Bathroom products need to confirm the installation location before laying tiles and wall tiles

  When is the home improvement bathroom installed? The industry mainly understands that the bathroom is a big concept, the bathroom contains a lot of items, different bathroom installation will be different, so we must first understand the specific value refers to the bathroom Which one can give the most correct installation time guidance, let’s follow the small series to understand it!
   sanitary ware basin installation time

   First, confirm the installation position of the sanitary ware basin: Before laying the floor tiles and wall tiles, it is necessary to confirm the installation position of the sanitary ware basin. Since the sanitary ware basin is to be perforated in the wall, the water inlet hole and the drainage hole are also required. Once the installation is generally unable to move the position, it is necessary to confirm the installation position of the sanitary ware basin.

   Second, when purchasing the sanitary ware basin, confirm the shape and size of the sanitary ware basin according to the installation position: after the position of the sanitary ware basin is determined, the shape and size of the sanitary ware basin can only be determined according to the installation position. .

   Third, look at the pipeline diagram of the water pipe and the wiring diagram of the wire: When installing, use the air drill to punch holes in the wall, so confirm the pipeline diagram and wiring diagram before installation. Important, if you break the water pipe or wire map, you will open some of the wall tiles, causing unnecessary losses.

   Fourth, confirm the installation height of the sanitary ware basin: the standard installation height of the general sanitary ware basin is 80~85cm, which is calculated from the upper part of the floor tile to the wash basin, the specific installation height It is also determined by the height and habits of the family members, but is the most appropriate within the standard height range.

  5, the accessories and installation of each sanitary ware basin are different, that is, the same type of punching size (the size of the hole to the wall) is not the same, but the installation The process is basically the same.

  When is the renovation of new homes?

  Many people think that during the entire home improvement process, sanitary ware products need to be installed in the later stages of the project. Because it has to go through people’s house inspection and a series of civil construction before, and the bathroom is naturally important for its waterproof performance, after the work is completed, it will involve the installation of sanitary ware.

   However, professionals pointed out that the choice of sanitary ware products should be determined after the overall decoration style of the room, that is, before the overall renovation of the home, because only in this way, can be selected in the construction process The specific installation requirements and technical parameters of the sanitary ware products are reserved; in general, the sanitary ware products of different sanitary ware manufacturers have different requirements on the installation conditions. For example, the faucet needs to be pre-buried with appropriate pipelines, and the toilet needs to consider the drainage hole and the wall. The distance between the faces and the shower room needs to consider the bearing wall and the floor drain position. These must be done in the home decoration process, otherwise, the sanitary ware products are difficult to install and use.

  Basic common sense of sanitary ware installation

  Sanitary ware installation and construction process: sanitary ware inlay wall tile→ceiling→laying floor tile→installation Toilet, washbasin, bidet → installation and connection to the drain pipe → installation of lamps, sockets, mirrors → installation of towel rods and other hardware accessories.

  The process of the toilet: check the ground drain pipe → align the nozzle → level the alignment → draw the mark → punch the hole → put the putty → set the rubber pad → Screw on the nut, → mark the two sides of the water tank on the back of the tank, → punch the hole → insert the bolt → 捻 → → back the water tank to hang up and find the right → screw the nut → install the water tank elbow → install the eight-word door → put The mother’s lamp is well bent → insert the drift door and the eight-word door → tighten the nut.

   Washbasin process: expansion bolt insertion → 捻 → → basin tube rack hangs → put the washbasin on the rack to find the level → water connection: washbasin → straighten → Connected to the water.
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