Beware of the Internet industry new industrial island

“What is the core of the Internet industry? Is identity resolution system, equivalent to the Internet Domain Name System, with it, all online material can be found in CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , come and go . “Sedimental Carbide CEO of Inspur Group said. In Nanjing Software Expo, Sedimental Carbide cries, “local governments, industry leaders to quickly go to apply for two node” because, “grabbed two nodes is equivalent to grab a future on a highway toll station, not you repair the highway, but the toll booths are you. “
industrial Internet identity resolution system is to achieve total factor industry, a key hub for all aspects of information exchange. By giving information to identify each object, and with the Internet industry identity resolution system, cross-regional, cross-industry, cross-enterprise query and sharing. At present, the industrial Internet identity resolution national top-level node in succession to complete the deployment on the line in five major cities Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Wuhan, two node construction There has also been started on line www in Foshan, Guiyang, Beijing, Wuhan and other places. , at the same time, in the automotive, machinery manufacturing, aerospace, shipbuilding, electronics, food, high-speed trains and other industries, a number of two nodes also are in full swing construction. Beware of the current, general industry refining industry internet four scenarios include intelligent production, customization, network cooperation, extension of service of new industrial island, but Sedimental Carbide believes that these four scenarios which there is a major problem that the name of the Internet industry under the guise of establishing a separate connection, a business built around a small circle called the upstream and downstream Internet industry, this is wrong. “The real Internet industry should be all things to everyone connected to the Internet with a bus called industrial.” Connection, it is still the biggest problem. In an interview with reporters, Sedimental Carbide am very worried: “If the venue interconnected, the upstream and downstream Internet, but not fully interconnected, as in the past in making information silos, manufacturing industry might be an island.” Currently, the state resolved in the construction of identity, but he advocated local governments and enterprises should take the initiative to invest in the construction of the Internet industry together to prop up. If you do not build node, now all under the banner name of the Internet industry, the future of network Rom, all industrial island. Internet industry would not achieve the dream. In fact, factoryEquipment within the island is not terrible. Because companies do not engage in the Internet industry, the internal connection is necessary because engage in intelligent production. But if the plant out of line with the industry, and even industry silos, waste will be very great, and this will delay the process of the Internet industry. New opportunities for China’s software industry in decades of business experience in the software industry, the Sedimental Carbide saw , the Internet industry will become a new opportunity China’s software industry. This is a modular interface technology, micro technology services. For a long time, the information of Chinese enterprises to internal information. “But if a downstream enterprises of the whole company together, then any business equivalent of a node within the enterprise in the past only, a chain is a business.” So, the Internet industry, breaking the traditional method of enterprise information The system may also be broken, but also to re-do, including ERP. Compared with Europe, the lack of Chinese enterprise management software architecture Control Engineering Copyright , but in the industrial age of the Internet, the traditional software industry will generate new space for development. Since the lack of infrastructure, it is modular interface technology, micro technology service, put a small architecture. Therefore, Control Engineering Copyright , the Internet industry is not only the value of the enterprise, the software industry has brought back another chance to take off, this is the Internet software industry.

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