When the modern minimalist style is in love with the colors, such decoration is simply beautiful!

Simple Designed The home space is getting more and more popular, and the monotonous colors make the home look too boring, but too The complex renovation is messy. In fact, whoever says simplicity can’t be colorful. When the simple style meets the fresh and dazzling colors, this kind of home space has a charm. The following small series will take everyone to see the perfect match of different colors and simple style.

Three, tough color

The tough color is loved by many men’s friends, who can use brown tones as the main color. With blue and white prints curtain fabric as the embellishment, the sofa is black, the furniture is mainly white, and the walls and ceilings are mainly white, so that the various colors can be perfectly blended.

Four, elegant color

The elegant minimalist style may not be seen by many people. The simple style is so elegant and elegant, the lavender lavender is The center color is decorated with some light-colored decorations of the same color, and the curtains can be light purple printed cotton. Put some green cushion and potted plants to decorate, and the walls and furniture are grayish white for elegant and beautiful effects.

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Sewage enterprises affect residents’ lives. The floor industry takes the “environmental road”

At present, information on the rectification of many home factories such as flooring has emerged one after another. However, in recent days, some flooring factories in China have been plagued by nearby residents due to smoke exhaustion problems. There are three wooden flooring factories near Panjiazhuang Village in the old town of Nanxun District. Exhaust smoke every day, causing serious problems for nearby residents.

Sewage companies affect the normal life of residents

Some enterprises have added exhaust gas treatment devices according to the requirements of gas control in the town, and the smoke is not so dark. Ms. Feng, who lives in the peasant village of Panjiazhuang, told reporters that it is difficult to see the smoke exhaust from the chimney on the outside streets. It is necessary to go to the roof of some buildings to see clearly.

Subsequently, the reporter went to the old town center kindergarten in Tongde Road. ‘We have 3 wooden flooring companies nearby. After the school moved in 2008, they have been smoky. I will take you to the rooftop to see. Under the leadership of the director Zhu Lixing, the reporter came to the rooftop. I saw that the three chimneys in the southeast of the kindergarten were smoking smoke, one was smoking black smoke, and the other two were gray smoke. ‘The smoky enterprise is called Rifeng Flooring Factory, and the pollution is also serious. The biggest impact on the children in our park is the new era floor factory. ‘

Zhu Yuanchang told reporters that the new era floor factory is located in the south of the kindergarten, just across the river, as long as it is blowing southeast wind, the smoke emitted by the enterprise just floats to the kindergarten playground, and the children’s morning exercises are often Will be canceled as a result. ‘The smoke emitted by these enterprises is both unpleasant and pungent, and it affects our faculty and staff better, but the children’s resistance is poor, and their impact on them is more serious. ‘

Floor companies need to take the road of low carbon and environmental protection

Earlier, the “Environmental Protection Law” was grandly launched, which is also known as the “most stringent” environmental regulations for floor production. For enterprises, every revision of the Environmental Protection Law is another blood exchange in the industry. In particular, this time, there are finer and stricter legal standards for raw materials, production processes, and sales packaging. Floor companies will face new The challenge.

On the contrary, those who provide high-contamination floor workshops have very few penalties, and they can continue to produce them after changing their trademarks. Under the penalty cost and profit is not proportional, the low-end floor companies are more and more, and some medium-sized domestic brands have also begun vicious competition. As a result, domestic brands have become increasingly sluggish, and foreign brands have become more profitable and have gained huge market share.

While maintaining their good corporate image, flooring companies pay attention to the same industry, care about the environmental safety of the society, and bravely fight against those industry pests. China’s environmental safety can be finally guaranteed, and consumers can be assured. When purchasing domestic products, domestic enterprises can truly achieve great development and great innovation.

