Thousands of residents in Kanto, Japan are still trapped by snow. No heavy machinery is difficult.

Japanese Kanto residents are still surrounded by snow without heavy machinery

The Self-Defense Forces used helicopters to deliver supplies to residents trapped by heavy snow.

China News Service, February 20th According to the Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK), on the 19th, the Japanese government’s Emergency Disaster Prevention Headquarters held a meeting to discuss the snowfall measures. As of 10:00 pm local time on the 19th, 1166 households in the 1 Du 6 counties with Kanto as the center were still trapped. And because many roads leading to the trapped areas still do not have heavy machinery to participate in disaster relief, the snow freezes and hardens, and snow removal is getting harder and harder.

The Ministry of Emergency Response Measures of the Japanese Government was established on the 18th and held a meeting in Tokyo on the 19th. The director of the relevant provincial department attended the meeting. The meeting also heard the report of the local government headquarters of the Yamanashi Prefecture Government through the video conferencing system.

The Minister of Disaster Prevention, Japan’s National Defense Office, instructed the relevant provincial offices to re-examine the situation in areas still covered by heavy snow, such as what materials are needed and when the local area can resume transportation.

As of 10:00 pm local time on the 19th, there are still 1,166 households trapped in 1 Du 6 counties centered on Kanto. The rescue teams such as the Self-Defense Forces continue to carry materials and carry out snow removal operations.

The main roads in Yamanashi Prefecture have been restored, and the road conditions have gradually improved. However, many roads leading to the trapped areas still do not have heavy machinery to participate in disaster relief. The snow freezes and hardens, and snow removal becomes more and more difficult.

The Japanese central government will send additional machinery to these areas. In addition, helicopters arriving at the local Self-Defense Force commando team are carrying out concentrated snow removal. As of the 19th, food and fuel have been sent to three trapped areas, but there are still some areas where there is a shortage of supplies.

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Foreign media: Chinese father and son died while swimming in Australia. Boys are only 5 years old.

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Overseas Network October 29th Local time 28th, 2 Chinese tourists unfortunately drowning while swimming in a tourist attraction in Queensland, Australia , died after the rescue is invalid. Foreign media said that two people are a father and son, among them, the unfortunate little boy is only 5 years old.

The Australian Sydney Morning Herald and the British Daily Mail reported that the incident took place on the afternoon of 28th at the Airlie Beach Lagoon in northern Queensland. At less than 4 in the afternoon, the ambulance rushed to the scene and rescued the two tourists.

A spokesperson for the Queensland Ambulance Service said that the nursing staff treated a 5-year-old male and a 30-year-old male who were considered a father and son. At that time, two people were in critical condition and there had been a sudden cardiac arrest. They were subsequently taken to a nearby hospital but eventually died because of the rescue.

Russians favor Chinese medicine and have saved the lives of famous Russian actors.

ChinaNet February 21 According to the Russian Communist Youth League Pravda website reported on February 20, nine years ago on February 28, Russian actor Nikolay had an accident that affected his future career. In an interview with reporters, Chinese doctors can create miracles.

Nikolay said in an interview: “Chinese doctors can create miracles.” We have spent two and a half months in China and are still continuing to receive treatment. I hope that we can fully recover and resume our activities with our hands and feet. & rdquo;

Nikolay and his wife are planning to go to Tibet for treatment. In short, they will do their best to only walk again for Nikolay, no longer rely on crutches. Although Nikola’s mood was very unstable after the accident, like becoming another person, after receiving treatment from a Chinese doctor, he recovered every day and enjoyed his life with his wife. The famous Russian actor said in the conversation that he hopes to return to the TV screen. The magical medical skills of China help him to approach his dream step by step.

It is understood that Russian tourists who seek Chinese medicine treatment in the northeastern part of China can reach hundreds of people every day at the peak. Blonde Russian patients are waiting in line at the Chinese medicine department of Chinese hospitals, which has become a unique landscape for some small towns on the Sino-Russian border.

With the continuous development of Sino-Russian border trade, at the same time, the cultural exchanges between the two countries have deepened, and the magical effects of Chinese medicine have gradually attracted the attention of Russians. Especially in the field of dentistry, neck and back pain, and even in the field of gynecology, Russian tourists are quickly attracted to the cautious attempt. The ancient Chinese experience medicine, in the eyes of the Russians, has gradually increased from the auxiliary treatment to the main treatment. (Internship Compilation: Wang Siyang)

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The Somali Presidential Palace was attacked, killing 9 militants and 5 officers and men

China News Service, February 21, according to foreign reports, Somali police said that the Somali presidential palace was attacked on the 21st, causing at least 14 deaths, including nine militants, five Somali officials or soldiers.

Somali police officer Abdirahman Mohamed said police statistics found nine bodies killed by security forces and five Somali officials and soldiers.

