Elephant and castle preston

This is a confusing time, made of concrete for those of us who are capable of admiring. Earlier this month, I came to the gratifying news that the Orena Gold Finger 1963 office plot was developed in London for elephants and castles, now known as the Metropolitan Heights residential use, has been ranked as a second. Last week, the recently refurbished Mountain Park Village was selected as the Sterling Award of the Royal Institute of British Architects in Sheffield.

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European and American wind floor selection

The floor plan of European and American country styles is mostly based on natural materials. It is often laid on vintage bricks and wooden floors. It is also common to use mosaic tiles to make local embellishments.
1. Wood grain bricks are as warm as wood
Worried about using wooden floors, will it be easy to be infected with insects and cards in the future? Then use wood grain bricks! Using the glaze and embossing techniques to create a wood-like color and feel on the surface of the tile, it not only brings warmth to the home, but also cleans it well.

2. Wood floor to warm the wood

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Tokyo Stadium discussion live

Japanese architect Yan Wenyan, recently announced behind the United Nations Tower in New York, has launched a protest against Zaha · Hadid Architects designed the Tokyo Stadium for the 2020 Olympics.

I have recruited Toyo Ito, the reasons for Masahiro Fujimoto and Kengo Kuma, highlighting the design of some issues Evening and seminars. This will also be a live webcast.

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Couple bathtub: couples deserve to have

A couple of yin and yang baths, for those, you feel like there is no real share to share their bathtub is the best choice. A little confused? We all know that the time you spend with your other half is precious, counting every moment. But comfort and relaxation are essential. Couple bathtubs are things you don’t get, everyday use. First of all, it is super expensive. It costs $55,000 and from here you can get more information about it. Second, it keeps you away from your love. If these let you say: “No, not for me”, then what might make you change your mind? Let’s start with this: it provides you with just the right amount of intimacy (“space”) while allowing you to enjoy the bath.

This is a treatment for a different type of couple, encouraging as much as possible to do things together, At the same time promote the idea of ​​”joining together, but mind your own business”. “ Each swimmer has his/her own bath water. The temperature can be chosen separately to bathe the color of the additive. In addition, in terms of hygiene, separate bath water is the best solution. If a person takes a bath, only half the amount of water is necessary. “The shape is reminiscent of China’s symbolic yin, yang, and the constant change of expression. Most importantly, you can feel the vibration of the music, your body in every fiber and rainbow color enjoy the perfect combination in your bathtub.

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How to maintain the steam roller crusher?

Steam roller crusher maintenance measures:

  1. No matter how the material is fed to the crusher, a reliable rust removal device must be provided to prevent other debris from entering the broken machine.

  2. Check the oil level in the main and auxiliary drive gearboxes to ensure adequate oil supply.

  3. The crusher must be started at no load. The retained material in the crusher must be inspected and removed before starting. Check the oil level in the main and auxiliary drive gearboxes to ensure adequate oil supply.

  4. Start the crusher to reach the normal speed, and start feeding without any abnormality.

  5. If the crusher is deactivated for a long time, or it is started for the first time, the large pulley should be turned by hand for 2-3 weeks to confirm that the machine is running freely, and then the motor is “joged”. Several times, when the motor rotates in the correct direction, the crusher can be officially started.

  6. Regularly check whether the crusher product particle size meets the requirements. The spacing of the crushing rolls can be readjusted if necessary.

  7.Be sure to stop the feeding before the normal shutdown, and all the materials in the standby can be stopped after the crusher is removed.

  8. The main and auxiliary transmission gearboxes of the crusher are lubricated with gear oil, and the lubricating oil in the tank should be replaced in time during summer and winter.

  9. When changing the strength, particle size or crushing ratio of the crusher material, the nitrogen pressure of the buffer cylinder should be reset. The amount of pressure is moderate to meet the needs of the crushing roller pressing force. Excessive compression forces can cause increased wear and increased power consumption. Too small a pressing force will increase the super-granules of the crushed product and cause the active crushing roller to exhibit frequent vibration. The buffer cylinder nitrogen pressure is used in the range of 1.5-4 MPa.

