Bamboo floor export to domestic sales

In the face of competition from domestic counterparts, the bamboo flooring manufacturers that export to domestic sales are not doing well. Experts believe that the emergence of new products and technologies, the high-margin branding operation and the Dashu Culture brand are the three major opportunities for bamboo flooring to reheat the domestic flooring market, and it is also the three hands.

Today, due to the cancellation of the export tax rebate policy and the ‘great injury bones’ after the financial crisis, domestic bamboo flooring exports have been frustrated, and many bamboo flooring companies have turned their eyes to the domestic market. But the road to export to domestic sales does not seem to be smooth.

According to statistics, the sales of bamboo flooring in the country is still stagnant, accounting for only 10% of the wood flooring market, sales are not prosperous. In the face of fierce competition from similar products in China, how can we grasp the turning point of Chinese bamboo flooring in order to win the favor of consumers?

Market turn: high-density heavy bamboo force twisting potential

Throughout the entire floor market, compared with other wooden floors, bamboo flooring uses natural raw bamboo as material, formaldehyde emission Very low, green environmental protection is undoubtedly, and it has achieved a good connection with the current consumer market pursuit of low-carbon life. With the launch of the high-quality and environmentally-friendly bamboo flooring market, the ‘short board’ of bamboo flooring itself can be compensated. The industry believes that this indicates that the inflection point of China’s bamboo flooring market consumption is coming.

The reporter learned that the past bamboo flooring because of the unstable performance of the product, the product in the northern heating room is easy to crack and easy to deform, the applicability is relatively poor, so it has occupied a small share in the domestic market. However, with the advent of heavy bamboo flooring, the technology and performance of bamboo flooring products have improved.

High-density bamboo is made from renewable resources, replacing traditional wood-based production methods. The utilization rate of bamboo is over 90%, which is twice the utilization rate of traditional production methods. Many, sustainable production, and effective protection of the environment.

Because the heavy bamboo flooring products are more stable and durable, the application surface is also wider, and the performance and application range have surpassed the ordinary bamboo flooring, thus changing the disadvantage of the bamboo flooring, making the performance of the heavy bamboo flooring It has been comparable to solid wood flooring and even surpassed the latter.

In addition, the superior technical cooperation between brand companies has further promoted the development of the entire bamboo flooring industry. For example, Commax’s high-density bamboo flooring is a product developed jointly by professional institutions and researchers in Malaysia and China. It will raise the use of bamboo flooring in China to a higher level and create a high-density bamboo flooring. With the continuous innovation and maturity of bamboo flooring technology, the performance of high-density heavy bamboo products has been continuously improved, thus driving the development of the entire bamboo flooring market.

Brand transfer: from low to high gross profit operation

According to statistics, the gross profit margin of the general industry is generally about 40%, the gross profit of the wood flooring industry is more than 30%, but domestic The gross profit margin of bamboo flooring is only 20%, which means that bamboo flooring products are put into the market, and enterprises basically have no money for brand building.

According to the 5% to 8% of the logistics costs, 8% to 10% of marketing expenses, 15% to 20% of sales expenses and dealers’ year-end anti-profit calculations, if the company wants to be a brand Promotion, basically have to lose money. But on the other hand, without market promotion, consumption is difficult to guide, so the bamboo flooring market has been in an embarrassing situation.

Experts believe that in order to change the status of bamboo flooring in the market, we must change the gross profit structure of the category. Since bamboo flooring is an export product in the past, most companies are accustomed to using low-margin methods to speculate on the market. This is difficult to attract market and capital market enthusiasm, and it cannot promote the development of the entire Chinese bamboo flooring market.

Experts pointed out that bamboo flooring companies must change the current business model and profit structure, adapt to the market-oriented competitive environment, carry out branded operations, and adopt high-margin operation methods. A foot article to enhance the taste of bamboo flooring.

Cultural Turn: Let Bamboo Culture Go to the World

Recently, the Sixth Plenary Session of the Seventeenth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China passed the “Central Committee of the Communist Party of China” to deepen the reform of the cultural system and promote the great development of socialist culture. The decision on a number of major issues, proposed to implement the cultural ‘going out’ project. The export of bamboo flooring can not only win profits, but also promote Chinese bamboo culture.

China is an ancient civilization of the world and the birthplace of bamboo culture. After studying the history of Chinese science in depth, the famous British scholar Joseph Needham believed that East Asian civilization is a ‘bamboo civilization’. Since ancient times, China’s bamboo culture has developed in the inheritance and has been passed down to the present.

In recent years, the state has attached more importance to traditional culture, increased the promotion and promotion of traditional culture, and the influence of Eastern culture in the world has gradually increased. As a synonym for ‘higher’, bamboo culture is not only loved by literati, but also its environmental protection has attracted widespread attention from consumers. The cultural consciousness of the Chinese has become stronger, the national culture has increased its importance, and the cultural awakening has driven the Chinese market to re-examine the bamboo flooring.

It is understood that China’s bamboo resources area and output rank first in the world. About 90% of the world’s best bamboos with the highest performance and the highest value of use are distributed in China. Although there are many small enterprises in the bamboo flooring industry in China, most of them have not yet formed a mature brand system. This is an excellent opportunity for bamboo flooring companies with considerable product, capital and resource strength to strengthen their brands. In addition, the market turning point of bamboo flooring has arrived, and industry insiders point out that this will definitely promote a breakthrough in the Chinese bamboo flooring market.

Release date: 2011/11/18 11:07:39

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