Brewing for a whole year, Siemens opened a landing speed up the Internet industry “trump card”

This week, Siemens has further action, it announced its own low-Code ace. September 3 to 6, in New York, Siemens held its annual analyst for the annual meeting, which Siemens announced the launch of Xcelerator, which is the product of a fusion Mendix MindSphere and after.
We all know that , MindSphere Siemens industrial internet platform, Mendix Siemens in August 2018 acquisition of low-code programming platform CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright [123 ] What Xcelerator after they combined that? Ado, we’ll be right interpretation. You will see for reference textbook move for Siemens industrial development of the Internet. This paper is a lot of information in Siemens’ first public annual meeting, you will see: ● dismantling Xcelerator, Xcelerator significance Siemens launched what? ● IIoT platform to become the next wave of growth driven by Siemens maximum engine that is puffiness or strength? ● Siemens technology will be dragged into the “zero threshold”, whether rolling physical complexity of networking applications? 01 Industrial Internet Platform + = Xcelerator Xcelerator low source tools and Accelerator (Accelerator) homonym, yes, Siemens is triggered once the Internet industry to accelerate. Siemens at the time of publication of Xcelerator, had said at the outset: its meaning is “inferior” to “advantage”, “short board” to “long board.” Specific to the manufacturing sector, Xcelerator will change the complexity of the manufacturing industry a competitive advantage. So Xcelerator in the end what is?
Xcelerator is a software portfolio to provide underlying support by Siemens Industry Internet platform MindSphere. Contained in the combination product lifecycle management software, PLM, electronic design automation software EDA, application life cycle management software ALM, manufacturing operations management software, MOM, and SaaS applications on Siemens Industrial Internet platform MindSphere. Simply put, the various SiemensSoftware, services and development capabilities have moved on industry Internet platform MindSphere, then loaded acceleration engine Xcelerator. This means Xcelerator includes a combination of electrical design, mechanical design, system simulation, manufacturing, operations management and life-cycle analysis of various software and services. Xcelerator how the complexity of the transformation of the manufacturing sector a competitive advantage? To give users all the Xcelerator can easily get started and create a traceable digital thread (Digital Thread), Xcelerator will Mendix low source platform with the original software product to get through, so that users do not need any programming experience, you can easily Mendix use development environment to create, integrate and extend existing data and systems. Mendix CEO Derek Roos mentions Siemens will open its entire software portfolio through Mendix, but also Siemens Siemens commitment can be implemented applications and any other brand by Mendix enterprise resource management system ERP, customer relationship management, or CRM system assets interconnection management system.
Specifically, Xcelerator killer three: ● a full range of personalized digital twin ● ● flexible configuration open ecosystem we are speaking. ● a full range of digital twin twin Siemens has been advocating digital closed loop. Siemens idea was to build twin digital product and performance data from the production and design, the closed-loop decision process to continuously optimize product design and manufacturing processes.
There is a need to mention the concept of: number of threads (Digital Thread). Digital twin thread provides digital access (Access), integration (Integrate) and conversion (Transform) capability, the goal is through the product life cycle and value chain, to achieve a comprehensive retrospective, two-way information sharing and value chain collaboration. Digital twin is the object data. A thread is a digital method, the channel interface. Thread exchange digital information processing and related digital twin.
Siemens embodiment given case. To HP printer, for example, the use of digital thread to enhance the cooling efficiency of the print head. Data show that the flow rate of the print head provide coolerRose 22%, to improve the printing speed about 15% faster product development 75%, 34% lower component costs. ● personalized fit here Siemens emphasized IIoT cloud strategy, saying the industry is ready for the Internet cloud solution Well scalable environment, can be flexibly deployed according to the needs of users. Mendix is ​​a personalized configuration of an important part of providing personalized application development, accelerate the innovation process. Siemens is also some software introduced an “adaptive UI” feature. UI is the use of artificial intelligence AI adaptive algorithm, according to the user usage state, the function automatically presented next operation command. According to statistics Siemens, adaptive UI accuracy rate of about 95%.
● flexible and open ecosystem Siemens disclose relevant ecological data. Siemens three-dimensional modeling kernel components “Parasolid” more than 4 million users worldwide, three-dimensional model data format “JT” members of more than 130, they have been adopted by many companies, it has become the de facto standard for the industry. Siemens PLM software in the world has accumulated more than 90,000 developers.
With the development of eco-systems, Siemens explore a set of methods effective collaboration with partners. For example, Siemens by connecting with IBM asset management software “MAXIMO”, to achieve a truck hours of operation and availability of the upgrade, as well as lower operating costs. Siemens is also working with BentleySystems, providing a printed circuit production lines operating performance management solutions, and integrated plant asset performance solution.
In order to better clarify the relationship and positioning of Mendix and Xcelerator, Mendix CEO DerekRoos interpretation. When the acquisition of Siemens, Derek determines Mendix conjunction with Siemens will lead to a real value “data tsunami.” Siemens analyst annual meeting, Derek talk about almost a full a picture, this is the following.
