11 people died in the landslide in eastern Indonesia, 2 people were missing

Indonesian officials said on the 23rd that Jayapura, the capital of Papua province in eastern Indonesia, caused a landslide accident on the evening of the 22nd, causing 11 deaths and 2 missing.

The head of the Indonesian Disaster Reduction Agency, Sutopo, told the Xinhua News Agency on the 23rd that heavy rains caused local landslides, resulting in several houses being buried, 11 people killed and two others missing. At present, local search and rescue personnel and military and police are still carrying out rescue and clean-up work.

Sottopo also said that heavy rains have caused a water level in a river in Papua to soar, overflowing the river, and the Papua provincial parliament building and main streets have accumulated water to the knees.

The annual rainy season in Indonesia from November to April is also a period of high incidence of floods and landslides. (Reporter Zhou Lim Yangda)

Responsible Editor: Zhang Yang

News: Korean separated families successfully arrived in Mount Kumgang

People’s Daily Online, Seoul, February 20 (Huang Haiyan) According to the Yonhap News Agency, around 1.5 pm (Korean time), the Korean family members of 82 separated family members and 58 accompanying family members arrived smoothly. Mount Kumgang Hotel.

The Korean family will be reunited with the family of the DPRK at 3 pm on the same day.

This reunion is the first reunion in 3 years and 4 months, and it is also a reunion of many old people looking forward to day and night.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

North Korea registered Kim Jong-un as a candidate for the Supreme People’s Assembly

China News Service, February 20, according to the DPRK News Agency, the 13th Supreme People’s Assembly of the DPRK elected the Central Election Committee issued a communique on the 19th, announcing that the North Korean Supreme People’s Assembly elected all constituency constituencies and voters’ congress Kim Jong-un, the top leader of North Korea, is a candidate for the 13th Supreme People’s Assembly.

The communique said that the decision to recommend Kim Jong-un as a candidate for the 13th Supreme People’s Assembly of North Korea reflects the absolute support and trust of all officers and men of the Korean People’s Army and Kim Jong-un.

Earlier, Kim Jong-un thanked all the voters in North Korea for their open letter and pointed out that according to the election law of the People’s Assembly of the People’s Republic of Korea, the candidates for parliament can only be registered in one constituency, so he decided to be in the 111th. The Baitoushan Constituency is registered as a candidate.

The communique said that after receiving an open letter from Kim Jong-un, all North Korean voters thanked him and determined to support Kim Jong-un as the “unique center” for unity and leadership. The communique announced that North Korea’s No. 111 Baitoushan Constituency Committee solemnly registered Kim Jong-un as a candidate for the 13th Supreme People’s Assembly.

The communique also stated that the North Korean Central Election Commission announced that Kim Jong-un was registered as a candidate for the No. 111 Whitehead Mountain constituency in the election of the 13th Supreme People’s Assembly of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

Chinese students in a car accident in Seattle 1 dead 4 injuries from Hefei

People’s Daily on February 19 According to the US Chinese website, the Green River Community University in Seattle announced that on the evening of the 16th, five foreign students from China had a car accident, causing one death and four injuries.

It is understood that the five Chinese students are all male, all from Hefei Sixth Middle School, who are classmates. On Sunday night, they drove five people. The car lost control when it opened westward on SE 320, hitting the protective pole, causing student Zhenyu Yang to die on the spot. The other four were sent to the nearby Harborview Hospital.

Student Weihao Xu is currently in stable condition, but still in the hospital’s heavy supervision. Student Zigeng Wang is relatively lightly injured but is still being observed in the hospital. The other two students were discharged after receiving treatment at the hospital. The driver, Qiang Liu, was arrested and detained in King County Prison in Seattle and may face dangerous driving charges. The president of the Green River Community University and representatives of the International Department visited them on Monday.

The school will hold an international student conference on the 19th local time to discuss how to avoid similar incidents and how to help the school and students cope if it happens.

Responsible Editor: Liu Yang

Japan’s trade deficit with China increased by 17.8% year-on-year in 2013.

China News Service, February 18, according to Japan’s Kyodo News Agency, Japan’s Trade Promotion Agency (JETRO) released data on the 18th, showing that Japan’s total trade volume in 2013 decreased by 6.5% from the previous year to 311.918 million US dollars. Two years down. In 2013, Japan’s trade deficit with China increased by 17.8%, setting a new record.

The report said that the total trade volume between Japan and China decreased year-on-year, mainly due to the slowdown in China’s economic growth and the weakening of exports caused by Japanese companies’ increased local production. The exchange gap caused by the yen’s depreciation also affected.

In 2013, Japan’s trade deficit with China increased by 17.8% to US$522.286 million. This figure has set a new record and has become the main reason for the deterioration of Japan’s trade balance.

In 2013, Japan’s exports to China decreased by 10.2% to US$129.832 million, a sharp decline for two consecutive years.

Affected by the decline in food such as LCD TVs and fish and shellfish, imports fell by 3.7% year-on-year to $18,211.19 million.