Release date: 2014/10/16 10:08:48

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Three reasons for laminate flooring to exit the market

Reason one: more than 90% of households have unqualified air quality after renovation

Many people choose floor, wardrobe, plywood, paint and ceramic tile for decoration. The quality of the products conforms to national standards, and some products even Obtained the green environmental protection certificate and the national quality exemption certificate, but why the air quality of the renovated home is still not up to standard, often exceeds the standard several times, dozens of times. You send these products to the inspection, most of them are qualified, but why can’t the air quality be achieved? Qualified? The reasons are: the country has no commitment when formulating product standards, and the products produced by this standard can make the air quality qualified. It only means that the products that meet the standards are less harmful than the products that do not meet the standards. The products that meet the standards do not guarantee that the harmful substances they emit will not cause illness and will not exceed the standard. For example, brand-name cigarettes are produced by large state-owned enterprises, and the quality is exempted from inspection, national superiority and other honorary certificates. Do you say that smoking brand-name cigarettes is not harmful? Is it possible to smoke brand-name cigarettes for good health? Strengthening composite wood flooring has the effect of releasing formaldehyde and pollution. The shortcoming of air, it will not be harmless because it is qualified. Laminate flooring is like ‘dichlorvos’ as an insecticide, and it will be eliminated as people know it.

Reason 2: 75% of households are not up to 90% of the leukemia children have just renovated their homes.

The major newspapers in the country are reporting that there are 25 major harmful substances causing air pollution in home decoration, and there are four major pollutions. Source (1 splint 2 composite wood floor 3 panel furniture 4 paint). Experts call on the owners to use the above materials as little as possible. The air pollution in China is quite serious. 90% of the new homes are not up to standard air quality, 30% of the newly renovated households are seriously exceeding the standard, and the highest exceeds the standard by 120 times. Currently, 60% of the diseases are caused by air pollution, and 90% of the diseases are caused by air pollution. The child’s home has just been renovated. It’s not hard to imagine how regretful and painful the parents have lost their lives because of their home decoration. Most of our families are only children, it is a darling, it is the responsibility of parents to create a healthy environment for them. If we continue to default the pollution of home decoration, we can not explain to children.

Reason 3: Foreign countries have begun to phase out

In May 2004, South Korea implemented higher technical standards, prohibiting MDF, plywood, and laminate flooring from entering home renovation. Because these plates are the main cause of indoor air pollution. In China, the sales of fortified wood flooring are very large, and the Chinese have the habit of protecting large enterprises. Although the product is indeed harmful to consumers, many people will not take compulsory measures to eliminate these backward products. Consumers have information asymmetry when purchasing products and belong to vulnerable groups. Therefore, understanding the defects of the product is particularly important for consumers.

Release date: 2012/5/29 9:48:35

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Let’s talk about those things about the floor slot!

When buying a floor, you must have heard the introduction of the floor slot on the shopping guide. Some say that the V-shaped slot is more three-dimensional; some say that the U-shaped slot is not easy to hide, so it is good to take care of it; The type of notch paves the atmosphere… Several floor brands have turned down, each has its own opinions, and each has its own advantages. Are you a little dizzy and overwhelmed? Today, please ask the floor professionals to give you a detailed explanation of the things about the floor notches.

Slot introduction


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The V-groove is the first generation slot. In general, the V-groove floor is transferred by a transfer process, first chamfered and then molded. V-groove Sealed with paint or with transfer film, there is no wear layer at the mouth. The past V-shaped groove is 90 degree chamfer, easy to hide ash, and now some new V-shaped grooves are improved by 30 degrees chamfering.

U-shaped slot

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U-shaped groove is the second generation notch. It is based on V-shaped solid wood and adopts molding technology. The process is more advanced. At the same time, unlike the V-shaped notch, it has a wear-resistant layer at the tongue-and-groove, the groove shape is also shallower, and the bottom is arc-shaped, making it less likely to contain ash.


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The R-shaped groove is the third-generation notch, and its tongue-and-groove is more gentle. The R-shaped groove bottom plate is mostly long plate and wide plate, which overcomes the short gas of the short plate and the paving effect is atmospheric.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Comparing the three slots, we can easily find their own advantages and disadvantages.

