It is estimated that the size of China’s Internet home improvement market will exceed 300 billion yuan in 2018.

Recently, iiMedia Research (hereinafter referred to as Ai Media Consulting), the world’s leading data mining and analysis organization for new economic industries, released the report on the traffic analysis of China’s Internet home improvement platform in the first half of 2018. (hereinafter referred to as the “Report”). According to the “Report”, in 2017, the size of China’s Internet home improvement market reached 268.04 billion yuan, an increase of 27.4%. The growth rate of the Internet home improvement industry is stable. It is estimated that the size of China’s Internet home improvement market will exceed 300 billion yuan in 2018.

Investigation data shows that 64.2% of respondents are concerned about Internet home improvement platform advertising marketing Activities, of which 30.6% of the respondents were concerned. The analysis believes that the Internet home improvement platform has advantages in resource integration and product service. By strengthening the planning and publicity of advertising marketing activities, it can improve brand awareness, enhance user trust, and thus obtain traffic, and gain a place in the Internet home improvement industry. According to the “Report”, with the development of the mobile Internet, users are more eager to enter the home improvement platform to obtain relevant information and select services. The importance of the mobile terminal in each traffic portal is expected to be further strengthened in the future.

At the same time, from the development trend of China’s Internet home improvement platform released by the “Report” in 2018, one-stop decoration or standard for home improvement. The application of the one-stop decoration concept will have a positive impact on the Internet home improvement industry. One-stop decoration to solve a series of problems such as lack of time and energy, unprofessional, and unfamiliar price is the mainstream development trend of the home improvement industry. Internet home improvement should provide users with a variety of services and products, as well as improve product service quality and optimize user experience.

Analysis shows that standardized products can build user trust and cut into the market, which is the precondition for achieving scale advantage and industrial chain integration. In the future, the entire home improvement industry, standard decoration There will be more and more. At the same time of standardization, the current home improvement consumers have strong differentiated needs, and custom soft clothes cater to the consumer’s pursuit of individuality psychology and consumption upgrade trend. Standardized hard-packed and custom-made soft-packed combinations can reconcile the contradiction between personalization and standardization to maximize consumer satisfaction.

The Internet home improvement platform is widely distributed, involving home improvement e-commerce and decoration platforms. The “Report” analysis believes that the O2O model and the combination of online and offline may be the development direction and trajectory of the industry in the future for a long time. In the offline aspect, we will continue to strengthen the service links to ensure that users are provided with quality services. On the online side, innovative technologies and technologies are more integrated into emerging technologies to enhance design quality.

In the first half of 2018, the Internet home improvement platform head company experienced a further expansion in the market, and it was more abundant in terms of resources, content and traffic. Head companies may further lay down the line and do not rule out the possibility of mergers and acquisitions. After the listing, the head company established the status of the leading enterprise in the Internet home improvement industry, which brought a huge threat to the second echelon’s Internet home improvement company. At the same time, in the future, in order to achieve sustained growth, the head enterprises should be fully integrated online and offline. .

The “Report” shows that the home improvement industry is still a manpower-led industry. With the continuous advancement of technology, Internet home improvement companies will design and inform VR real-life. Assembly technology, construction robots, big data analysis and other technologies are applied to the corresponding links of the company’s operations to improve the accuracy and efficiency of design, construction, supply chain and other aspects. The wide application of new technologies is conducive to the scale development of the Internet home improvement industry. .


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Challenges faced by sheet companies in 2018

It was not a calm year for plate makers. Under the high pressure of environmental protection, a large number of plates were shut down, and the price of plates became the new normal. This is undoubtedly worse for many plate makers. Next, many plate makers began to seek change. In 2018, it will be a more cruel year for plate makers. From the perspective of national policies and industry development, more plate factories will be shut down and rectified. With the pressure of market competition and changes in consumer demand, there will be a large number of The plate makers will be eliminated.

First, environmental protection is high, price increases are still the new normal

Under the background of national supply-side reform and the conversion of old and new kinetic energy, environmental protection will continue to maintain high pressure, and the road to capacity production in the sheet metal industry has just begun. Many plate production enterprises will be forced, and a large number of low-quality, low-value-added plates will be replaced. The price increase will be the new normal, which is hard for the plate makers. The profit of the plate is not high now, and it will face the problem that the loss cannot be timely paid after the price increase. Many projects are One day dragging a day, for a few months, the plate merchants can only sigh on the sky!

Second, consumption upgrade, plate channel sinking

With people With the improvement of living standards, people’s demands for home life are getting higher and higher. The market for traditional woodworking handmade furniture and finished custom furniture is shrinking. More and more young people choose custom homes. Due to changes in consumer groups and needs, The customers of directly demanding plates are constantly decreasing. In addition, many manufacturers are also doing channel sinking. Factory direct to consumers, which further reduced the living space board business.

Three, peer competition, profit margins become smaller

With the development of the market, more and more plate operators, competition with peers is increasingly fierce, price war The problem of stockpile and credit sales has become increasingly serious. The profit margin of sheet sales has become smaller, vicious competition and serious credit sales have led to the transparency of product prices. Many sheet metal companies have even lost their plates.

