Tokyo, Japan with gallery

The Beam House is a residence in Tokyo, Japan, designed by Hugo Kohno Architect Associates. The building is located in a narrow area with a gallery in the main building and a residential area on the second and third floors. The client requested the gallery to have a glass curtain wall to get a good view from the street and a single open space to ensure flexibility for future use.

Therefore, customers need to enter the second floor residential area separately. Due to its wooden structure, load-bearing walls are required between the beams, and the lower floors require a particularly large load-bearing wall. The architect uses a wooden gantry frame at the front of the building, so there is no need to use a load-bearing wall.

By inserting an open steel truss frame into the center of the extension beam, the architect can avoid the use of thick beams to restrain the space, but allow the field lines to easily pass through them. Depending on the strength requirements and the intended use of each area, they changed the form of the truss in a number of ways, changing the height of the ceiling and creating a more free and open space.

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Flagship Hotel in Macau Dream City Resort

The architecture designed by Zaha Hadid Architects is so complex that the photos look like renderings rather than complete buildings. They recently launched Morpheus, the flagship hotel of the Dream City Resort in Macau.

Although Morpheus’ sculptures are inspired by China’s long history of jade carving, the structure of the hotel is not similar to any building or building we see today. Zaha Hadid Architects describes it as “the world’s free-form high-level exoskeleton”.

The structure of this 40-story building consists of two internal vertical cores connected to the top, bottom and middle layers. From the outside, the building is abstractly similar to the number 8, which is auspicious and lucky numbers in Chinese digital numerology.

The hotel has 770 rooms, including a variety of standard rooms, suites and “sky villas” (9, 2-storey duplex villas, approximately $11,138 per night). Although Morpheus is the glory of the City of Dreams, the resort also includes a casino, two theatres, a shopping district, 20 restaurants and four hotels, not to mention a variety of meeting and event facilities, a games room, a spa, a rooftop pool. And other hotel facilities.

The interior of the hotel is engraved with a series of spaces that define the hotel’s public spaces.

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Geometric flower pot

Kickstarter is launching the “Mexico Creation” event in Mexico. You can find the items listed and find a product that responds easily and beautifully to your needs. One of them is the geometric flower pot. Most flower pots are designed to place plants in them, but because the exterior of the shell reflects only the paint design or the specific color, the design is limited. Geometric flower pots offer more than this. This whole flowerpot gives the impression of intricate cuts and designs. Most likely, it does require complex creation.

Geometric flowerpots are available in black, white, green, red, yellow, and blue.

The design of this flowerpot is not just to keep your eyes fixed. The choice of plants is not straight, but an angle. The angled design can really benefit plants that don’t need water, such as cacti.

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Best home list furniture

A table that allows you to record current ideas and ideas

KirstenCamaraCreatedAnalogMemory The desk records all the small details that we need to write down but will forget tomorrow.

IKEA launches wireless charging cable furniture
IKEA brings wireless to bedside tables, floors, tables and work lights Face=”Calibri”>Qi Charging pad.

Elegant furniture designed for cats
Intended to combine comfort and enthusiasm for design, Meyou has built an elegant collection of furniture for the eye-catching cat, 3A variety of shapes.

Hanging geometric seats and beds
Kodama Zomes is a double sofa, bed and private space that provides the perfect place to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Cool Crib
Newborns need to sleep in cool and luxurious places, so Ralph Montemurrodesigned for themRockwellcradle.

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Modern and open Barcelona apartment

This Barcelona apartment is housed in a historic building and undergoes a series of upgrades and renovations. The construction company Cometa designed a custom apartment with unique elements such as original brick walls and large windows. In fact, the open space visually divides the open living and provides the owner with everything he might need.

The 250 square meter space has high ceilings and an open industrial piping system. The furniture is modular and includes a coffee table and a wall table.

Beside the living space is the kitchen area, which is independent and has no dividing walls. The open floor plan includes a refrigerator and some storage.