  10. After the crusher is overhauled, when reassembling the upper crushing roller and the shell coupling, the round nut and the coupling bolt should strictly control the tightening torque. When tightening the clamp coupling bolts, it is necessary to pay attention to the sequence. The diagonal bolts should be tightened first, then the intermediate bolts should be tightened, and the gaps on both sides of the joint should be uniform.

  11.Maintenance and repair If you need to open the cover of the main and auxiliary drive gearboxes, you must replace the rubber seals and evenly apply a layer on the static seal surface before reinstalling. Sealant to prevent oil leakage and oil leakage on the sealing surface.

  12. The bearings of the upper and lower crusher roller translation linkages of the crusher are greased and lubricated. The design requires the use of No. 2 or No. 3 calcium-based grease. The oil cup cover should be tightened one week for each week of normal production to inject grease.
(provided by Shenyang Building Materials Network) <

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Blackberry explores new ways in the fog

Blackberry’s board of directors announced Monday that it has formed a special committee that may eventually take over the company’s sales. Once the news was announced, the shares in the smartphone maker were stopped at the NASDAQ exchange in New York. The committee will be responsible for the strategic choice of exploration, increasing value and scaling up to accelerate the deployment of BlackBerry 10. These alternatives may include, among other things, possible joint ventures, strategic partnerships or alliances, sales of the company or other possible transactions.

The board will include a number of senior management members, including BlackBerry Chairman Barbara Stymiest and CEO Torsten Heins. Hynes said the company will continue to focus on “reducing costs, driving efficiency and accelerating the deployment of BES 10, using the BlackBerry 10 smartphone and driving.

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Playing the price war, is it wrong?

The “price war” must be a word that all industries hear and hear, because it is about the interests of the whole field, to the enterprise, distribution Business, small to civilian consumers.

For the word “price war”, we always hear different voices, from the consumer’s point of view, of course hope The lower the price, the better. However, some people believe that the price war is to “kill the peers and starve to death.” So why is there a price war? What role does the price war play?

How to define “price war”

“Price war” generally refers to a kind of commercial competition between sales terminals by competing to reduce the market price of goods. behavior. In the era when the Internet did not rise, the price war was only a small fight. With the development of technology, consumer behavior has quietly changed, and the Internet has become an indispensable way for consumers to consume. At this time, the price war has spread to various fields. .

In order to get traffic and attract customers, many dealers have started a price war. There are successes and crashes; what is the key? Is the existence of price wars wrong? Is it the chief culprit in disrupting the market, influencing the brand, and damaging the healthy health of the industry, or is it necessary to seize the share, improve the performance, and promote the upgrade?

The economic situation in the building materials industry in 2018 is quite severe, and some poorly-operated dealers have been eliminated, and those who are struggling to support distribution The business is expected to opt out in 2019, and in order to recover the cost as much as possible, the order will be obtained at a cheap price. Such a move is bound to create a new round of price shocks in the industry, triggering a more brutal price war!

By price war, how many games can you win?

What is the most terrible price war? – “White is busy not making money, ruining products and ruining the market.”

The building materials market is becoming more saturated in 2019, competition is getting more and more fierce, and there are countless competitors. As a result, many stores have been caught in the price of the Red Sea, and some stores even appear “no discounts and no transactions.”

Why are you forced to get involved in this “price war”? The reason is very simple. You think that your product is no different from the competitor’s product. As long as the price is cheaper than the competitor, it will drive your sales.

But, sales are up, is your store profit really improving? In this blind price war, whoever has a large amount will gain a cost advantage, and the premise of a large amount is the low price. Adjusting the price three times a week, the consumer is afraid to buy your product, because he does not know if your price will be cheaper tomorrow.

No hard verification, don’t fight price war

When you are stuck in this battlefield without smoke, it is impossible to retreat. Because the price is bad, the market is broken, you want to return to the original state, the price paid is big, sometimes you have to pay the price of dying a batch of goods, or even let a series of products disappear completely. The power of the new life is not from the moths who are not afraid of the deceased, but from the opponents who follow their own way and stick to their own quality positioning and price positioning.