Four tariffs are skyrocketing and foreign trade exports are difficult

In recent years, the country’s trade protection has risen, and the United States has launched a double-research on plywood in China and made a ruling. The dumping margin of Chinese enterprises is 183.36%, and the subsidy range is 22.98%~194.90%. After the double-reverse investigation and ruling, the US plate companies launched an anti-circumvention investigation to the US Department of Commerce, and they want to completely close the door of China’s plywood exports to the United States. After the United States, South Korea, Australia and Liu Ya and other countries are also launching a new round of trade protection. Tariffs have skyrocketed, and plate traders doing foreign trade generally reflect that exports are difficult to do.

In the face of these four fatal injuries, some prophetic panel makers began to transform into the whole house customization field. In the whole house customization field, in addition to the European, Sofia, Shangpin home furnishing and other brands, Anxin Meijia new home brand has become the target of the plate suppliers to join, especially the Anxin Meijia because of the new home brand products cost-effective, short customization cycle The characteristics of the new model, etc., are more favored by the plate makers than the old brands.

According to the analysis of authoritative organizations, the demand for customized home market is rising. The custom home market is expected to exceed 300 billion in 2020. 2018 will be the best time for plate makers to transform the whole house customization industry.


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How to choose the exterior wall tiles?

The current building decoration will design the outer wall. Now the outer wall is usually tiled, but there are many kinds of tiles, so we need to carefully select some when decorating. It takes a certain skill, so what are the types of ordinary exterior wall tiles? How to choose ordinary exterior wall tiles?

Ordinary exterior wall tiles

Types of ordinary exterior wall tiles

1. Glazed tiles This product is also an exterior wall tile that has been subjected to a glaze process. The glazed exterior wall tiles are made of clay and china clay. After firing, if the surface is red, this is the clay, if it is grayish white, it can be said that it is porcelain clay.

2. Stone: The natural stone is specially processed and cut into square outer wall tiles. Its surface retains the unique texture and color of natural stone. The whole body is composed of stone materials. Its hardness, density and wear resistance are incomparable to ceramic tiles.

3. Vitrified brick This is polished, the surface is bright but not polished. This kind of façade tile conforms to the consumer’s pursuit of beauty, and also gives people a visual sense of a large space, an honor of identity.

Ordinary exterior wall tiles

Second, how to choose ordinary façade tiles

1. Knock the tiles to listen to the sound density. There are many standards for distinguishing between good and bad tiles, which can be beaten. The more crisp the sound, the higher the porcelain and the better the quality. You can also use the left thumb, forefinger and middle finger to clip the corner of the tile, and hang it down easily. Use your right index finger to tap the middle and lower part of the tile. The sound is clear and pleasing to the top, and the voice is dull and turbid.

2. According to the tile material, it is divided into glazed exterior wall brick and external wall brick: glazed exterior wall brick – it is composed of two parts: embryo body and glazed surface. , high-grade porcelain glazed exterior wall brick, which is made of porcelain clay, has a water absorption rate as low as 0.5% and high strength. External wall tiles – the surface is not glazed, and the material and color of the front and back are the same, hence the name. The external wall tiles generally have a rough surface, and the decorative effect is antique, elegant and simple, and simple and natural.

3. Color sense: mainly whether the tile has color difference, whether the color is rich, good tile without color difference, rich and varied colors, such as the golden rudder ceramic Paraiba adopts double line The fabric crystallization technology, the color is fresh and smooth, no color difference, and the color is rich. The colorless tiles are laid at home for a beautiful enjoyment, while the chrome tiles are irritating and uncomfortable.
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Smart home “new retail”, new concept

With the rapid development of smart homes, the new retail model of smart homes has begun to rise quietly. What new revelation does the new retail have for the development of smart homes? Can it become a new navigation mark for the industry in the future?

 &emsp The concept of “new retail” was proposed by Ma Yun in 2016, and its core lies in the combination of “online and offline”, which was the product of the “bottleneck” of the business development at the time. In February 2017, Alibaba Group and Bailian Group reached a strategic cooperation and continued to promote the new retail strategy. Subsequently, the two traditional camps of traditional physical stores and e-commerce platforms have entered the new retail circle to test the water. Moreover, with the rapid development of smart homes, the new retail model of smart homes has begun to rise quietly. What new revelation does the new retail have for the development of smart homes? Can it become a new navigation mark for the industry in the future?

