the market level, Under the guidance of consumption upgrade, customers’ demands for products are becoming more and more personalized. The market demand is often unpredictable; within the industry, the boundaries between upstream and downstream are becoming more and more blurred, and the whole assembly and customization are coming out, virtual reality and labor. The development of technologies such as intelligence has continuously brought enterprises into this technology flood; while looking at the entire business environment, the mutual integration of capital has become more and more fierce, the entry of cross-border capital, the global investment in home furnishing companies, and the capital The blessing has also accelerated the upgrading of the industry…

In the face of these unprecedented changes, “How should the next step for furniture companies go? Become a common problem in front of all furniture people. .

On August 14, 2018, the 40th International Famous Furniture (Dongguan) Exhibition and the 2nd China (Dongguan) International Customized Home Exhibition came to an end.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the furniture exhibition, this autumn exhibition is also a highlight, “MINI Garden,” “Infinite Residences show an unprecedented form of exhibition; “brand + independent store is more adequate The brand shows the lifestyle created by the brand; the industry’s first live-library event “Penguin Book Wan, Linked to the whole home industry chain; all kinds of theme summits, gathering empowerment…

So what is the industry trend in the grand gathering of the furniture industry?

>>> Italian luxury, new Chinese, minimalist style has become the mainstream style

The fashion trends revealed by the exhibition have always been a topic of interest to exhibitors. From the American, Nordic, and New Chinese styles, the famous furniture exhibition witnessed the changing path of the industry’s fashion trends.

This year, from the style and audience traffic of exhibitors at the show, Italian luxury, new Chinese style and all kinds of minimalist styles are the most concerned.

For example, Shixing Furniture launched the new Chinese-style combination of Italian and American software, and the combination of Chinese and foreign is more in line with the positioning of young people. The new Chinese style minimalist style created by Shishang Furniture is very popular. Praise; Weifu furniture fashion sofa with North American black walnut and modern tea bookcase, can have forty or fifty intentional customers every day; the whole house will be more comprehensive this year, including Italian minimalism, new Chinese, light luxury Simple and postmodern styles.

It is worth mentioning that on the morning of August 11, the inauguration ceremony of the purely imported IF Italian home living hall in the Expo Site No. 9 was greatly concerned. At present, IF Italy’s home living museum has more than 35 Italian brands, mainly displaying the three minimalist styles of modern minimalism, royal luxury and Italian luxury. It has attracted a lot of interest from the participating audiences to Italian furniture.

>>> The overall home will become the mainstream trend in the future

In the past, how did traditional furniture companies produce products? The first is to conduct a simple market survey, and then with the current The combination of fashion trends, such research and development methods, has been applicable for a long time in the past.

Now, with the development of the economy and the changes in the consumer market, such methods are gradually unable to meet the individual needs of consumers; in addition, high housing prices put forward higher requirements for space utilization efficiency. …. Following these changes, the industry’s model has also been changing, from the earliest cabinets, wardrobes, to doors and windows, ceilings, finished furniture have entered the “customized door.”

This year, in the autumn furniture exhibition in August, the custom and custom-made style is hard to hide. The custom-built pavilion of Hall 1 is expanded to 55,000 square meters. The whole house soft-packing exhibition area in Hall F of Hall 3, the whole house custom-made exhibition area in Hall 8, and the whole-house custom-made pavilion of the famous Furniture Expo Park cover almost all well-known overall customization. enterprise.

Not only the participation of the exhibition is more extensive, but also the exhibition form is more novel. “MINI Garden,” “Infinity Residence brings immersive shopping experience, including home industry, real estate, construction. The gardening design, hardcover, soft-packing, display, floral and other multi-fields have built a platform of cooperation and integration, which not only defines a more meaningful concept of the whole industry, but also creates a domestic professional furniture exhibition. The new exhibition mode is the first of its kind, leading the industry’s innovative development.

>>> How can old-age homes leapfrog to wisdom and age, can they ignite the market?

The United Nations requires that a country over 65 years old has more than 7% of the population. Then enter the ageing. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the proportion of China accounts for 17.3%, and the elderly population reaches 240 million. There is no doubt that the aging of the population has become a serious problem in our society.

On the other hand, the huge aging population base has also promoted the development of the pension industry. As a segment of the furniture industry directly facing the standard health industry, subject to the degree of differentiation of consumer habits and pension furniture, “old-age homes have been in a state of tepid.

In recent years, with science and technologyThe development of technology, smart home + pension began to emerge. In response to the physical characteristics of the elderly, the use of science and technology to transform the aged furniture to improve the experience of the elderly, this smart old-age model once again put the retirement home to the public eye.

At this year’s famous furniture exhibition, smart home care has received much attention. Intelligent hot flush toilets, multi-functional bed frames, and elderly mattresses have ushered in audiences and dealers.

& gt; & gt; & gt; colored business model, and since exhibitors senses

For with rich exhibition, concept development experience brands, audience, over the years the major At the furniture exhibition, the fragrant cars, supermodels and luxury yachts became another landscape of the exhibition. These eye-catching elements play a role in the drainage of the exhibition hall, but they cannot withstand the taste of the show and the sensation of the public.

The 2018 furniture exhibition has an obvious feature. There are few similar marketing methods in the whole exhibition. Instead, the business model of the merchant introduces the roll-up, the experience-based links in the exhibition hall, etc. Because the business is not only looking at trends, looking at selling points, but more importantly, looking for a suitable business.

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