The Somali Presidential Palace was attacked by car bombs and suicide bombings on the same day. President Mahmoud said he was not injured.

The Somali anti-government armed group, Al-Shabaab, claimed responsibility for the attack, saying the organization’s commandos made the attack.

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Former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf first appeared in court for treason

Data Map: Former Pakistani President Musharraf.

China News Service, Beijing, February 18th Islamabad News: Former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf first appeared in court on the 18th, accepting trials against his treason charges.

According to Agence France-Presse, the 70-year-old Musharraf arrived at the National Library of Islamabad on the same day under the escort of more than a dozen vehicles, which was the place where the special court held hearings.

Reuters news said that when the presiding judge Faisal · Arab entered the court, Musharraf stood up and waved to him, but Musharraf did not speak. Faisal · Arabia said that the Special Court will first review the prosecution’s allegations and, if the allegations are valid, will again require the accused to appear in court.

Musharraf was accused of treason because in November 2007, Musharraf, then president of Pakistan and chief of staff of the army, declared a state of emergency and dismissed nearly 60 judges. It is suspected of being unconstitutional. According to the news, if the treason is convicted, Musharraf may face death penalty or life imprisonment.

The Musharraf treason case was repeatedly postponed, which was the first time Musharraf appeared in court after several absences.

The Associated Press quoted outside analysts as saying that the case was a test of the relationship between the Pakistani government and the Pakistani military. Some observers believe that the trial of Musharraf may provoke the Pakistani military. Musharraf has repeatedly stated that the Pakistani official’s trial of him is a kind of “political revenge” and the Pakistani military will always be his strong supporter.

It is reported that the Pakistani official officially launched the proceedings against Musharraf’s treason on November 17 last year. On January 2 this year, Musharraf was taken to the hospital on the way to the court due to a heart problem and was absent again. On January 31, the Special Court issued a bail-out arrest warrant against Musharraf and asked him to appear on February 7. Musharraf still did not appear in the courtroom of the special court on the 7th, but the trial judge Faisal · Arab approved the defense lawyer’s request for Musharraf’s 18th court.

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EU foreign ministers convene an emergency meeting to introduce sanctions against Ukraine

According to Russian New On February 20th, the Ukrainian President Yanukovych concluded talks with opposition leaders Achenchenuk, Klitschko and Jiagenibok. According to the results of the talks, the two sides announced reconciliation and began a dialogue on stabilizing the situation. The leaders of the radical nationalist organizations involved in the talks said they would not implement the armistice agreement. The picture shows the local time on February 20, the Ukrainian anti-government protesters and the police continue to clash.

On February 19, local time, in the western Ukrainian city of Ternopil, an office building of a public prosecution agency was attacked by anti-government protesters, and demonstrators burned a large number of documents.

China News Service, Brussels, February 20 (Reporter Shen Chen) The EU, which hopes to conclude a “friendship treaty” with Ukraine more than three months ago, is now waving its big stick to Kiev. On the afternoon of February 20th, the EU foreign minister convened an emergency meeting in Brussels, Belgium, to discuss the situation in Ukraine. The foreign ministers issued a statement after the meeting, expressing their unanimous agreement to sanction Ukrainian officials and related personnel responsible for the riots in Kiev.

A statement issued after the end of the EU foreign ministers meeting stated that the EU decided to urgently smuggle sanctions against Ukraine, including the use of property freezes and bans on EU sanctions for officials responsible for the violence in Kiev. At the same time, EU member states will also suspend the issuance of various export authorizations for equipment that contribute to violent suppression. With the development of the situation in Ukraine, the EU will take further sanctions.

The EU foreign ministers were deeply shocked and extremely disappointed by the deterioration of the situation in Ukraine, and strongly condemned officials and related personnel who indulged violence. The EU calls on all parties to take immediate action to achieve meaningful political dialogue and realize the aspirations of the Ukrainian people for democracy and the rule of law. The EU is committed to making every effort to promote political dialogue and ease existing tensions.

The EU foreign ministers believe that the final solution to the Ukrainian crisis should include the reform of the country’s constitution, a new inclusive government that creates conditions for democratic elections.

The High Representative for EU Diplomacy and Security Policy, Vice-Chairman of the European Commission Catherine · Ashton said after the meeting that it is imperative that the Ukrainian parties go to the negotiating table.

Before the EU imposed sanctions on Ukraine, the US State Department announced measures against 20 Ukrainian government officials to ban visas, but the US did not disclose why the 20 Ukrainian officials were also allowed.

On February 20th, Ukrainian demonstrators and the police broke out again in the capital Kiev, causing serious casualties. According to the latest data released by the Ukrainian authorities, the number of conflict deaths since February 18 has risen to 67. The Ukrainian police admitted to shooting with live ammunition for self-defense in a new round of conflict.