  Smart home businesses have tried new retails
  As we all know, in the past two years, in hardcover delivery Under the policy of renting and selling, the smart home 2B channel landing mode is very popular. In order to land smart home and save energy as soon as possible, most smart home enterprises first choose to cooperate with housing developers, home improvement companies and channel partners to adopt the system engineering project model. Bring smart home products to the home indirectly. However, starting in 2018, the advantages of the new retail model began to show dew, and domestic giants and smart home enterprises began to become players in the new retail model.
  Undoubtedly, driven by the new retail model, the smart home business model is beginning to change. It is no longer limited to the engineering project model. It is invading C in a large-scale retail way. In the current promotion stage of the smart home market, the new retail concept will undoubtedly enable smart home manufacturers to see the combination of online promotion and offline sales, and promote the new method of optimizing and upgrading the line in the commercial dimension.
   In the new retail water test, the purple light of the whole house intelligent route took the lead in opening, as early as last March, Ziguang IOT established the first new retail line ** inspection shop. Subsequently, in a short period of six months, the number of new retail experience stores expanded to 58, and, in cooperation with Suning Tesco, relying on Suning Tesco’s rich online resources, vigorously attacking the new retail market.
   If the first two years, smart home new retail just reveals, then in 2018 can be said to be the first year of smart home new retail, a group of smart home enterprises have gradually entered the new retail market.
   In March of this year, B&Q’s five smart stores in Beijing and Shanghai, B&Thome, opened at the same time. The only selected Oerrebo smart home was built a scene experience wall. Subsequently, the smart store B&Thome began to land in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shanghai, Wuxi, Hangzhou, Beijing and Chongqing. It is expected that this year, the Baianju 100+ smart home experience wall will cover all smart stores.
   In May, the long-established “Millet has a product” opened its first line in Nanjing. It is worth noting that in addition to mobile phones, the experience store also brought together Xiao Ai, Mi Jia robot. As well as the Mijia smart home single product SKU, it can be seen that Xiaomi is also a good user.
   In June, Ou Ruibo opened its first smart home flagship store in Chengdu, which sensationalized the Sichuan home improvement circle; Le Anju signed a cooperation agreement with Chuangshi Real Estate to officially deploy new retail; Huawei released a panic The smart home terminal equipment brand, Huawei’s smart selection, announced that it will open 1,000+ Huawei’s smart line ** check-in stores this year.
   At the same time, the three major telecom operators and their local contractors have also begun to enter the smart home new retail market.
   It seems that the new retail market has become a new battlefield for the “torn” of smart home businesses.
  Can new retail detonate the new navigation of smart home?
   Ma Yun once asserted that there will be no e-commerce platform concept in the future, only the new retail model. When the online e-commerce platform encounters the ceiling, the new retail is undoubtedly a powerful weapon to save the e-commerce in trouble. At the same time, it is also a huge disruptive change for traditional physical stores. For the smart home industry, the new retail also has an important apocalypse, which means that smart home manufacturers through the cooperation with traditional home stores, well-known large chain stores, through these partners’ online and offline traffic resources, and manufacturers The offline smart home experience store combines and then completes the transaction through mobile payment through mobile payment.
  As we all know, in recent years, the scale of the smart home market has repeatedly exploded. According to the prediction of authoritative organizations, the scale of China’s smart home market will reach 200 billion by 2020. Undoubtedly, smart home is a commercial blue ocean to be explored. This is the reason why all smart home enterprises are madly digging for gold. However, it is always a pain point for industry to land. The emergence of the new retail model seems to make smart home enterprises see a breakthrough.
   The experience of the new retail advocacy is the soul of the smart home line. Smart home products are re-experienced products. At present, the smart home market is still in the stage of being educated. It is necessary to push smart home products and systems directly to consumers through online inspection shops, thereby enhancing consumer awareness. This is the most direct and fastest way to promote. The most important thing is that, unlike traditional brick-and-mortar stores, the products of the smart home line ** check shop are not only exhibitions, but also showrooms/model rooms, but are replaced into real-life living spaces, users. You can directly play smart products, small scene sets or whole house smart sets.
   In terms of new retail, Xiaomi has products, Ou Ruibo, Ziguang IOT have sample reference value, Xiaomi has the leader to make smart home products to be the best, Ou Ruibo will be single product + system to be unique The demonstrator, and the Purple Lights Association is the leader of the whole house intelligent customization. In short, they will restore the real scene of the smart home scene through the line ** inspection shop, give the customer the ultimate, true line test, truly solve the pain points of traditional home improvement, and thus win the trust of customers. Moreover, with the gradual opening of the smart home ecosystem, smart home products using different communication protocols can be compatible with each other, greatly improving the dilemma of low smart home experience, which is why smart home new retail development is so fast.
   In addition, AI, big data and smart internet technology have brought development opportunities for new retail, helping users to create shopping interaction, marketing accuracy, customer stickiness, insight into consumers through data analysis, and enhancements. Business flexibility and quick response to market changes. For example, many ordinary users come to the offline smart home experience store, the first time may just look at it casually, but if you can realize the real-time perception of user needs, the user may even be able to generate sales for the first time when the user visits the store for the second time.
   Moreover, after consumers experience a smart home brand, they only need mobile payment, and the rest of the services including logistics, installation, and after-sales service do not need to worry about it, so users can save The heart and effort, as a smart home manufacturers can also make money, the same as the provision of traffic services, logistics services, supermarkets, logistics companies can profit from it, can be said to achieve multi-win.
   However, overall, the new retail model of smart home has yet to be improved, the integration of online and offline is not high enough, and the experience needs to be improved. Therefore, the transformation of new retail products in home enterprises is still very A long way to go. Moreover, when companies seek to transform, it is not advisable to make a self-sufficiency, but blindly follow the trend is also very dangerous, smart home enterprises to see the industry and their own shortcomings, to identify their own market positioning. From the current point of view, smart items are the main force of new retail sales, followed by small scene smart sets, and the whole house smart sales conversion is not ideal, but it represents the future direction of smart home.

