Britain’s first bio-car bus line test phase

The first bio-waste-based biobus route in the UK was just on the road and entered the testing phase. The four-week trial period starting on November 24, the 40-seat bus passed through the process of producing gas running sewage and food waste, which is not suitable for human consumption and produces less emissions than conventional diesel engines. The bus is operated by Bus Bus Company and covers the bus service of Bath Bristol Airport along the highway.

Biocars can travel at 186 miles (300 kilometers) when the tank is full. This gas is produced at the Bristol Wastewater Treatment Plant. Through sewage and food processing, which is not suitable for human consumption, we are able to produce enough bio-methane to give the national gas network.
Natural gas-powered vehicles play an important role in improving the air quality of British cities, but bio-vehicles are far more than that and can be used in life.

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