Further space is the workspace and library. The office is bright and airy. Glass desks are available, but the bases are made of natural wood branches, which helps to inject more avant-garde feeling.

The bedroom and bathroom also have an open floor plan. The main design elements such as lighting, ducting and bedroom ceiling tiles are repeated. It provides design continuity and extends the same atmosphere to private areas.

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Minimalist design transforms Amsterdam apartments into quiet homes

From the early fishing villages, Amsterdam has grown into a gorgeous city, surrounded by historic canals, and the demand for stylish homes is strong. In an old brick apartment complex in a popular neighborhood, there is a fully refurbished, well-lit home. This apartment is a calm and enchanting oasis of calm in the heart of Amsterdam.

This 90 square meter apartment is divided into two floors, formerly a warehouse and converted into a modern residence. The uneven facade of the building is characteristic of the central architecture of Amsterdam. In fact, the building is located next to the Prinsengracht Canal. The architectural studio WillemBenoit Interieur, in collaboration with the manufacturer Houtwerk BV, has created a simple haven of peace and tranquility in this popular but bustling urban area.

The apartment is modern and minimalist, with no busy wall decorations and windows. The eyes are attracted to the clean lines, breaking through the open space and forming the basis of a quiet interior. The original structural beams on the ceiling are painted white, allowing them to be part of the building without causing too much attention. The advantages of white highlight the black of the iron doors and window frames, as well as the important elements of the original building and the neutral grey of the large sofa.

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Interesting Moscow residence with hammock

this 20square meterThe Moscow house is a fun house.
The main goal of residential design is to create a space where two children and their parents can spend time together, enjoying every moment without interfering with each other.
Because indoor space is limited, design methods must focus on how to maximize the available space without sacrificing comfort or functionality. Therefore, design The teacher chose to place the bedroom on a double-sloping roof.
The indoor space is divided into three floors and connected by stairs. The most interesting feature is the hammock, which allows children to play and not disturb their parents.
Interior design is fun and comfortable, but also very light and chic. The designer created a small children’s playroom for the kids, giving them their own private space where they can have fun and solitude, without supervision.

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Odessa’s Penthouse

Located on the top floor of the Odessa high-rise building in Ukraine, the Over O apartment floats above the city and offers panoramic views of the surrounding area. The young family hired SVOYA Studio to renovate the interior to meet specific needs, including public spaces, with kitchen, living room and a multi-purpose room that allowed family members to work, relax or watch sports events. The private area includes the master bedroom and two additional bedrooms. The entrance to the apartment is located downstairs and the stairs lead guests towards the open corridor with a sofa.
The materials they choose, such as stone, wood and deep emerald textiles, set the tone of the space, adding a variety of modern lamps and simple furniture.
In the master bedroom, the bathroom is separated by glass and curtains are added to provide additional privacy.

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The artist used more than 300,000 toothpicks to create a refined urban structure.

Self-educated artistBob MoreheadCreated a complex urban landscape, using only wood glue and more than 300000root toothpick . Heavy 50pound ,eight feetwidth,2feethigh and two feetdeep,BobThe toothpick city It is composed by a unique architecture, comprising a plurality of floors and rooms, floors en staircase.

MoreheadThere was no use of molds to make his work, only through his imagination and inspiration from the architecture of the Amalfi Coast in Naples, Italy, that was where he was born.

He explained Road,For me, creation is like oxygen. My survival cannot be without it, it is really part of me, part of my soul.

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The latest lighting design for the Home Decor Expo

PapillonThe lamp looks like a butterfly wing, which is also the origin of its name, this is a The name of a French butterfly. The basic colors of the lights are green, enhancing their beauty,

Suspension PavukThe chandelier is made by 21A lamp. Its diamond shape is very similar to the crystal hanging on a traditional chandelier.

Forestier ParisLets a variety of small tables, floor and ceiling fixtures that can solve any lighting challenge.

Ebb and FlowDesign and produce lighting for homes. Designers add classic British and Scandinavian styles to their lighting. Their products have a clean and modern edge.

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