The advantage of the V-shaped notch is that it has a strong three-dimensional effect, and there is no requirement for the paving area, and a small area can also produce an effect. The disadvantage is that the wear layer is missing and the notch is deep and easy to hide. After using for a period of time, it is prone to black seams, affecting the appearance and use.

The advantage of the U-shaped notch is that there are wear-resistant layers on both sides of the U-slot, it is not easy to hide ash, good care; soothing U The type of notch has a more beautiful appearance and the atmosphere. Its disadvantage is that it is easy to collapse, because the U-shaped groove is molded once, and the higher the density of the substrate of the laminate, the greater the pressure during molding. The substrate at the corner is crushed Cracks occur, and the crushed parts produce irregular rebound during the use of the floor, which further strengthens the cracks on the chamfered edge substrate, causing the wear layer at the chamfer to crack together.

The advantage of the R-shaped notch is that the groove slope is gentle, and the light reflection forms a diffuse reflection. The decoration effect is better, the atmosphere is more coherent, the solid wood effect is better, and its large plate structure is suitable for large-area paving. Especially 25 square meters, it is more decorative and refreshing than the small board. The disadvantage of the R-shaped slot is that it is not suitable for small-area paving, and the price is slightly higher than other chamfers.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of anti-static flooring? Do you understand?


The anti-static floor adopts the principle of static electricity. The surface of the anti-static floor should be non-reflective, non-slip, corrosion-resistant, dust-free, dust-free, making the floor dust-free and easy to clean. And some of the characteristics of wear resistance and so on, making it widely used, suitable for dust-free purification workshops, clean rooms, purification rooms, computer rooms, microelectronics laboratories, etc.


600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/20170802171423888.jpg”>

The shortcoming of anti-static floor is that it is not easy to install and remove. Before installing anti-static floor, it is necessary to accurately calculate the total area of ​​anti-static floor required for the installation site and various required auxiliary accessories. Also, you need to know the types of anti-static flooring you buy, as well as various technical indicators of anti-static flooring, because not every anti-static floor has the same indicators. This will not be carried during installation. It is unnecessary trouble. The anti-static floor is not like the ordinary floor. It is particularly affected by the external environment, that is, it will not be affected by the temperature and the size will become larger and smaller. It is very troublesome to remove it after installation. Things.

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Types and uses of special locks

First, the presidential lock The presidential lock does not refer to the lock used by the president. It refers to the lock with a special functional structure. It generally refers to a lock system that can open multiple locks with one key. For example, a hotel, the key of the general manager, can open the entire room of the hotel, the keys of the service desks on each floor can only open the locks of all rooms on the floor, but can not open the doors of other floor rooms, the guests The key can only open the lock between the houses of their own, but can not open the lock of other rooms. Similar to the concept of presidential locks, there are also architect locks. This kind of lock is equipped with two kinds of keys, one is the user key and the other is the architect key. During the decoration of the house, you can hand the architect key to the technician responsible for the decoration. When the owner finishes the decoration, When the user’s key is opened once, the architect’s key will automatically expire and the lock cannot be opened. And you can rest assured that the architect’s key cannot be modified or transformed into a key that unlocks the lock. Another concept is the anti-presidential lock, which means a lock that can be opened by a variety of keys. The various keys mentioned here do not refer to all the keys that can be found on the market, but several keys set in advance, such as The company’s door locks are set to anti-presidential locks, and the keys to all employees of the company can open the lock. This lock is called the anti-presidential lock. The functions of the presidential lock and the architect lock can be set simultaneously or individually in the same lock or the same lock system. If you don’t want to carry a large number of keys with you, you can consider customizing the presidential lock. The lock of the presidential lock is complicated because of its complicated structure and high processing precision. The key code must be compiled and managed by the corresponding computer software. Users should choose enterprise products with corresponding strengths.

