Swedish restaurant near ski resort

Hemavan is a beautiful area of ​​Sweden, the most famous of which is a family-friendly ski resort. Along the snowy birch,Murman ArchitectsbuiltBjorkRestaurant.

This restaurant was built in2015Year, footprint 350square meter. Its two layers can accommodate 80Guests. Due to its proximity to ski resorts and valleys, the restaurant’s design makes skiers feel welcome and comfortable.
The restaurant’s design focuses on the relationship between architecture and nature and the surrounding landscape in summer and winter.
The panoramic view of the valley gives skiers and visitors a sense of the uniqueness and beauty of the area. Architects try to make the look and feel of the building natural. They brought a AThe design of the frame, imitating the mountain.

Architecture is Constructed from prefabricated components. This makes the whole process simple and fast. The enticing entrance and an adjacent outdoor area are located in the south. The wooden beams inside and outside the building are visible, maintaining the charm of the countryside.

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New Zealand house around a spiral core organization

New Zealand has a house that is structured like a small village. Its center has a large double height space around which it forms several single-layered areas. There are also two mezzanine platforms and side lanes that bring the house closer to the adjacent old stone wall. There is also a good dynamic inside the house. There are a total of 247 square meters of living space. The house was designed by Vaughn McQuarrie and was completed in 2016.

The house is open to the environment at either end. It has a fully glazed façade that allows many natural light to enter, exposing the interior to the view. Of particular interest to us is how these spaces are organized. As we have already mentioned, they are concentrated in a central space with double height ceilings. Spiral staircases and floor-standing fireplaces emphasize the height of the space and serve as the focal point.

The spiral staircase is not only a functional element in the design of the house, but also has sculptural features that increase its visual appeal and overall elegance while maintaining space efficiency. Its main role is to provide access to two mezzanine platforms. One of the platforms is the main sleeping area and the other is the work area.

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The oldest shopping mall in the United States now contains 48 charming budget mini apartments

Online retailers have turned shopping into an efficient and convenient experience. It’s no secret that physical stores are no longer the same as before. popular. To solve this dilemma, Northeast Collaborative ArchitectsDeciding to spend700$10,000 will be provided by ProvidenceRhode IslandShopping Mall into Belt17Store Multi-purpose housing and 48 a cheap mini apartment.

The monthly rent is 550Dollars, residents can rent a one-bedroom unit, the size from 225to450 square feet. The apartment has a built-in bed, bathroom, refrigerator, sink, Microwave, dishwasher, seating area and storage If you want to use more facilities, tenants can also use shared TV rooms, game rooms, on-site laundry facilities, bicycle storage areas or parking lots across the street. For those who wish to have more space, There is a two-bedroom and three-bedroom unit to choose from. The only fly in the ointment is that the waiting list is currently 4000 person.
The building itself is loyal to the original Greek Revival style.

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Chair inspired by French family music

Los Angeles Design StudioJoogiiJuliette Mutzke-Felippelli designed a chair named French Touch, inspired by 90French family music. The rainbow-colored chair is made of CNC-cut acrylic, covered in iridescent Film, then assembled with steel bolts.
Iridescent film creates a beautiful appearance, when the light hits it, the angle of sagging relaxation shows a Color spectrum.
chair reflects 90 The spirit of the French family music era. /span>

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Amazing Italian country holiday tree house

Suite BlueYesLa Cabane PercheeDesign a project. This is La Plantatapart of the hotel, located in Alena, Italy Dicastro. La Cabane Percheeis the main building of the French tree house Custom tree house.
Every tree house they build is unique because each tree is unique and different.
Every tree house is completely custom built in the designer’s workshop. All the small details and the characteristics of the address will be taken into consideration. Most importantly, this tree will become the home of the tree house. The tree house was then shipped to the site for assembly.
The assembly of the tree house does not involve pruning branches and nailing trees. This tree house Overlooking the beautiful fields of the Italian countryside, with a quiet view.

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Milan Design Week New Works List

Dutch designerBertjan PotA series of “rest pods”Inspiration from the wheel ——The internal materials use the inner tubes of cars, trolleys, trucks and tractors, combining interesting Ancient craftsmanship and contemporary high performance materials.

New York lighting designerLindsey Adelman device is inspired by the movement of plants. Two luminaires, each incorporating multiple stages of natural development of the plant, form a cohesive form.

studioZavenCreated a series of bright red oversized floor lights inspired by athletes in sports.

British designerSebastian WrongSet A set of ergonomic public seats was counted. The seat is woven together from a single fiber, rather than a traditional fabric, creating a second skinfeeling, reduced by about 80%.

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Modern apartment in Krakow

is a modest apartment spanning 46 square meters (495 square feet) in Krakow, Poland. Although the area is small, the high ceiling allows the designer to redesign and bring a mezzanine design. The black frame was built to help bring functionality to the apartment. The mezzanine in the bedroom allows the living room to be more open and spacious.
Open kitchen, dining room, storage cupboard and bathroom are placed in the middle floor.
The interior uses white ash, black frames and white surfaces to create a modern, minimalist hue.
The children’s room has built-in white cabinets with a circular pattern and the bedroom loft can be reached by a compact staircase.

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Modern Seattle home with art studio

A couple of Seattle, an artist and an engineer hired Heliotrope Architect to design a new Capital Hill home for them. First, they need a modern home with an art studio and an interior with an art gallery feel.
They managed to make this happen and designed a checkerboard layout to connect the indoor and outdoor spaces. The open line of sight extends from the front to the back yard, creating a light-filled indoor patio courtyard.
One of the main living room spaces is equipped with a custom bookcase. Interior space materials include polished concrete, tiles and myrtle wood.
The main bathroom has red cedar cabinets and a Japanese bathtub with light blue/green tiles.
The art studio is located in a two-story space with cathedral ceilings.

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Modern Paris apartment on the top of the department store

City of ParisMarie sixtineThe top of the department store has a new apartment for the special guest of the store, named CHEZ MARIE SIXTINE. By Marie sixtineSandrine Placeand interior designerBaptiste Legué Design, comfortable space evokes a strange and lively feeling.
The bed is located under the cottage-style structure and is made of beech wood, extending from one side of the wall to the ceiling. The blue tones are embellished with wood and cream white.
The copper tube extends from the wall and becomes the faucet of the bathroom covered by the terrazzo.

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Troopers lights by Anki Gneib

Combine smooth wood with acrylic inlays, designerAnki GneibCreate a set of lighting called TroopersLights . The wood component of each piece accommodates a blend of four pieces of acrylic that let the light pass vertically.

This floor lamp is calledSuperTrooper, is herHolyDesign continuation, they are oversized Candlestick. The candlestick design is embedded in the lamp.
is the smallest collection of books, with table lamps and chandeliers, with the same narrow section that allows light to pass through the wood.

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