Exports to China accounted for 18.1% of Japan’s total global exports. China ranked second for the first time in five years and was overtaken by the United States.

Regarding the impact of the deterioration of Japan-China relations on trade, JETRO believes that “it is limited”. JETRO predicts that the total trade volume between Japan and China in 2014 will be due to China’s economic stability, etc., and it is likely to turn into a small increase.

Responsible Editor: Zhao Yanlong

British prosecution testimony: former Prime Minister Blair is involved in the media eavesdropping scandal

China News Service, London, February 19 (Reporter Zhou Zhaojun) The protracted “World News” wiretapping case continued to be heard in London on the 19th. The British prosecutor showed evidence that former British Prime Minister Blair had “sneaked into the door”. “The heroine Rebecca · Brooks made a plan, and things happened one week before Brooks was arrested by the police.

Brooks was once known as the “Queen of the Tabloids” in the United Kingdom. He was the editor-in-chief of The News of the World and the CEO of the International News Corporation. He was the competent tycoon of the media tycoon Murdoch. On July 17, 2011, Brooks was arrested by the British police for a phone tapping incident.

The evidence presented by the prosecutor to the court showed that on July 11, 2011, the day after the World News was discontinued, the day before Brooks was arrested, Brooks gave Murdoch’s son, At the time, the executive director of International News Corporation, James · Murdoch sent an email. In the mail, Brooks said that Blair expressed her willingness to act as her own and Murdoch’s father and son when she was on the phone with her, “unofficial consultant”.

Brooks said in the mail that her phone conversation with Blair lasted about an hour. Blair told her to stay strong, take sleeping pills, keep her head clear, and keep in mind that there is no easy solution.

Blair also suggested that Brooks set up an independent commission of inquiry to publish a survey similar to the “Hurton Report”. “The Hutton Report” is a survey released by Lord Justice Hutton in 2004 on the death of Dr. Kelly, a British government weapons expert. The report concluded that Blair did not maliciously modify the intelligence to launch the Iraq war.

Blair was accused of being very close to the Murdoch family. After the divorce between Murdoch and Deng Wendi, Blair was exposed by the media to have an affair with Deng Wendi.

Brooks was charged with intercepting communications, bribing government officials, and obstructing justice, but she denied all of these allegations. (End)

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

Palestine rejects Kerry’s proposal to refuse to recognize Israel as a Jewish state

ChinaNet February 23, according to Qatar Al Jazeera website reported on February 21, a Palestinian official said that against US Secretary of State John · Kerry in Paris with the Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud · Abbas The proposal for a framework agreement between the two sides during the meeting was “not acceptable”. At the same time, according to US news, the proposal includes recognition of Israel as a Jewish state.

AFP quoted a French official who asked not to be named as saying, “The US proposal cannot be accepted by the Palestinian and Palestinian leaders and serves as the basis for the framework agreement between Palestine and Israel.” Because this violates the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.

According to Kerry, the Palestinian position is to refuse to accept all the ideas of recognizing Israel as a Jewish state or a Jewish nation. At the same time, Kerry emphasized that it is absolutely impossible for Palestine to recognize the Jewish attributes of Israel

Palestine position

The Palestinian official also mentioned that Abbas reiterated the position of Palestine and the Palestinian side during the meeting with Kerry. The idea of ​​resolving the Palestinian-Israeli issue based on international legal resolutions, Palestinian leadership decision-making and Arab League resolutions.

At the same time, US Ambassador to Israel Dan · Shapir said that he believes that the framework agreement between Palestine and Israel should include recognition of Israel as a Jewish state.

Ambassador Shapir said in an interview with Israel Radio on Friday morning (February 21) that “the United States has always believed that Israel is a Jewish state and that Israel must maintain its Jewish attributes”.

According to the same source, the framework agreement reached between the Palestinians and Israeli peace talks includes recognizing Israel as a Jewish state and acknowledging that Israel is a Jewish nation. This means that the Palestinian-Israeli peace talks will end the conflict between the two sides.

Abbas and Kerry held talks in Paris, France on Thursday (February 20). The talks involved the issue of peace talks that were restarted last year after the silence between the two sides.

Constructive talks

A senior US leader said that Kerry’s talks with Abbas were “constructive”, which is both The leader held the second meeting in two days. A US official who asked not to be named said that “the leaders of both sides had discussed all the major issues the night before and agreed to maintain close telephone contact in the next few days or weeks through the coordination of the staff of both parties. ”.

The peace talks between the Palestinians and Israelis resumed on July 29 last year after three years of silence. At the time, Kerry mentioned that “our goal is to reach a final agreement within the next nine months. ”.

The US believes that this framework agreement provides broad prospects for resolving the sixty-year conflict between the two sides: it will address the borders between the two sides, national security, the ownership of Palestine refugees, and the holy city of Jerusalem. Status and other issues. However, the Palestinian side believes that this agreement sacrifices the interests of the Palestinian people.

AFP quoted a statement from the French Elysee Palace, French President François · Hollande met with Palestinian President Abbas.