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Bathroom renovation precautions

Bathroom decoration is an indispensable part of home decoration, because the water consumption of the bathroom is not only more, but also frequent. Therefore, in the bathroom decoration, many people pay special attention to the waterproof treatment and drainage treatment of the bathroom. However, there are many precautions in the bathroom decoration. Have you noticed it? Let’s take a look at it!

1. Toilet

When the toilet is mentioned, the primary consideration is the toilet distance. The average toilet is 70cm long. After installing the toilet, keep a distance of at least 40cm in front of the toilet. This will ensure that you can sit down and walk smoothly, and you can determine the width of the bathroom cabinet.

2. Bathroom cabinet

The bathroom cabinet can be divided into natural stone, artificial stone, fireproof board, baking varnish, glass, metal and solid wood. The substrate is the main body of the bathroom cabinet, which is covered by the surface material. . The substrate is the determining factor in the quality and price of the bathroom cabinet. When we choose a bathroom cabinet, we should not only look at the color and shape of the product, but also the inside and the back. Since the front side of the bathroom cabinet is coated with a special paint, it is easy to wipe with water drops or liquid. The back and inside are not easily rubbed off, which can easily cause corrosion.

3. Shower

The bathroom is basically dry and wet, that is, the toilet, the sink and the shower are separated. The most convenient way is to add a shower door. The sliding door is divided into two types: push-pull and opening and closing. Relatively speaking, the push-pull sliding door is more space-saving.

4, electric wire

There is a water heater installed in the bathroom, and there are four sets. When installing the water heater, it is recommended to use the 4 square line separately. Safe to use.

5, socket

The bathroom is a place where water is often used, and the environment of the bathroom is relatively humid, so the waterproof switch should be installed at the socket switch of the bathroom. Reserve a socket in advance next to the toilet.

6, water heater

When installing the water heater in the bathroom, pay attention to a few details, first of all, the location of the water heater, choose the beam on the beam, keep a certain height; secondly, install the water heater The location does not affect the bathroom door; the water heater below is installed too low and unsafe.

7, water pipe

When the waterway was rebuilt in the early stage, the water pipe of the bathroom was determined, and the hot water pipe was better used in the bathroom, which was safer; cold water pipe The heat resistance is not good.

8, shower

Bathroom design dry and wet separation is necessary, so as to keep the bathroom sanitation, no longer so wet. The shower of the bathroom can’t be aligned with the toilet and the door. When you take a shower, the water will flow into the hallway. The following case is a reasonable, correct design method for the bathroom.

9, floor drain

Be sure to design a sloping slope at the location where the floor drain is installed, so that the bathroom will not collect a lot of water and the drainage speed will be very fast. The floor drain must choose good quality.
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Do not ignore home hardware maintenance

As the saying goes, “The embankment of a thousand miles, destroyed in the ant hole”, the details are the key factors to determine success or failure. This principle is also the same in home hardware maintenance, many people tend to ignore the maintenance of home hardware accessories.

Door lock: The lock used on the wooden door is preferably a silent lock. The heavier the lock, the thicker the material is, the more resistant it is to wear. On the contrary, the material is thin and easily damaged. Secondly, look at the surface finish of the lock, whether it is fine and smooth, no spots. Repeatedly open to see the sensitivity of the lock core spring.

Clock: When the rotation is not flexible enough, a small amount of black powder can be scraped from the pencil lead and lightly blown into the lock hole. This is because the graphite component is a good solid lubricant. Never drop in the oil as it will make it easier to stick to the dust.

The ground spring used in ordinary doors: the floor spring of the door should be stainless steel or copper. Before it is officially installed, it should be adjusted before and after the opening and closing speed for easy use. .

As for hinges, hanging wheels, casters: moving parts may degrade performance due to the adhesion of dust during long-term movements. One or two drops of lubricant are kept at a constant level every six months or so.

Sink hardware: faucets and sinks, also belong to kitchen hardware, their maintenance is also indispensable. For the stainless steel sinks used in most households, the oil stains in the water tank should be removed with detergent or soapy water during cleaning, and then cleaned with a soft towel to avoid leaving grease, but avoid using steel balls. Chemical agents, steel brush cleaning, will rub off the stainless steel paint, and will corrode the sink.

Cabinet hardware: The kitchen cabinet is the main part of the kitchen. There are many hardware accessories, including door hinges, slide rails, handles, metal baskets, etc. The materials are generally made of stainless steel or steel. Spraying treatment is the main one. The specific maintenance method is as follows:

First, the door hinge and the slide rail should be regularly lubricated to ensure that the door and the drawer are smoothly opened and closed, and there is no jamming. Br />
Second, do not hang heavy objects and wet objects on the door or drawer handle of the kitchen cabinet, it is easy to cause the handle to loosen, and the screw after the loosening can be adjusted to restore the original shape;

Avoid vinegar, salt, soy sauce, sugar and other condiments on the hardware. If it is sprinkled, it should be cleaned up in time, otherwise it will corrode the hardware.

