To commemorate the head of the Nazi German government, Mark Long was approved

French President Emmanuel & Sdot; Mark Long intends to commemorate the victory of Marshal Philip & Sdot during the First World War; Betten. Betten was the head of the Nazi German government during World War II, and Mark Long sought to commemorate the “traitor”.

Mark Long intends to mourn the heroes of the year on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I in November. He said in the eastern city of Charleville-Mezier on the 7th: “I think it is perfectly reasonable to pay tribute to the marshals who led our army to win. … & Marriage Betan is a great warrior of World War I. ”

During the First World War, Bedou led the French army to repel the Germans and win the Battle of Verdun. The Battle of Verdun was a turning point in the First World War. The French and German troops fought for 10 months and the death toll of both sides exceeded 300,000. After World War I, Betan was once a French national hero. Many cities and towns were named after him.

Korean media: Panmen store Han Dynasty sentinel joint duty code was released within the first month

China News Service, November 7th According to the Yonhap News Agency, the Korean military and the United States-led “United Nations Command” third meeting of the tripartite consultation mechanism was held in Panmunjom on the 6th, the three parties agreed to develop a joint guard for Panmunjom District Han Dynasty officers and soldiers joint service code.

According to reports, three army colonels (big schools) from the three parties of the Korea, North Korea and the United States attended the meeting. The Korean Ministry of National Defense stated that the specific content of the common service code will be determined through written communication as soon as possible.

South Korean Defense Ministry officials said that they will strive to achieve free travel of tourists in the joint security area within the earliest months and the latest years.

Afghanistan will add 30,000 female teachers in five years

Xinhua News Agency, Kabul, November 18 (Reporter Dai He) Afghan Ministry of Education official announced on the 17th that the government will significantly increase the proportion of female teachers in various schools across the country within five years, and plans to add 30,000 new ones. Female teacher position.

Ministry of Education spokesperson Nuria & Sdot; Nazhardt said at a press conference held in Kabul on the same day that the increase in female teachers is aimed at improving women’s education and promoting more women to work. To enhance the overall employment rate of the society.

Nazhat said that Afghan education has achieved a number of achievements over the years, including increasing the number of schools across the country to help more school-age children. However, the education situation of women is still not optimistic, and the proportion of female teachers in various schools needs to be further expanded.

Severin will be re-elected as UEFA President for a term of 2019

Original: Severin will be re-elected as UEFA President

Severin data map source : Oriental IC

UEFA announced on the 7th that the list of candidates for the next president of UEFA was confirmed on the same day. As no new candidates join the competition, the current president, Severin, will become the only candidate.

In 2016, Sefling, the then president of the Slovenian Football Association, was elected as the president of UEFA, replacing Platini who was resigned at the time for allegedly collecting improper payments. He is the seventh president of UEFA since its inception in 1954 and will serve until 2019.

Love fur can’t bear to kill? Russian woman shoulder fox takes the subway

Russian woman shoulder fox rides the subway. (Source: Twitter)

Overseas Network November 19th Recently, a Russian woman shouldered a fox pet to take the subway video, causing a hot discussion among netizens. Some netizens said that when you want to have a fur, but you love small animals very much, this is a good idea.

According to “Russia Today” on the 18th, the woman took the subway in Moscow, and the pet on her shoulder attracted the attention of the trainees. The woman calmly lined up at the platform. After the train arrived, she walked into the crowded carriage with the fox.

After the video was sent to the social platform, it caused a heated discussion among netizens. There are hundreds of thousands of users watching the video. Some netizens said that it was very strange to see this phenomenon, and that it is better to raise a pet fox than to wear fur. Some netizens said that when you want to have a fur, but you are very passionate about small animals, you can’t bear to kill, this is a good way.

Russia plans to launch a cargo ship tomorrow, go back to the manned spacecraft at the beginning of next month

On the 11th of last month, Russia “Union MS-10”; manned spacecraft failed to launch, but fortunately two astronauts landed safely and safely. After the incident, Russia announced the suspension of all manned space launches. On the 16th, tomorrow, Russia will send a cargo ship to the International Space Station. And at the beginning of next month, Russia’s manned spacecraft will go around.

Here is the Kazakh Stan’s Baikonur launch site, Russia’s “progress” cargo spacecraft is expected to be launched on the 16th, and currently, spacecraft and launch vehicles have been standing on the launch pad.

This spacecraft will send about 2.5 tons of cargo to the International Space Station. This will be the first time since the launch of the manned spacecraft on October 11th, the Russian Space Agency launched the spacecraft. .

Astronauts will be restored when they are ready to launch.