Second, the bathroom lock is a lock for the bathroom, each lock is equipped with an emergency key, the door is internally equipped with a safety device, and there is an emergency keyhole outside the door. If an accident occurs in the bathroom (if someone is unconscious in the bathroom), an emergency key or a hard object such as a coin can be inserted into the emergency keyhole to open the door. Those who have an accident in the room can be rescued in time.

Third, channel lock is a lock suitable for use on the aisle door, no safety device and key, both sides can open the aisle door at any time, the modern kitchen door also uses this kind of lock.

Fourth, balcony (courtyard) lock This lock has a safety device inside the room, because there is no keyhole in the outdoor part. After the insurance, the outdoor can not be unlocked. The lock tongue of the lock has an automatic rebound function, that is to say, as soon as the lock tongue hits the lock plate, the safety device is automatically released, so when you rest on the balcony, there is absolutely no need to worry about being locked in the balcony and cannot enter. Indoor, unless someone is on your balcony, deliberately press the insurance.

Five, classroom locks Classroom locks are mainly used in classrooms, but definitely not only for classrooms. When the lock is locked with a key, the lock can be unlocked when there is no key outside, but the lock can be opened indoors. Therefore, the classroom management staff of the school will lock the lock after a certain time in the evening, and the students will only be able to go out and cannot enter. The lock can also be used in other applications where such a requirement is required.

Sixth, the connection lock This lock is used in two connected rooms, with one-way connectivity and two-way connectivity. One-way communication lock has a lock cylinder on one side and no side. The two-way communication lock has a lock on both sides. As long as one of the two sides is locked, the lock is locked and the user can select it according to the need.

Seven, storage room lock (or hotel room lock) This lock, although there are two handle balls or handles, but their external handle can not be rotated. The key must be unlocked for unlocking, and the room is always in permanent insurance. The door can be switched at any time. Apparently suitable for storage rooms or hotel rooms. For the storage room, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to lock and being stolen (but don’t forget to bring the key when you go out). For the hotel, you can also avoid a lot of trouble, you may wish to carefully understand the benefits. Special function locks are designed based on the security concept of ‘convenience and security’. The correct use of special function locks can meet your requirements, provide convenience and greater freedom in security, and Eliminate unnecessary trouble and waste of money for you, because the price of locks for different functions is different.

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[Creative table lamp] It’s not just the night

A glimpse of the table lamp, like the elves in the night, creates a warm atmosphere that allows us to work and study with peace of mind, or to sleep peacefully. If you have light, you will not be afraid of darkness; if you have a lamp, your room will be more beautiful~

Eel Night Light

Nordic-style table lamp, simple but also very elegant, classic work table lamp structure, using modern design elements, whether it is Study work, or used for reading before going to bed, as a lighting fixture, can be described as a burst of value.

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Is the plastic floor mat for the stage good?

1, Stability

The product is composed of 100% pure soft pvc quality material, which ensures the stability and firmness of the product during the movement process and plays an automatic reinforcing role. .

2, comfort

surface treated with special light, consistent with the brightness of the light, will not absorb light and reflective glare, can better protect the dancers during the movement of the eye is not easy to produce Fatigue. The thickness is divided into 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm different thicknesses with different buffering rebound values, making it more shock-absorbing and rebound. It effectively reduces the dancer’s leg impact, makes the foot feel more comfortable, better avoids sports injuries, and improves the dancer’s level.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/20170802170454804.jpg”>

3, durability and wear resistance

The stage plastic floor mat is made of 100% pure soft polyvinyl chloride high-quality material, and the surface layer is treated with special high environmental protection high-tech material TPU technology, and has the best durability and wear resistance, thus increasing The service life of the floor.

4, various installation methods

There are two installation methods: (1) movable type; (2) fully fixed type. It can be installed according to the requirements of the customer’s dance venue.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/20170802170454805.jpg”>

5, easy maintenance

Excavation of external pollution, such as surface contamination, can be cleaned with a clean mop and water.