Four, the door hinge, the slide rail, The hinges of these joints are rust-proof, spray rust inhibitors, and keep them from touching the water, keep the humidity of the kitchen not too high, so as to prevent the hardware from rusting and rusting;

Five, use with care when using, do not use excessive force when opening / closing the drawer, to prevent the rail from coming out or being hit For high-rise baskets, etc., pay attention to the direction of rotation and stretch, avoid using dead force.
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Mobile phone into a smart service terminal, can the home appliance industry succeed in its transformation?

Smartphones have become an indispensable part of modern life. Sending and receiving WeChat, retrieving information, and querying maps are inseparable from mobile phones.

The National Mobile Phone Eye Behavior Big Data Report released in June 2018 shows that the netizens participating in the survey use the mobile phone on average every day. The number of times is 108, and the usage time is nearly 6 hours. Frequent usage rates and a large user base have created enormous potential in the mobile phone market.

Statistical data show that as of the end of 2017, the number of smartphone users in China has reached 668 million. The high penetration rate of smartphones has led many companies that focus on home appliances to target this market and test their smartphones.

Home appliance companies re-layout the mobile phone market

Recently, a new Gree model phone has been approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The industry speculates that this may be the third release of Gree. On behalf of mobile phones, the topic of home appliance business layout of the smart phone market has caused great concern on the Internet. TCL, Changhong, Gree, Hisense, Skyworth and other companies that focus on home appliances have started smart phones, and they are on the mainstream e-commerce platform.

In fact, the entry of home appliance companies into the mobile phone field is not something that has happened in recent years. TCL, Konka, Skyworth more than a decade ago. Other home appliance companies have already started to operate mobile phones.

In 1999, Konka launched the first mobile phone with independent intellectual property rights in China, and launched the first domestically produced in 2003. Color screen mobile phone, in 2008, the dual card dual standby series products have created a single-machine sales champion.

In 2005, Skyworth officially announced that it would invest 1 billion yuan into the mobile phone market and listed it in 18 Skyworth brands within one month. New high-end mobile phones. In 2006, Changhong mobile phone realized monthly sales of 500,000 units, and monthly sales revenue reached 400 million yuan, entering the first phalanx of domestic mobile phones.

However, in the era of smartphones, these brands are no longer. Taking Sichuan Changhong as an example, the revenue of its communication products in 2015-2017 was 155 million yuan, 279 million yuan, and 173 million yuan respectively, accounting for 0.2% of total revenue, and the gross profit margin was 16.52%. 15.00%, 8.90%. At the same time, the gross profit margin of its TV business was 16.48%, 21.41% and 20.83%, respectively. The gross profit margin of air-conditioner refrigerator products was 24.01%, 23.69% and 21.69% respectively. The gross profit margin of mobile phone sales is not only far lower than the industry leader Apple, but also lower than the same brand of home appliances. The revenue of mobile phone business has negligible contribution to the company’s performance. It can be seen that it is not easy for home appliance giants to have a place in the highly competitive smartphone market.

Using the advantages to achieve corner overtaking

Analysis data shows that the market share of mobile phones produced by home appliance companies is not high. The 2017-2018 China Smartphone Market Research Report released by Ai Media Consulting in March this year shows that in 2017, China’s smartphone market was led by Chinese mobile phone manufacturers, and Huawei became the highest-selling smartphone manufacturer in China with 20.9% sales. OPPO and vivo follow closely. Xiaomi mobile phone achieved contrarian growth in 2017, with market sales accounting for 12.9%, surpassing Apple’s mobile phone and ranking fourth in China’s smartphone sales. However, in this report, I did not see a home appliance company on the list. What is the basis and purpose of the strategic layout of home appliance companies that spend huge R&D costs on smartphone production? From the demand side, the market size of smartphones is very attractive.

Although some analysts believe that China’s smartphone market has become saturated, the top mobile phone manufacturers have occupied Most of the market share, and for the first-tier cities and small and medium-sized cities have established relatively complete sales channels. However, from the supply side point of view, providing differentiated products to meet the special needs of different users; working hard on innovation, avoiding the similarity in appearance, function and design of mobile phones can still make products have strong market competitiveness. On the other hand, opening up sales channels, promoting the integration of online and offline channels, enhancing the user’s consumption experience, can also promote user consumption.

For the international market, the construction of the “Belt and Road” has been steadily advanced, and the interconnection between China and the world has been strengthened. It has also promoted mobile phone products for home appliance companies through existing overseas sales channels. Guomen has provided help. Home appliance companies can achieve overtaking by bending through the fierce competition in the international market.

Take your mobile phone into a smart service terminal

Different from the general business to expand the smart phone business, the service smart home is Most home appliance companies have invested huge sums of money in mobile phone R&D. Many home appliance companies hope to make mobile phones a service terminal for connecting home appliances and intelligent hardware in the Internet of Things.

Compared with ordinary home, smart home not only has traditional living functions, but also provides information interaction, enabling users to view and control the related equipment on the outside, making home life safer and more comfortable.

