Autodesk released AutoCAD 2020 explosive new experience

Recently, Autodesk has released many new features and enhancements in AutoCAD 2020, it can help users to better complete the design and drafting, the vision into reality. The software contains a combination of specialized tools , buy you can get a combination of industry-specific tools to order form, enjoy the new AutoCAD application flexibility, and experience the AutoCAD 2020 forefront of innovative features. Marcus O’Brien Director of Product Management
Autodesk AutoCAD said, “We will continue to optimize the product, new features and new applications acclaimed provide unprecedented value for the user. With Autodesk related AutoCAD computing capabilities and partnerships, either under software license conditions, various forms of collaboration and creative activity anytime, anywhere. “senior Director and senior director of Autodesk’s China regional business channels of the general CAD Wanghe Long said,” as a global design software widely popular, AutoCAD has been helping customers achieve innovation. advent of a new generation of AutoCAD 2020, bringing greater performance, more cutting-edge technology and more efficient tool that will help more users improve efficiency, so that more ideas into reality “
AutoCAD design example
AutoCAD 2020 update will bring the following aspects: a new dark theme for sharper visual experience AutoCAD 2020 and all of its dedicated tool set the appearance of all new look! And contemporary dark blue interface, is more aesthetically pleasing effect, but also relieve visual fatigue. The new design is intended to dark theme with recent improvements made by Autodesk in contrast, make the icons more clearly. “The interface is very clean and tidy. Automatic graphics configuration feature is really great,” Casey Skelton IMEDCO America corporate planning / CAD design manager.
performance improvements make work more efficient AutoCAD goal has always been to become the trust of users, high-performance powerful design tool. AutoCAD 2020 has greatly improved in performance, just half a second, you can save the current work, this time on average one second faster than ever before *. Do not underestimate this very moment, just one yearInside, AutoCAD all users can save a total of 80 working years *! For SSDs users, AutoCAD 2020 installation time 50% faster than before, these improvements make work processes more efficient. The results show rapid measurement, based on AutoCAD 2020 quick glance measurement tools, the user simply hovering over the respective object distance is displayed, the length and angle data. SHP residential architect, Sam Hernandez said, “I am very fond of this tool, it can be a good service to our daily design, whether it is the overall design, plan, or elevation, I will use this tool.”
a “module” palette efficient operation of inserting a new block “module” library having a visual palette, and the user can accurately filter out the search module, the module allows easier insertion easy. You can directly from the “current sheet”, “Recent Drawings” or “Other drawings” tab of the module drop it into the drawing. When find and insert multiple modules and module recently used, the panel can greatly improve efficiency. In addition, it increases the “REPEAT” option CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , to save steps.
The new “clean” layout allows you to easily remove objects clearance has been redesigned to make drawings to clean up more easily. And by a simple operation of selecting a visual preview area Copyright Control Engineering , the user can remove a plurality of disposable unwanted objects. “Find uncleanable project” with “possible causes” field with which you can understand why some items can not be removed. After
on drawing comparison function more powerful version of “drawing comparison” feature launched a popular, AutoCAD 2020 based on user feedback this function has been further optimized. Now, without leaving the current window to compare before and after the revision of drawings, and real-time into the current drawing you want to make changes. The new “drawing comparison” toolbar to quickly open and close the screen contrast.
AutoCAD and Microsoft and Autodesk Box work together in cooperation with Microsoft and AutoCAD Box is also a major highlight of 2020. Effective today, if user filesMicrosoft OneDrive or already stored in the Box, you can use at any time to access any AutoCAD drawing files, more efficient workflow.
cooperation with Microsoft and Box to build a smooth and efficient workflow, higher productivity, paving the way. In AutoCAD users can complete work online, and directly related to the design files stored in the service. Now, just click a button, you can use the new applications quickly open any AutoCAD drawing files are stored in the Microsoft OneDrive and Box. The new AutoCAD application can run on a variety of computer web browser, so users do not even need to install AutoCAD can open on your computer, view and edit drawings. Box Jeetu Patel, chief product officer, said: “In today’s fast-paced business environment CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , our customers want to speed up business processes and promote collaboration in the workplace, at the same time flexible, enterprise-class IT stack. we are pleased to see that customers can easily access drawing files stored in the Box, in software license conditions, work done anywhere, anytime directly on the new AutoCAD application. “integration with Microsoft and Box improves file access speed, also so that users can view and edit drawings in real time, thus shortening the time collaboration, without leaving AutoCAD new application can save the updated file to OneDrive and Box, the work will not cause interruption. In collaboration with Microsoft and Box also provides flexibility. For example, as long as the DWG file storage to the relevant service, you can open these files and their external reference on any device with a desktop version of AutoCAD and new applications. DWG files are stored in the Microsoft OneDrive and Box are also the same, but without external references. With this feature, you can according to their needs anywhere in the file is stored in , and you can easily access them through AutoCAD relaxed in the office, work site and on the road. Mike Ammerlaan Microsoft Microsoft 365 eco-system director, said: “We are very pleased with Ott CAD industry leaderG of cooperation, which let users gain greater initiative and flexibility in the workflow. Our users can carry out any design unimpeded and creative activities, because they can now open drawing files are stored in OneDrive and SharePoint in the AutoCAD desktop version and new applications. “Now, all AutoCAD users use Microsoft, Box and Dropbox can enjoy the convenience of software integration brings. Learn more about AutoCAD 2020, visit the new AutoCAD application.
* Like all other performance tests, results may vary computer, network environment, operating system, filters, test site, test samples of different sources vary. product information and specifications are subject to change without notice .Autodesk “as is” the information is not intended through this testing of any kind, either express or implied warranty on related products and services.

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