Furniture made of plastic spray gun

James Shaw Recently created a gun that turns thermoplastics into colorful fun furniture .

Based on the concept of sustainability, guns are a thought-provoking way to create more work without incurring more waste.
Plastic spray gun with hand-held function, no need to send to the factory for processing. The designer’s new collection introduces a coagulation pulp gun and a ash gun called Plastic Baroque.
Plastic BaroqueSustainable, it is part of the recycling design movement.

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Teenagers build environmentally friendly mobile villages for homeless people

Nickelsville is a nomadic slum where homeless people sleep in swaying water In the tents, basic hygiene and the necessary electricity cannot be guaranteed. Not long ago, a group of understanding Seattle teenagers and an innovative non-profit organizationSawhorse Revolution cooperation Start solving these complex problems. Unique shelters must be easily disassembled and transported, as nomads per 13-18month It is necessary to migrate. Meeting city guidelines and basic safety standards is another top priority for this group of Seattle teenagers to consider.

Compassionate teenagers not only built moderate small houses, they also created solar power stations, composting toilets and a community kitchen, all of which emphasize environmental protection. The team recently started at IndiegogoThe event raises enough money for those who need help to continue building more homes.

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Berlin City Tree House

Located in Berlin, this project is called the Urban Tree House and shows a modern design with the possibility of long-term life. Baumraum is a company known for this type of elevated architecture that created tree houses as an experimental research project. They placed the tree house in a residential community with a large garden —— very different from the rural areas surrounded by nature. Designed to add small alternative structures to the city while retaining nearly 7,000 square feet of trees around.

The Urban Tree House consists of two identical cubic units, each with 226 square feet of living space, including the kitchen and bathroom. They are all suspended on a 13-foot-high base with a lower platform, 8.5 feet above the ground. For a tree house, the stairs are supported by a flexible suspension system on the nearby oak.

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Deformable furniture

Use flexible slatted surfaces,RockPaperRobotCan create when not in use It becomes flat furniture.

Olliechair designErgonomic, with lumbar support, it can be a comfortable seat when you need it. The interchangeable chair surfaces can be flattened for easy storage. It comes in a variety of configurations, like a bar stool,, recliner and dining chair.
The table is mounted on the wall, it extends to Sufficient length, from a small table to a large table. When not in use, the desktop hangs on the wall inconspicuously. When you need it, simply pull the bottom edge out and expand it.

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Hozuki Light 2.0

Japan Outdoor BrandSnow Peak Very popular among adventurers and designers. Their original Hozukilights with LEDLight source, designed to mimic the sparkling flame of a candle. The design has now been updated to 2.0 version with a new energy-saving sleep mode.

UpdatedHozukiLights2.0The design style is simple, with miniaturesUSBCharging port, a hook and a low battery indicator.

White, light brown and dark brown, brightLEDLights are available100Lumen The lighting, hooks allow it to hang in tents or hang on outdoor branches.

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Built in a narrow house in densely populated Osaka

Kakko House YesYoshihiro YamamotoDesigned for a couple and their children in the densely populated Japanese city of Osaka. This is a narrow modern house, spanning 113 Span>square meter(1216square feet).
This house has a bare steel frame covered with a thin refractory slab.
In order to make full use of the small space, the house was divided into six floors. The basement (first floor) is the bedroom, the groundThe horizontal (second floor) is a garage, the third floor is the child’s space, the fourth floor is the living space, the fifth floor is the bathroom, and the sixth floor is the roof deck.
A perforated metal staircase connects each floor while allowing light to pass through.
Architects want to convey the feeling of family life like a bird, jumping around the branches.
Despite its limited width, the living area feels bright and open due to the raised ceiling and light from the roof deck. /p>

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Aluminium Stucco Embossed Sheet 5052 1.2mm Thickness

Designed IKON table

byMARC THORPE GORMDesign,IKON The table has an elegant look. The idea is to create a as small as possible, the finished product is a super-thin, well-designed table with a stylish aesthetic.

The ceramic tabletop is supported by four simple tapered legs, like a shelf. The triangular detail under the table provides additional stability. Each leg is made of wood with hidden steel to reinforce the table.
has a round or square tabletop.

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DesignerMatthias KirchnerRedesigning bicycle parts to provide a new item for this everyday item The perspective: a chair, which he created in Aachen University of Applied Sciences for six weeks.

Using two old bicycle forks, he stitched the frame of the seat together with the old bicycle tires to create a seat. The pipe is hand-stitched and the woven rubber creates a brittle surface.

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Smooth/Corrugated/Stucco Embossed Aluminium Coil

Designed LU table

LUThe table is a minimalist design by a German companyBao-Nghi Droste DesignCreation. Principle DesignerBao-Nghi Droste, born in Stuttgart, Germany, graduated from Darmstadt Special University of Applied Sciences. .

specifically, curved wooden sticks——usually used for armrests or backrests, combined with seat furniture Soft appearance. They are used to form the base of the table, providing a support structure to demonstrate strength and stiffness. As the name implies, the sticks are connected and shaped into lettersLandUThe shape.

A thin round aluminum piece functions as a desktop and looks like a piece of paper on three vertices. The combination of the table top and the base becomes an elegant and timeless piece of furniture.

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NOVA OBIECTA’s latest series: CREATION

Paris Design StudioNova Obiectaknown for its simple lines and sleek form, they have launched their latest collectionCREATION. With pure geometry and abstraction, these pieces can be placed on their own or together to create a cohesive collection.

Seven separate triangle components Formed togetherFlu (C). The top is made of translucent acrylic so one can clearly see its individual elements.

Elev (A)is a sharp armchair made of translucent acrylic Made of stainless steel. Merino wool felt pads can help prevent the chair from being too cold.

Varia (T)is a laser-cut chair with separate slats created An optical illusion. Light passing through the chair leads to a changing chair appearance.

Asce (N)is a translucent hexagonal table made of steel and acrylic. Each piece is perfectly assembled with the help of sub-millimeter manufacturing.

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