To this end, Gree proposed in 2016, taking smart home as the entry point, increasing the research and development of communication technology, realizing the wireless connection of key home appliances, and can pass Gree + “APP for remote control, fault alarm and maintenance services. Hisense also plans to expand the industrial layout to smart homes, smart communities and smart cities, and use mobile phones as the control center for smart homes, smart communities, smart cities.

Smart homes based on Internet and IoT technology will become the development trend of smart life in the future, bringing people more humanized and better Living environment.

Although the market share of mobile phones produced by home appliance companies is not high, in addition to communication and entertainment functions, mobile phones The interaction with home appliances may become the future growth point of the industry.

It can be said that the purpose of home appliance companies is not to defeat Huawei, Apple and other companies. But through the mobile phone business to improve production Industry chain layout, serving the transformation and upgrading of home appliances, through the connection of mobile terminals with home appliances, providing a total solution for convenient living and smart life. Well-known home appliance companies have accumulated many years of brand advantage and reputation in the hearts of consumers will also Play a certain role in the promotion of its smartphone.


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Today’s stone industry threshold is step by step

This is the worst era and the best. “This sentence is often used by people to describe a kind of ambivalence caused by bad changes in the environment. Worst, it means that the environment has become bad, and it is best, meaning that some industry in the cracks is alive.” I have used my own “dao”. It is appropriate to use this sentence to describe the current environment. In the face of increasingly vagaries of the present and the ambiguous future, the stone industry will be as part of the practitioners. Say, is there a change?
In the past, the profit of the stone industry mainly relied on the profit margin brought by various differences:

The price difference is the cost of earning resources. The stone trade is exceptionally good. As long as the vision is not so bad, you can always make a profit from finding the right variety. But with the changes in the internal and external environment and the competitive landscape, this kind of price difference caused by resources “The dividend seems to have passed. The quietly started trade war has made the international situation even more severe. Due to the turmoil in some countries, currency depreciation, and increased tariffs, the stone import and export market has been fully affected and even appeared. In some countries, even if they are ordered, they may not be bothered by the problem. In addition, the news of domestic seals has been one after another, which has made the stone resources turbulent. On the other hand, the return of environmental protection has brought about the chaos of “the increase of the same variety of business households”, resulting in a comprehensive price war. The sound has caused the original “price difference” based on cost control to be completely disrupted.

Second is the information gap in the stone industry. The past development of the stone industry has grown in a rough manner, for a large part of the reasons. The information is caused by poor information. The grades of the stone are different, the grades are different, the yield rate is not the same, etc., so the stone can never be balanced with the uniform price. If the tile is beer, then the stone is like wine, wine, you will always I can’t figure out the price it should have. It’s just how you taste it. In the face of the Internet and the sales dilemma, this information gap has also been broken: on the one hand, the development of the Internet has enabled information to be filtered through data. On the other hand, excess stocks lead to increased competition. In the face of sales pressure, businesses are eager to show themselves, buyers can find through comparison The price is higher than the slab. The cause of the difference in stone information is being transparently step by step.

The third is to benefit from the purchase of raw materials. In the process of purchasing raw materials, Party A Will only face two choices, willing to spend money or spend time? And this often depends on their financial situation. Just like online games, there are two kinds of players, one kind of RMB player, one kind of game player, and the RMB player is usually willing to spend Money buys game resources to shorten the time spent on games, while gamers choose to invest time to accumulate resources in exchange for money. In the past, Party A is like a RMB player, they have smooth capital turnover, and are more willing to spend their energy on other important In terms of matters, in the procurement process, supply is the main factor. Nowadays, in the face of external environmental and policy (real estate downturn, existing home sales policy, etc.), most of them have problems in the capital chain, so they began to Aspects of open source and throttling, special control over procurement costs, choose to increase procurement time to reduce their own procurement investment, and for stone In terms of value, they are more willing to consider from the cost link.

3. Increased threshold, two-level differentiation

In the traditional era, large enterprises and small enterprises have large gaps in order size and service capacity, but in terms of variety management The actual difference is not big. Due to the expensive resource cost of stone, the decentralization of the source resources is created. Simple understanding, it is just a behavior of roasted seeds and nuts. However, with the changes in the external environment, facing the problems of capital chain pressure, enterprise processing capability, after-sales service capability, and model innovation, stone enterprises began to have two levels of differentiation.

If the past has a lower threshold for the stone industry, then the threshold of the stone industry is now step by step.

One is the increase in resource costs. In the face of fierce market competition, in order to occupy the market’s opportunities and dominance, some stone enterprises have chosen to increase their efforts in resource investment to obtain exclusive control, and the cost is forced to increase. The other aspect of cost improvement is also due to the instability of resources, the suddenness of the international situation and the variability of domestic environmental protection policies, which make the source resources extremely tested. For most of the mine-investing owners, they are still Fortunately and uneasy.

The second is the increase in rental costs. The harder it is to do, the more people do it. Regardless of the environment, each practitioner will have a reluctance, and with this reversal, the special effect of the water head as a cluster of stone industry will be accelerated. Whether it is the original retained merchant or the future may return to the original. Merchants in the producing areas are used to setting up a network in the water head as their own headquarters economy, which makes the shelf rent still high. It is said that in the next stage, the market will also be subject to taxation, which is even worse for the cost of the shelf (although the policy is aimed at the market, for the market, the shelf tax will also be included in the pricing reference).