The expression of Derek, Mendix lower will be the main source platform for all Siemens cloud application platform solutions, Siemens Mendix user can use the application to create and share data on any device, anywhere, any cloud internet. Siemens various software systems are being gradually set foot on the use of open APIPut a new journey, Mendix will be able to access all data in the system. Low Mendix Code, will increase in a new application domain-specific service layer (Domain-Specific APPServices Layer), and will be integrated with MindSphere. In April this year, Mendix also revealed their own “moon program (Moon Shot)”, launched Mendix data bus (DataHub). Mendix data by the data bus system and abstract data across the entire enterprise virtualization layer to overcome in the rapidly build software solutions, data difficult to integrate a huge bottleneck. Currently Mendix data mainline (DataHub) service to Siemens, SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft and IBM, which means that the use of Mendix, the user can freely use the various applications and the sharing of relevant data on these cloud platforms. Judging from the words of Derek, everything is about to happen just a matter of time. 02 IIoT drive platform to become the next round of growth will be the largest engine Siemens MindSphere the next round of growth is defined as the maximum engine. From the figure can be seen in the spheres
Control Engineering Copyright , MindSphere industry Internet platform, networking hardware, applications and analytical services, digital enterprise … nested layers, MindSphere located in the central position. From the data point of view, MindSphere in 17 countries in 20 industry verticals has made application, which attracted more than 1000 solutions developers, data scientists and engineers.
to the details known Siemens, the company’s digital maturity of the road a detailed division. DETAILED comprising three major phases, steps 6 …
and seven kinds of services.
For large Phase 3, steps 6, 7 specific content and services, the time being ignored here, much later interpretation.
Overall, Siemens’ cloud service has achieved good results. APP application number over 235,000, annual recurring revenue ARR growth rate of over 40%, over 1000 customers, developers greater than 100,000, 650 partners, access to the more than 1.4 million connected devices. From performance indicatorsStandard view, in just the past third quarter of 2019, Siemens spent exceptionally difficult. Sales and orders of digital business both fell.
focused on the industry point of view, Siemens’ digital business covers two discrete automation and process automation field. In the discrete automation sector, due to the automotive, pharmaceuticals and machinery manufacturing industries such as living environment changes, Siemens has been a greater impact. So in the next few quarters, Siemens is bound to increase the focus shifted to oil, mining, gas, paper and other process automation. 03 so that technology into a “zero threshold” low-era codes biggest role is to promote a revolution about the cost, to complete a sublimation from quantitative to qualitative change. Here’s costs include the cost of time and personnel costs. Both cost subtle changes to enhance the new technology, but also high. Improvements in technology to enhance the complexity of the system, the complexity and quality of the demand for personnel management. A lot of work needs to have a comprehensive knowledge of the full range of skilled personnel, or the number of engineers working together to complete. Sometimes even require an engineer who not only cloud platform, but also understands the network, but also to understand the mobile device, this is not reality … these are new technologies in invisible threshold.
Therefore, a set of increasingly intensified contradiction is the contradiction between the needs of various industries and IT supply capacity, the contradiction between the urgency of the time lag in the development cycle and IT industry needs.
not only need to address these conflicts, and the need to form a magnitude-style changes, new technology can really open up the road to empowerment for all sectors. In order to reduce the threshold for application of things, the Internet era IT software in the world of four core members: operating systems, programming languages, compilers and databases, in the era of things will usher in a new form. From the operating system to the Internet of Things platform, from the programming language code programming tool to IoT low, this process is moving forward.
back to the paper protagonist Xcelerator, industry Internet platform and low-Code programming tools integrated together, and the difficulty involved in trying to reduce the threshold for developers to form collaborative community of developers, users quickly meet the needs of industries. In industry, the Internet industry is currently the largest platform of change. Network effect is the platform model is different from other key features of the business model district. Network effect refers to more users and developers on the platformThe interaction
, the platform for potential new users and new developers more attractive. When the suction mechanism is formed in such a dynamic autonomous growth , the platform will enter the self-growth of healthy cycle. It contains two network effects, effects of unilateral and bilateral effects. Unilateral aggregation effect is formed at one side of the platform network effects, developers attract more developers, users and attract more users; bilateral effect is to form a network aggregation effect of the sides of the platform, more developers attract users, more users and attract more developers. Industrial Internet platform is a bilateral or multilateral platform, the more the role of the platform, manage the more complex. Manufacturing enterprises often have to operate a variety of software in multiple usage scenarios, extremely troublesome. “Industrial Internet platform” + “Low-code programming tool” + “flexible developer ecosystem,” the combination is to solve the textbook Road Siemens for the complexity of the manufacturing sector, given.
Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage”, the world is a stage. Internet industry then why not another stage, this stage is not attractive enough, manufacturers will have to see whether Xcelerator are willing to pay. This Summary: 1. Siemens industrial MindSphere Internet platform and low-code programming Mendix platform combined with the introduction of Xcelerator, trying to speed landing speed of the Internet industry. 2. Siemens did not disclose the revenue-critical data cloud platform, but said the number of application developers and other indicators, the difficulty landing across the uncertainty of the global economic environment, industry Internet platform increases. 3. Whatever the outcome, “Industrial Internet platform” + “Low-code programming tool” + “flexible developer ecosystem,” the combination, Siemens is the complexity of the manufacturing industry, the solution given textbook, with reference.

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