Compared with big brands, small brands may have to withstand the opponent’s constant throwing in addition to resisting the shuffling of big brands. Price reduction pressure. At this time, we have to live, how to prepare for the price war?

Not all brands are your competitors. , are your objects. For example, big brands have the strength and reputation and money, you can’t compete; local small brands, low prices, styles are still imitating, you have been suffering from the competition of these small brands, he will drag you down and distract your energy. Therefore, when you have not yet possessed the hard power and skill of the big brand, you should be careful to play the “price war.”

It is better to improve user experience and service than to fight price.

“Price war” will never be a big brand, Germany People will prohibit the fight against price wars. Therefore, a country with a population of only 80 million has created more than 2,300 world famous brands, making “Made in Germany” famous all over the world.

In this era of dying, please don’t kill others and die yourself. And the “price war” of the vicious circle will eventually collapse in the end. Please keep your bottom line and stick to your brand positioning, whether it is quality positioning or price positioning.

There are hundreds of brands in a store, and with the transparency of Internet information, the choice has been fully paid to users. On the hand, now completely enter the era when users are king. Whoever reads the consumer knows who has the opportunity to take the lead.

Contemporary consumer users pursue individuality, fashion, simplicity, abandon the same stereotypes, abandon the complex and heavy personality characteristics to make the individualized into the building materials and home furnishing industry Important pursuit. They are more focused on new consumer experiences like “customized services,” so the experience and services are done well, and consumers’ favors will follow.

Make the “price war” into a “value war”

If you don’t want to be eliminated by the industry, you must eliminate the outdated means, keep up with the pace of the times, and use innovative thinking to make the store “always young.” Transforming the sense of consumption into consumer value, analyzing the elements of city, group, style, age, budget, etc., and then telling consumers: “We know you, we are not selling the products we want to sell, but the needs you want.”

Insist on the value of their products, adhere to their own business value, and adhere to their own existence value. The quality, brand and service of the product should be more stringent, and it will be better in terms of cost performance, product function, aesthetic design and value label.

Lost price, quality, service, experience, profit, no matter how strong you are, no profit, no survival, no quality ! Only quality products, excellent quality, plus professional marketing system and sincere service, can penetrate the hearts of consumers. Then, are you still involved in the “price war”? When the “Lady next door” is frantically cutting prices, your “going the wrong way” can also stand out.

New era new consumption concept, to embrace the value! Deeper thinking about the connection between brand and personal value, changing the mode of thinking, formulating a plan suitable for the development of the times, meeting the needs of consumers as much as possible, and taking the lead. Do not fight against low prices, only develop with innovation!

Source: Dealer Charging Station


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Seaside home on the east coast of Ireland

With the existing private beach, a new beachfront holiday home occupies a long-term summer house. Resonance of the size and location of neighboring mobile homes.

The parallel wall-to-wall residence is open to the East of Ireland.

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Danish Disabled Persons Association builds disabled building

The only thing in the Danish Association for the Disabled is the fact that they are all gathered under an umbrella. Despite the huge differences between individual organizations, the general consensus is that the general promotion of disability issues is even greater when you join forces. Now, there are about 20 different organizations representing the disabled organizations in the House, forming close collaboration and creating a new dynamic synergy. The organization’s goal, this new house is to create “the most accessible office building in the world”. High ambition and a complex task, involving intense users, and being seen as a new strategic approach, the way forward to achieve this goal.

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A stable climate requires the control of sudden increases in greenhouse gases

Some previous studies have shown that reducing soot and methane emissions does not reduce global warming, according to a new study released Monday by the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). “Controlling or reducing soot and methane emissions will contribute to the climate, but not as previously thought,” said research author Steve · Smith, Department of Climate and Energy, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNL). Researchers suggest, rather than focus on reducing the level of greenhouse gas emissions.

“If we want a stable climate system, we need to focus on greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane,” Smith said. “The concentration of individual soot and methane is unlikely to provide too many shortcuts. ”

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