The third is the increase in the cost of communication. “Simple violent” advertisements such as outdoor billboards are fading, and today’s communication environment is also evolving. One thing in the past can be told by one channel. Now it may be necessary to combine through different media, and with ad arrival rate and conversion. The rate of creation, etc., will also increase the cost of creating advertising content.

The fourth is the improvement of the intangible. In the face of homogenization competition challenges and incremental market expansion, it means that stone enterprises cannot cope with the past model. Then we must make greater investment in brand building, model design, system establishment, supporting service improvement and advertising. Although this is the only way for a company to grow into a brand, it will also intensify polarization in this process.

4. Oligarchs, industry changes

For now, the big coffee companies that are generally touted by the industry together account for less than 10% of the total industry share. For the wholeThe development of the physical industry is fatal. The industry without thresholds can’t improve at all, but on the contrary, some industries that are controlled by oligopoly tend to develop at an incredible speed. This is the power of the giants.

In order to develop an industry, it is inevitable that some enterprises will develop greatly and drive the overall industrial progress. In the past era, practitioners did not have a particularly strict classification, and there was not much access threshold. A few pieces of materials, a few boards, and a shelf can be used to make their own “brand.” It has created a circle structure in which the stone industry is mixed, not to mention the posture of the group.

Most stone people choose to be their own, and manage their own one-acre three-point land. It is precisely because of this that it has led to the dispersion of industry resources and internal consumption. In terms of expanding the share of the market and doing incremental market development, no company has sufficient resources to control, making the pace of industrial development extremely slow.

The “threshold promotion” and “two-level differentiation” accelerate not only the pace of transformation and upgrading, but also will catalyze a group of “different positioning” industry oligarchs, who may be the future of the stone industry. The establishment of order and breakthroughs in innovation bring some possibilities.

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Not afraid of industrial change coming, only expecting great moments.

Reshuffing is just a delusion. It’s terrible compared to external challenges. Adapting and coping with external challenges and opportunities, actively changing one’s own ideas, achieving sustainable development for the company, and creating a healthy platform for the future of employees is an urgent task. Shuffling is actually a reshuffle for yourself, and it is also a revolution to the self.
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Bathroom renovation can not save eight

Eight bathroom renovations can’t be saved
  It’s the wish of many decorators to save the house, but for the functional bathroom, if you don’t save the province It is easy to leave a lot of decoration regrets. Therefore, when you are planning, you should first understand what can’t be saved, so as to avoid unnecessary troubles in the future.

  The pipeline budget cannot be saved
   Hydropower is not done, the decoration is equal to zero. The bathroom is a place where multiple water and electricity are collected. If it is installed and the water is leaking due to problems in design and material selection, the cost of rework can be a small amount. Therefore, it is necessary to select good quality water pipes, wires, and electric wires in the early stage, and the wiring must comply with the regulations.
   Reserved sockets can’t save
   As space expands and functions increase, there are more and more appliances in the bathroom. Many families have smart toilets, whole bath rooms, jacuzzi, multi-function bathroom cabinets and other sanitary appliances or TV, audio and other audio-visual equipment. The budget for the decoration is limited, and the socket can be reserved first to avoid troubles in rewiring in the future.
  Waterproof materials can’t save
   waterproofing in the bathroom is also very important. Not only the materials are good, but also painted as required. Ground waterproofing is generally required to be brushed twice and subjected to a 24-hour water shut-off test, while the wall waterproofing should also be 180 cm high. The waterproofing of the corners and water pipes should be done carefully, which is a place where problems are more likely to occur.
  The ground slip can not save
  The bathroom floor often has water supply, and the ordinary tile people walk on it and slip easily. In particular, families with old people and children should pay more attention to this problem. Therefore, we must pay attention to the anti-slip property when choosing the floor material for the bathroom. Although the price is more expensive, it is the safety and health of the family when it is used.
   heating equipment can not save
   bathing at home has become the habit of most people, but the bathroom is not a warm place, especially in winter, a large temperature difference They are very easy to get sick. Therefore, heating equipment such as floor heating, heat sinks, and Yuba are also indispensable items in the bathroom. The product type is determined by the specific circumstances.
  Quality ware can’t save
  The use of sanitary ware is high, and it is rarely replaced after installation, so the quality of the product must be good. Otherwise, there will be problems at both ends of the three days, not only repairing troubles, but also easily causing water leakage, difficulty in cleaning, and inability to use. The selection of the faucet and the hose is particularly important, and it is often replaced if it is not well selected.
   Tempered glass can’t save
   It is often said that there are showers, glass basins and other self-destructive incidents, which are mainly related to the quality of the glass used. Good tempered glass is generally difficult to break and will not hurt when broken. Therefore, for safe use, don’t be greedy for the time being, try to choose a brand with good quality and good reputation.   
  Common objects can’t save
   floor drains, ceiling lights are common but unobtrusive objects in the bathroom. Their quality also directly affects everyone’s normal life. The selection of the floor drain is not easy to cause the drainage to be poor or the water to return to the smell. The ordinary lamp will not light up after the damp, so the ceiling light must be treated with moisture.
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New selling points and vitality in the smart home segment

[Guide] The concept of “smart home” first originated in the 1980s.