6, sound absorption performance

standard bottom layer thickness, coupled with suitable rebound and reasonable shock absorption, sound absorption in sports, sound insulation is good.

In summary, the plastic floor mat for the stage is very beneficial. I hope that the text in the brief can help you.

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Waste floor recycling into a new profit growth point in the industry

With the increasing scarcity of forestry resources, the cost of flooring products that are overly dependent on forestry resources has increased. How to reduce the production cost of the floor without reducing the quality of the floor has always been a headache for the flooring companies. It is even more difficult to reduce the amount of carbon emissions from the floor production process. Then the old floor recycling action is making a new trend across the country. It is difficult to reduce the production cost of the floor and to do low-carbon environmental protection. Therefore, it has spawned a production and sales model of replacing old and recycling, which is not only affordable to the people, but also beneficial to the people. It has brought a new concept of flooring products to thousands of households.

With the involvement of major brands in the recycling of wood flooring, there is no doubt that this will become a new hot spot in the flooring market, and even a new profit growth point in the flooring industry. Because this method not only effectively reduces the production cost of the floor, but also alleviates the shortage of forest resources and reduces the carbon emissions, which not only improves the company’s income, but also enhances the public’s new understanding of environmentally friendly flooring products. Achieved a win-win situation. Many flooring companies with old floor recycling businesses use a ‘old-for-new’ sales model to sell products to consumers. From the feedback from consumers who participated in a lot of floor-to-floor trade-in activities, we learned that many people are suffering from the contradiction of throwing out the old floor in their homes.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021834171643.jpg”>

Recycling of waste floors into new profit growth points in the industry


With this awareness, consumers are more likely to accept the trade-in of the floor. Through the trade-in of the floor, the floor manufacturers can use the old floor to re-use, and consumers can choose the floor that is satisfactory, more importantly. Yes, this is an environmentally friendly business and a correct choice to reduce carbon emissions. Nowadays, the production and sales model of this floor has become a new trend, which is highly appreciated and favored by consumers. By saving more than 10 times of forest logs and their reduced carbon emissions and increased oxygen emissions, the environmental benefits of emission reductions are amazing.

The old-fashioned replacement of this floor not only allows the old floor of the consumer’s home. There is a good ‘ownership’ and a new floor can be bought at a favorable price. This sales model will naturally be recognized by consumers. This is beyond doubt. And with the impact of the 2010 Copenhagen Climate Conference, many Consumers start to empty Concerned about environmental protection, and raised awareness of environmental protection. Relevant statistics show that according to the calculation of household solid wood floor decoration area of ​​80 square meters, through the recycling of solid wood flooring, it can directly reduce the carbon emissions of 908.8 kilograms, which is 23.3 per capita carbon emissions per year in China. %

Release date: 2011/11/11 11:11:43

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Floor maintenance attention to four points can extend its service life

Recently, many friends are worried about taking care of the floor. Because the floor is trampled countless times a day, it is usually just a wipe, and there will be many problems over time. How can the floor be more durable? In this regard, experts said that the floor maintenance attention to four points, can be extended by half the effort.

First, use a broom or vacuum cleaner to remove dust, and often step on the place to diligently vacuum. Pay special attention to the entrance hall and the walkway leading to the outside. To prevent dust from entering the house, place a dust pad at the entrance or attach a dust bar to the bottom of the door.

Second, when using the mop to clean the floor, wring the mop and use it. Over-moist mops, when used, water will penetrate into the joints, hurting the floor, causing the floor to be deformed, especially wood floors, plastic floors, cork floor tiles.

The third is to choose the water-based wax suitable for the floor. Use only one kind of wax at a time. If you use different waxes, it will react with each other to make the floor sticky and dirty. If it is too thick, the dust will stick to the floor more easily, and it is more difficult to polish the floor.

Fourth, if you want to move the furniture, it is recommended to use the lifting method to avoid dragging to prevent scratching the floor. To further protect the floor, a cloth cover or gasket can be added to the bottom of the furniture.

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