Bosch Rexroth work together to create a new pole chia highly intelligent robots

Bosch Rexroth hand in a very intellectual Kerry (Geek +), Thomas Fechner (left), Senior Vice President of Bosch Rexroth picture shows the global and vice president of the European Region Premium Jia Zhang Jian (right).
very intellectual Kerry (Geek +), the world’s leading autonomous mobile robot innovators Control Engineering Copyright , the scheme Bosch Rexroth innovative logistics robot software solutions to address in its future wisdom logistics. Bosch Rexroth software solution that provides reliable positioning for a variety of industries and applications in the field of mobile robots, without any advance infrastructure laid. Very wise Kerry (Geek +) was established in 2015, currently has more than 10,000 units deployed worldwide logistics robot. In the customer and innovation center located Bosch Rexroth Ulm, Germany CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the two companies based on mutual recognition and trust reached a cooperation agreement. “We assessed the relevant technical parameters Bosch Rexroth software program, which is open to a variety of hardware configurations, quick and easy debugging capabilities and maturity of industry applications, impressed us.” Very wise founder and chief executive Kerry Mr. Zheng Yong official said. Very wise Kerry will build on the advantages of Bosch Rexroth software, the introduction of a more disruptive solutions in the future field of internal logistics. “As a thriving start-ups, rapid response and global reach partners is critical to us.” Zheng Yong stressed. Mr. Doug Heckel about robot project director Bosch Rexroth internal logistics (Jrg Heckel) added Control Engineering Copyright , “Bosch Rexroth is committed to providing customers with innovative logistics robot software solutions, our greatest . extent, combines the flexibility of start-ups with Bosch’s technology leadership in the field of autopilot and rich application experience “about Doug Heckel (Jrg Heckel) stressed:” we look forward to partnering with various industries around the world cooperation. “
Bosch Rexroth and very intellectual Kerry (Geek +) signing ceremony held successfully, Pictured Bosch Rexroth internal logistics robot project director J? rg Heckel (left) and Vice president of the European region Premium Jia Zhang Jian (Right ).
In the internal logistics of the robot project, engineers are working around the intelligent robotThe use and development of various software and hardware solutions. Bosch Rexroth robot logistics software solutions (Locator) is one solution that has been successfully launched in the market. Locator supports manufacturers own independent hardware platforms, the package can be integrated into various functional modules in the control system, and supports a variety of laser sensors Copyright Control Engineering , comprising a laser safety. Locator commissioning fast and easy: just one button and a directional manual drive can achieve self-learning vehicle. The software creates a dynamic map, the map may be stored locally in the vehicle itself or a separate server based on the path. When deploying a robot team Control Engineering Copyright , all vehicles can use the same map. Environment, every change will automatically be reflected in the dynamic map.

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