  30th Anniversary of Concept, No Revolutionary Progress

  The concept of “smart home” originated from 1980s. In 1984, the United States United Technologies Corporation built the world’s first “smart building”, which opened the curtain for the construction of smart homes around the world. By the end of the 30 years, the richness and diversity of smart homes have greatly improved, but there has been no revolutionary progress. The reason is mainly because the scope of smart home is very large. Until now, no company in the world can claim to be the model and standard of smart home, and it can succeed in this matter alone.

  Internet In the era, Google and Apple respectively attracted developers to enter based on the Android system and iOS system solutions, becoming the industry leader. Google has invested heavily in the acquisition of smart thermostat manufacturer Nest, smart home router startup Revolv, to further build a smart home platform to consolidate its dominance in the mobile Internet. After the aura of the Hehe, it is a large number of partners supporting the development of Android. In terms of mass, this is a giant alliance, which is also the biggest advantage of Google. Apple released its smart home management application platform Homekit at this year’s Global Developers Conference, and launched a “front confrontation” with old rivals such as Google and Samsung. Apple has already completed the customization of the hardware specification standard for HomeKit smart home platform. The platform will be fully opened to smart home device partners through the MFi licensing program.

  In Asia, Japanese and Korean companies such as Samsung, Sharp, Sony and LG are also grabbing the market through mergers and acquisitions or research and development of new products, and have launched their own smart home products: Sharp will be robotics After the civilization, the function of sweeping the ground can be realized; Sony’s robot can even “bath” (clean the camera); in addition, LG’s Home Chat and Samsung’s Smart Home are relatively excellent. These enterprises can rely on the advantages of the country’s electricity share ratio, and the actual operation is stronger. However, the smart home appliances of Japanese and Korean companies “have a lot of breakthroughs in single products, but the system products are not outstanding enough”.

  Under the global wave of smart homes, major domestic companies have begun to deploy smart home appliances strategies, and the market has entered a new round of integration and development. So far, in the field of smart home, the “2+N” competition pattern has gradually been established. Among them, “2” refers to the two giants of Google and Apple; “N” refers to this circle, and there are countless large and small enterprises and innovation teams trying to explore the smart home business.

  The market segment contains unlimited business opportunities

  Smart Home is a systematic project, and there are huge business opportunities in each segment. To attract various industries to enter, and intend to seek their own initiative in the future smart home market.

   For new properties, the first condition for building a smart home is the pre-planning of the house and the construction of supporting infrastructure. The early stage of a smart home includes: high-speed network, integrated decoration, monitoring and networking, and electrical planning. These are all planning and construction work that needs to be completed before entering the home. Nowadays, the real estate industry has gradually changed from extensive to refined. Some keen real estate developers have been pleasantly surprised to capture smart home business opportunities, and try to lead the game, launch smart home model houses and upgrade the real estate technology content. It can be foreseen that smart homes must be the magic weapon for the transformation of the real estate industry or the New World. The concept of “all-intelligent” fine decoration will inevitably bring new selling points and vitality to the real estate industry.

   As a component of a smart city, the smart community mainly includes two aspects: first, the intelligence inside the home, that is, the home appliance platform and environmental control; the second is the intelligence of the public area. Smart properties such as neighborhood interconnection, smart security, and smart e-commerce including community services, community commerce, and community health. At present, several companies such as Dachuan Electronics, Maichi, and Shunfeng hackers in China have made certain achievements in this regard.

  The cloud platform at the operational and service levels is equally rich in opportunities and challenges. In smart homes, devices such as TVs and mobile phones must be intelligently stored, and information storage and big data processing must be performed in the cloud. At present, several domestic Internet giants such as Baidu, Tencent, Ali, Jingdong, Xiaomi, as well as traditional hardware manufacturers Haier and Midea have established their own cloud. Dong Min expects that there will be fierce competition among the various clouds, and it will also face the following major challenges: 1 The reliability of cloud services, users currently rarely consider the cloud as the only storage space for reliability reasons, therefore, Stable and reliable is the highest priority for data processing; 2 how to achieve interconnection, interoperability and interoperability between services; 3 security technologies for cloud services are not perfect, such as the case of background data leakage that has frequently exploded recently; 4 data transmission speed, Whether it can achieve fast or even high speed; 5 credibility and legal crisis, the Internet information age, any small mistake will cause credibility collapse or corporate bankruptcy.

   In the hardware product level of smart applications, the market of various sub-hardware categories such as household appliances, kitchen appliances, and smart wearables is booming and the profits are huge. According to Aowei Consulting (AVC) data, wisdomThe overall output value of home appliances will exceed one trillion in 2020, and the output value of intelligent hardware will be about 600 billion. In particular, smart phones, smart TVs, and intelligent routers are the three key hardware devices for enterprises to seize the home Internet portal and control center and deploy a new intelligent ecosystem in the future.


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