Adhere to independent innovation, the creation of micro Regent core strength for the Chinese sensor

Chips are known as “industrial food” in the Intelligent Manufacturing tide, the digital transition is becoming the focus of the current business. China wants to seize the opportunities in the digital transition, to achieve self-controlled chip instrumentation becomes very important. In the struggle for influence in the core areas of China, Hangzhou, Regent Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (Regent micro) was undoubtedly the forerunner of them.

at the 2019 World Conference & Expo sensors, micro-Regent was invited as one of the few chip companies attended the exhibition, including bringing the industrial HART communication controller chip, 4 ~ 20mA current DAC , chip digital meters, pyroelectric infrared signal processing chip and a digital temperature sensor chips, etc. are all convinced that the future of Chinese audience sensors.
returnees of a pure heart
After years of Regent micro adhere to innovation, the products have been widely used in smart wearable devices, a variety of consumer electronic products and industrial control, test and measurement instrumentation, sensors and signal processing networking and other fields. Among them, high-precision, low-power 24Bits ADC + 8Bits MCU class SoC has maintained domestic sensor / electronic scale market leader, with annual sales over one hundred million chips.
Regent micro, general manager and technical director Dr. Luo Weishao described in an interview Control Engineering Copyright , after he finished high school in Hong Kong, went to the United States to study and work for 30 years, founded in 2005 to return Regent Microelectronics Co., Ltd., Hangzhou, focused on the mixed-signal chip SoC, by important analog functions, such as instrumentation amplifiers, ADC, into a microprocessor chip inside www.cechina Meanwhile .cn , so that the number of devices so that the peripheral circuit is greatly reduced, reduced power consumption and increase functionality, the user is also very convenient to use.
was at a future networking environment, the importance of SoC chip has become more prominent. Only after the it can be most preliminary conversion sensor signal is supplied for local or cloud using a digital signal. Luowei Shao noted, SoC chip function is to faint, non-linear analog signal processing into a complete data signal, the user is concerned, directly take over reading a digital signal value, with a SoC chip can make intelligent sensor.
make up the “core” short board FIELD
IntelligentUnder the tide, sensor technology is moving in the direction of the development of smart sensors, and rapid integration into things now, such as pressure sensors, inertial sensors, optical fingerprint sensor and physical quantity are more popular smart sensors, have a huge market demand. Regent micro chip only has four series, also shared with the user’s smart wearable devices, a variety of consumer electronics products and industrial networking and other areas of specialized products and solutions.
industrial control chip: HART modem chip SD2057, SD2085, SD2017B, is designed to implement the HART protocol designed CMOS chip modem chip (HART) field devices and the controller.
chip digital instrumentation: SD3501 few external components are required for cost-effective instrument SoC chip. Integration 24 ADC, 4 differential or pseudo-differential channel 7, an optional input gain, comes 18SEG × 4COM LCD / LED driver, three operating modes, three kinds of modes can be configured oscillator, self RTC function , external control resources variety, chip integrated 16k Bytes OTP, 512 Bytes SRAM.
Pyroelectric infrared signal processing chip: pyroelectric infrared signal processing chip SD4121R, is a CMOS technology integrated PIR (PassiveInfra-Red) controller chip, low power consumption. Sensing distance, and the probability of malfunction is much lower than the conventional control chip.
The digital temperature sensor chips: SD5075 is a high accuracy temperature sensor chips CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , SMBus interface may easily establish communication with other devices via the two-wire I2C /. Pin-compatible ADT75 / LM75A / TMP75. Another SD5820A, support single-bus communication, compatible DS18B20.
It is worth mentioning that also many micro-finished Regent brought booth applications. In their view, many domestic customers in the manufacturing sector’s strength is in the design of products, including software, circuit design, and so there is a short board. In contrast, Regent micro application engineers more familiar with the chip, customers can develop more reliable, more cost-effective applications. Therefore, Control Engineering Copyright , The majority of Chinese customers are now commissioned by Regent micro to help them develop.
adhere to independent innovation, and seek common future of the industry
“pressure sensing industry requires greater accuracy, our band 24Bits ADC’s SoC shipments a month now about 500-700 million pieces, accounting for about one of the amount of 50% of the Chinese market scale class. “
HART modem chip is also actively layout Regent micro industrial sector, creating a highlight of the product. The HART protocol is complicated for industrial environments field, superimposed on a carrier signal frequency during 20mA current loop signal 4 ~, whereby the analog and digital signals in two-way communication simultaneously without interfering with each other. 2008 Regent launch micro HART modem chip products CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , breaking the monopoly of foreign chip industrial control market situation, now its second-generation products have accounted for about one-third of global market share in the relevant .
Currently, micro-chip Regent also satisfy the IOT sensor related applications require a variety of functions. Most of its products are for standard chip devices, customized requirements can usually be implemented in software. This semi-custom design approach can while protecting the intellectual property rights of IC, maximizing both flexibility and cost-effective market segmentation client application program, in favor of win-win cooperation.
Over the years, the company adhere innovation, has low power consumption and low noise amplifying circuit, different structures of the mold / digital and digital / analog converter, a reference voltage source, 8-bit and 32-bit MCU, and other mixed-signal SoC number of core technologies, and apply for patents / soft forward. Regent Microelectronics core technical team from the United States, by virtue of experience and international perspective advanced analog and digital IC design, process, test, reliability, technology, quality management, the future will continue to focus on developing battery management, medical aspects of human health smart sensors and measuring things direction signal field.
In an interview last Luowei Shao said the global sensor market is in constant change and innovation in the trend of rapid growth, early heart Regent micro not forget, always adhere hundred percent positive design, IC help speed up the localization process, break foreign monopoly. And to strengthen the strategic partnership with the sensor business, and extending to mention high-tech, and promote the development of new sensor industry.

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