Responsible Editor: Qi Yuhan

Expert: Japanese airborne missile attack power lags behind China by one order of magnitude

Recently, the Japanese media reported that although the number of Chinese warplanes is five times that of Japan, the battle will be defeated. The basis is that the radar performance gap between the two is obvious. Air Force equipment expert Song Xinzhi said in an interview with Beijing TV’s “Military Intelligence Decoding” that this analysis is biased. The impact of missile performance in air combat is greater than radar performance, and in this respect, Japan is an order of magnitude behind China.

It is a distant past for fighters to rely solely on the cabin and the mobility of speed performance and hovering performance to determine the outcome of air combat. Modern warfare is a kind of sensor that quickly senses distant threats, then processes the information through the computer, and then provides the processed information to the pilot, so that it can make the most appropriate action as quickly as possible, and achieve multi-machine interaction. Information sharing. According to the report, in terms of these performances, the US F-35 is the most popular, followed by the F-22, because they are equipped with AESA radar, and have a LINK-16 data link to achieve sensor fusion.

According to reports, the so-called AESA radar mentioned by the Japanese media is also called active phased array radar. The United States started early in the field of active phased array radar technology and is investing early. A big lead. The current US military fighters are equipped with organic and active phased array radars. The most typical one is the US F-22, and the active phased array radar is used on the fighters for the first time.

Some analysts believe that the biggest breakthrough of the F-22 is that its avionics system achieves a higher degree of integration, and the active phased array radar is first adopted in fighter aircraft, which makes the F-22 more For the sharp “eyes”, more rich combat functions, the distance of the fighter target is more than 200 kilometers, which can achieve the first enemy discovery, the first enemy launch, the first enemy hit. Active phased array radars can perform fast scans, making it difficult for the enemy to detect and locate. At the same time, electronic intelligence collection can be carried out to achieve interference monitoring and communication. These are not possible with previous fighter radars.

Song Xinzhi pointed out that the current assessment of the air combat capability of fighters is the first, but its influence is minimal. The second is the radar detection range, including the detection distance of the photoelectric system, and the factor that is more influential is the missile. He said that the Japanese fighters have strong maneuverability and strong radar performance, but the range and attack capability of air-to-air missiles are much weaker than that of China’s air-to-air missiles. The difference between the two is an order of magnitude.

& ldquo; We can imagine that your radar looks very far, but the missile launch distance is very close. If the other side’s missile is farther away than you, the person will hit you first, and it will be the missile that is not fired after the launch. After the evacuation of the launch site, you will not have a transmitter. Therefore, the missile’s attack distance is the first in the air combat capability evaluation. ” Song Xinzhi said.

Responsible Editor: Qi Yuhan

The Russian Foreign Minister said that the threat of Western sanctions against Ukraine is similar to “intimidation”

Xinhuanet Baghdad, Feb. 20 (Reporter Liang Youzhen, Zhang Shuhui) Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who is visiting Iraq, said on the 20th that the threat of sanctions against Ukraine in the West is similar to “intimidation” behavior.

Lavrov said at a joint press conference with Iraqi Foreign Minister Zebari that Russia is deeply concerned about the development of the situation in Ukraine and expressed concern that some Western countries are exerting influence on Ukraine.

Lavrov pointed out that the Ukrainian opposition refused to sever relations with extremists, but the United States gave the Ukrainian government full responsibility, which is in the “double standard”. US sanctions will “inspire rioters” and the EU is also considering sanctions against Uganda, which are similar to “intimidating” behavior.

Lavrov also stated that Russia fully supports the necessary measures taken by the Iraqi government and people to fight terrorism, and also calls on the international community to unite to fight against terrorist groups.

Zebari said that the two sides focused on Russia’s supply of weapons to Iraq. The Russian side promised to speed up the implementation of the arms sales contracts signed by the two sides so that Iraq can get the weapons and equipment needed to fight terrorism as soon as possible.

Lavrov arrived in Baghdad on the morning of the 20th to visit Iraq. He also held talks with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki on the same day.

The violent clashes in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, which occurred in the past three months on the 18th, caused 26 deaths and 388 injuries, including several military police and journalists. On the 19th, the US State Department announced that it would impose sanctions on more than 20 Ukrainian officials and individuals who are responsible for the bloody conflict and prohibit them from issuing entry visas. French Foreign Minister Fabius said on the 20th that the EU is preparing to impose sanctions on those responsible for the violence in Ukraine.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

A Pakistani bus was killed by a roadside bomb and 10 people were killed

Pakistani police said on the 23rd that a passenger car was attacked by a roadside bomb in the northwestern Kohat area. At least 10 people were killed and 15 others were injured.

The media quoted police reports that there were more than 20 people in the car, only 200 meters away from the local police station. The bomb was detonated by the attacker using a remote control. At present, the identity of the casualty in the explosion has not been confirmed.

The injured have been taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. No organization or individual has claimed to have carried out the attack.

After the incident, Pakistani President Hussein and Prime Minister Sharif issued a statement strongly condemning the attack. (Reporter Wang Yu Zhang Qi)

Responsible Editor: Zhang Yang