Camozzi PRE carrying electrical series and D series regulator proportional valve island again appeared IAS

Camozzi exhibitors 21th China International Industry Fair
Industrial Automation Show
Booth: 5.1H-E056
1PRE series of electrical proportional pressure regulator
in two sizes: PRE104 – 1100l / min cONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , PRE238 – 3500l / min variety of control: 0 – 10V , 4 – 20mA , a digital formula (5), IO-Link advantages:
Patent diagnostics CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , to meet the requirements
2D valve island series
industrial specification 4.0: 10.5mm ( 250Nl / min) valve position function: 5/2 – 5/3 – 2×3 / 2 multicore receptacle connector (25-pin or 44-pin) advantage:
patented diagnostic function CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , to meet industry requirements of 4.0

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