At the same time, three astronauts from Russia, the United States and Canada passed the final test at the training center near Moscow on the 14th. According to the plan, they will take the manned spaceship numbered “MS-11” to the International Space Station & mdash;— on December 3rd, but the Russian aerospace that had not entered space due to the “MS-10” spacecraft accident Ovchinin and American astronaut Haig are not in the list.

United States Astronaut Ann & Sdot; McLean: I was not nervous about the failure of the last launch. The accident only made us more focused, and the entire team focused more on every detail. We have confidence in this spaceship. After the failure of the launch, people quickly find out what happened, why the launch failed, and how to avoid another incident. We are very convinced that the Russian Space Agency and the Russian Aerospace Group have investigated the accident. We have already launched the launch. Preparation.

The Russian Aerospace Group announced at the end of last month, “Union MS-10”; the reason for the failure of the manned spacecraft launch, according to the introduction is “a sensor responsible for issuing the separation command failed, resulting in the launch of the launch vehicle The safety distance was not separated in time>—— and since the cause of the launch accident has been identified, the launch date of the Alliance MS-11” manned spacecraft was determined to be December 3.

Japan’s new emperor will be in the next year Trump: Can meet him with glory

United States President Rump (Source: Japan’s “Asahi Shimbun”)

Overseas Network December 4th, 4th, the Japanese government said that the first foreign leader will meet after the new emperor is on the 1st of May next year. It is US President Trump. On November 30th, Trump said at the beginning of the G20 summit meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe: “I am very much looking forward to the meeting with the new emperor next year” and feel that “there is no glory”.

According to Japan’s Asahi Shimbun, the Japanese Crown Prince Deren will be the new emperor on May 1 next year. At the same time, at the end of June next year, Osaka, Japan will hold the G20 summit. By then, the US president may visit Japan twice in a short time. The Japanese media think this is extremely unusual.

For the meeting with the new emperor, Trump told Abe at the G20 summit on November 30 that he felt “very glorious” and was very much looking forward to the wonderful event prepared by the new emperor. .

A small plane crash in the United States killed two people on board

Xinhua News Agency, Washington, December 1 (Reporter Sun Ding Xu Jianmei) A small American plane crashed on the afternoon of the 1st and crashed into a building in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, killing two people and building a fire.

A local police spokesperson said that the accident occurred at around 1:30 pm local time. The crash site was located near an airport in the area. There was an autistic child treatment center in the crashed building. Eight teachers and five children were in the treatment center, and only one teacher was slightly injured when the escort student was evacuated.

The spokesman said that the crash of the plane caused the building to catch fire. A large number of aircraft fuel leaks increased the difficulty of fire fighting. The fire department extinguished the fire at about 2.30pm.

California fire fright: at least 5 people burned in the car, residents shouted no way to escape

Mountain fire Paradise Town, California, USA. (Source: CNN)

When the wildfires in Paradise Town, California, were raging, the local Vaughan couple evacuated. The time left for them was only enough for them to take a basket of dirty clothes and some photos, and then immediately fled their home in Paradise Town.

Local residents photographed the scene when they fled from the fire in the car. (Source: Twitter)

According to CNN, local time on Thursday (9th), when Vaughan and her husband fled by car, they heard screams and explosions around them. sound. However, they soon discovered that they were trapped in traffic jams along with other evacuees. The mountain fire is approaching.

The fire spread to the highway. (Source: Twitter)

“The fire spreads very quickly", Vaughan said in an interview with CNN, “The fire is over the road, we have no way to escape”.

Vaughan said that people began to panic. In the chaos, a driver crashed into Vaughan’s car. Later, people began to abandon the car and fled, they took the child to walk and escape.

Site map (Source: Associated Press)

“We don’t see firefighters, Vaughan wrote on Facebook. “I hope everyone can come over. ”

A car burned by a mountain fire. (Source: CNN)

Vaughan and her husband managed to escape before the fire engulfed their car. It took them more than three hours to get out of traffic jams.

According to the local county police station, at least five people were burned in the car, and the body was found not far from the location where the Vaughan couple were hit by traffic jams.

Site map (Source: Associated Press)

The forest fire in Paradise Town has burned thousands of houses. According to the Associated Press, a fire broke out in Paradise Town, California on the morning of the 8th local time. At present, many civilians and two firefighters have been injured. The fire in northern California forced 27,000 paradise town residents to flee.

The smoke on the highway outside the city enveloped the sky. (Source: Twitter)

As of 4:30 pm local time, the fire covered approximately 26 square miles (69 square kilometers) of land, forcing residents of the town to evacuate. The picture shows that the fire is approaching the highway outside the city, and the smoke covers the sky.

It is reported that this small town with a population of about 27,000 is located 180 miles (about 290 kilometers) northeast of San Francisco. (Overseas network Liang Yi)