Bosch interpretation of the new electric transportation revolution, the Internet, automation and personalized future

2018 Bosch Automotive and intelligent transportation technology business sales performance in China reached 81.7 billion yuan, compared with 2017 year trend growth of 2.9% [1]. “2019 Bosch cultivating the Chinese market in the first 110 years. In recent years, China’s new energy auto market boom, the rise of the Internet has penetrated into the field of automobile travel and transportation , China leading the market in the automobile industry electrification, change the Internet, automation and personalized occupies a leading position, “board member Dr. Markus Heyn Bosch Group, said:.” the auto show, Bosch unmanned electric bus concept car debut in China. this concept car shows the most recent set of electrification, automation, interconnected, personality into one solution, based on zero emissions, zero accidents, zero vision for future transportation concern, creating a new way to travel and mobile services ecosystem. ”
board member of the Bosch Group, Dr. Markus Heyn scene to speak rich
Bosch’s new energy and energy-efficient automotive product line in China, with sales doubling year on year China is currently the world’s largest new energy vehicle market, Bosch, as the Chinese market for the electrification strategy to , the number of Chinese production technology, performance increased significantly, 2018 New energy and energy-related products and services, automotive sales doubling year on year. Bosch in China’s new energy sector extensive product line, ranging from two to four Control Engineering Copyright , from the micro-mingled diversified pure electric solutions. Among them, the newly developed 48-volt battery was mass production late last year. This year, the compact powertrain solutions – Bosch bridge will be put into production in China. The show also introduced a more compact size, suitable for light commercial vehicles of 700 volt motors. At the same time, Bosch has developed a set of core components and systems can be used in fuel cells. In addition, in the electric vehicle thermal management system, Bosch several key components (such as pumps, valves, cooling fans, etc.) has been applied innovation, greatly enhance the efficiency of electric vehicle thermal management. With a series of electrification solutions, Bosch has won the trust of more and more local users and partners. 2018, Bosch has won dozens of projects in the field of electric vehicles. In the future , Bosch will continue cultivating the Chinese market, and to enhance the strength of local competitionFight force, to develop new energy business. Bosch Changsha new energy automotive thermal management systems laboratory to be built, will develop key components of new energy automotive thermal management systems. In addition, Bosch will build a new fuel cell R & D center in Wuxi, mainly for research and development of fuel cell key components.
Bosch unmanned Chinese electric bus concept car debut
Bosch to expand local cooperation, create intelligent Internet traffic ecosystem rapid development of China’s mobile Internet user groups and highly open to provide for the joint development of the Chinese automobile Intelligent Network excellent base for development. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers predicted that China’s Internet market scale transport services in 2017 increased significantly to 600 million dollars in 2030 from 39.5 billion dollars. Bosch continued to prospective smart, connected transportation travel embarked on efforts to not only provide real-time connection between the vehicle and the Internet users, also focused on providing a complete set closer to the terminal owner’s personality intelligent transport travel services, including car reservations, car remote upgrade, remote calibration, cloud the diagnosis, automatic valet parking, fleet management, and predictive diagnostic services. Thanks to Chinese government to develop a solid foundation and strategic advantages with automobile intelligent network, set up more than a year, Bosch Intelligent Network Alliance Division with the different areas of partners to establish a close working relationship, including Internet companies and telecommunications service operators, etc. , aims to make deep localization and stronger, and work together to create intelligent local partners interconnected ecosystem. Meanwhile Bosch in early 2019 established a new business unit – New Customer Strategy, focusing on service and repairer of the new forces emerging smart travel service providers. Bosch continues to advance in China autopilot Control Engineering Copyright , advanced driver assistance systems-related businesses strong growth of 30% autopilot is one of Bosch’s R & D focus, to achieve “zero accidents” traffic vision, the Bosch Group autopilot implement dual strategy. On the one hand, focused on the development of driver assistance systems to help private cars to achieve the level of L2, and L3 part of the autopilot. Bosch is located in China’s auto pilot team is actively working with local partners to promote the mass production of automatic pilot landed in China. 2019, Bosch will provide nearly 40 local models L2 level Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) solution. Compared with 2017, China Advanced Driver Assistance Systems related businesses in 2018, a strong increase of 30%. In addition, Bosch Asia-Pacific’s first intelligent helpPower production base in Nanjing was enabled, and mass production in April. On the other hand, Bosch is about to begin in early 2020 to deploy unmanned L4 and L5 level of technology. At the same time ensure the implementation of system reliability, Bosch is also perceived levels of lead technological change. Chinese government vigorously promote the construction of V2X promote intelligent infrastructure and 5G communication technology , which will largely facilitate the conditions for further popularization of autopilot. At the same time, Bosch is also actively promoting the development of artificial intelligence, depth perception learning and autopilot systems integration to further enhance the safety and reliability of automated driving.
[1] due to exchange rate factors, Bosch China Automotive Technology and Intelligent Transportation Business 2018 sales to 10.5 billion euros, an increase of 1% compared with 2017. To reflect the comparability of data, 2017 sales exclude starter and generator business unit.

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