Kiev has had the most serious violent clashes in the past three months since February 18. The United Nations, Russia, and China have called on all parties concerned to stop the bloodshed of violence and resolve the crisis peacefully through dialogue. (End)

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North Korean media reported reunion of separated families in Korea and Korea

Xinhuanet Pyongyang, February 22 (Reporter Zhang Li Du Baiyu) The first round of the meeting of the reunion of the Korean and Korean families ended on the 22nd. The Korean Central News Agency reported for the first time the reunion of the scattered families of the DPRK and the ROK.

The report said that during the meeting, the family and relatives of the DPRK told the relatives of the ROK that under the care of Marshal Kim Jong-un, the top leader of North Korea, the people of the country were a big family. A happy life. They reviewed the meaningful years of dedication to achieve the prosperity of the country. Not only themselves, but the entire family did not forget the kindness of the motherland and contributed to the building of a strong socialist country.

The Central Committee of the Korean Red Cross hosted a banquet for the families of the DPRK and Korea.

The Korean Red Cross Society agreed on the 5th of this month to hold a reunion of separated families in Mount Kumgang, North Korea from the 20th to the 25th. The reunion of the separated family members was carried out in two rounds. The second round of reunion activities is from 23 to 25.

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An explosion occurred outside a prison in the Afghan capital, resulting in 8 deaths and 8 injuries.

Xinhua News Agency, Kabul, October 31 (Reporter Dehe Farid) Afghan Interior Ministry officials confirmed to Xinhua News Agency on October 31 that a suicide bombing attack occurred outside a prison in Kabul, causing at least the attackers. Eight people were killed and eight others were injured.

The official, who asked not to be named, said the attack occurred at 7:25 on the same day, outside the entrance to Pulcharci prison in Kabul. Initial investigations revealed that the target of the attack was the prison staff, but the attack caused at least three children to be injured.

The official also said that after the attack, the injured had been sent to a nearby hospital for treatment. Some of the injured were in serious condition and were in danger.

The local elections were once again frustrated, and the Merkel aura is fading away?

After Bavaria, Germany ushered in an important local election on October 28 —— Hessian parliamentary elections. Preliminary results show that German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s rate of the CDU and the ruling coalition, the Social Democratic Party, both lost and suffered heavy losses.

According to preliminary results, the CDU won 27%, the Social Democratic Party 19.8%, the Green Party 19.8%, and Germany chose 13.1%. The CDU’s vote rate was the worst in Hessia since 1966, and the Social Democratic Party was the worst result since 1946.

Some commentators said that the election in the Black State was a “destiny vote” for three reasons. First, Black State is relatively rich, and Frankfurt, the largest city in the state, is the economic center of Germany. There is little ripple in the politics of the Black State, and the CDU has been in power for nearly 20 years with different partners. This time, “the loss of the horse” is undoubtedly worse for the difficult situation of Merkel and its ruling coalition. Second, in March of this year, the coalition party (composed of the Foundation and the CDU) and the Social Democratic Party have experienced the difficult formation of the new German government. In the past seven months, the ruling coalition has been arguing over the differences in immigration and other issues, and twice suffered from “disintegration crisis”. Third, in the Bavarian parliamentary elections held on the 14th of this month, the long-term ruling coalition vote has fallen sharply from the previous election. At the moment, the defeat has continued in Black State, and the stability of the ruling coalition has once again been seriously questioned.

Turkey completes “100 Chinese Scholars” visit project

Original title: Turkey completed “100 Chinese scholars” visit project

Xinhuanet Istanbul, February 19th (Reporter Chen Ming) Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced on the 19th The Chinese writer Mo Yan, who won the Bell Prize for Literature, began his visit to Istanbul this week. Turkey successfully completed the plan to invite “100 Chinese scholars” to visit the soil in one year.

The Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism said that Turkey is honoured to receive Mo Yan. According to the plan, Turkish President Gul will meet Mo Yan, Mo Yan will also meet with the Nobel Prize winner of the Turkish famous writer Orhan · Pamuk.

Turkish Minister of Culture and Tourism, Omer · Celik said that the “100 Chinese Scholars” project gives Chinese scholars the opportunity to get to know and understand the rich culture and beauty of Turkey.

With the in-depth development of relations between China and Turkey, more and more Chinese literature has entered the Turkish book market. So far, about 50 Chinese books have entered the Turkish bookstore, including The Analects of Confucius, The Tao Te Ching, Sun Tzu’s Art of War, and a group of modern Chinese novels and poems. Mo Yan’s novel “Red Sorghum” has attracted Turkish readers’ interest in Chinese literature. Chinese literary works have been widely collected in Turkish libraries, schools and archives.

According to the agreement reached between the Chinese and Turkish governments, China and Turkey will also co-publish 50 Chinese literature.

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